How to Resolve a Love Triangle

What is a love triangle? This is a romantic or friendly relationship that involves three people. A typical example of a love triangle is:  Mr A is in love with two ladies and he doesn’t know which one is best for him. After a while, these two ladies discover that they are sharing the same man and they start fighting each other.

No one enjoys being in a love triangle. If you are currently in such situation, I would recommend two solutions for you. The first one is not very easy especially if you are so much in love with the individual. If it is something you can easily let go, then I would advise that you walk out of the triangle and wait for your true love. Alternatively, if walking out is not an option, then you can work these spells to resolve the problem. These spells would make the third person walk away from the relationship and also make your target to love you more. Spells to resolve a love triangle are best done during a Full Moon.

Spell 1      

Items Needed:

  • Three lengths of string each about a metre long
  • An open space where you will not be disturbed


Form a triangle on the ground using the three pieces of string. Ensure that the ends of the strings touch each other.

Step into the middle of the triangle.

Call upon the Triple Goddess. You can say something like:

Triple Goddess hear my plea,

I ask you now to set us free

It’s not a problem I can alter

So help me now lest I falter.

These words would enable you to get in touch with your inner self and discover what you truly want. 

Spend some minutes meditating on your intention.

When you feel that your energy has built up enough, raise your arms in a “V” shape and say:

So let it be.

Now this is the final decision making stage. Take some time to consider all the perspectives of the relationship before making a decision. Each time you consider the position, remember to repeat the first two lines of the verse above. For example, if the relationship is an abusive one, you might want to walk away.

When you feel that your message has been sent to the Universe, end the ritual while believing that your results will come as soon as possible.

Spell 2

“The Gingerbread Man” Spell

This spell can be used to break up a couple so that your lost love would return to you. It can be done during a waning moon till full moon.

Items Needed:

  • Honey
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Pins
  • Two male gingerbread people
  • Two female gingerbread people
  • Ashes
  • Horseradish


The gingerbread represents the individuals in the love triangle. Label and place them on your table.

Between the blank moon and the new moon, move certain pairs away from each other. Also move the ones meant to be together closer to each other.

For the splitting pair, place pins, ashes, mustard seeds, horseradishes in between them. Place vanilla, honey, trails of rosebuds in between the pairs that you want to draw closer. On every new day, add more of these items and move the gingerbread people towards their respective partners.

On the day of the full moon, the gingerbread people should be with their right partners. Place together the couple you intend to split and the third person on the side.

The person you intend to remove from the love triangle would need a new mate so place a new partner close to him. This spell would encourage him to find a new love and focus on that individual so he can leave the other alone. When that is done, the spell is cast and the results should reflect in real life as well.