How to Win in Lotteries and Games

Have you noticed that there are some people who never lose a bet? These individuals get lucky in every bet, lottery and random games. Sometimes it could be a natural win while other times it could be as a result of a lucky charm they possess.

If you are a gambler who desires to win always then we like to share some secret amulets and talisman that can be used to win in games and lotteries.

 How to win in the casino:

If you wish to win at the casino then while going, place a handkerchief around your neck and beneath your shirt. The handkerchief should be the same color as your underwear.  That is, if for example, your underwear is red, the handkerchief should be the same color.

Now, before starting the game at the casino, rub your right hand three times on the handkerchief then meditate on your desire to win the game.

How to win a lottery:

While going to buy the lottery ticket, place a small magnet in your purse or bag. After you have purchased the ticket, place it next to the magnet inside the purse or bag. When you get home, rub the ticket to the magnet for 5 times and put it back together inside the bag or purse. One hour before the lottery draw is made, remove the magnet and luck would begin to flow quickly.

Enchantment spell of luck:

Get a brown parchment, a yellow candle for luck and another green candle for money. Carry out the following on the day before buying the lottery ticket or making any type of bet.

  • Write your bet numbers on the parchment.
  • Write the amount you wish to win.
  • Place the parchment on the floor, and on the left side, place the yellow candle.
  • On the right side place the green candle and light with a wooden match.
  • Kneel in front of the parchment and repeat the following sentence.

“This time luck will be on my side. This time the lady of fortune will smile at me, and this game will bring joy, money and happiness to my life”.

If you don’t win in the first game after performing this ritual, do not despair. Repeat the process and be hopeful that it would work for you and of course, it would certainly work.

Some Amulets Used for Gambling

The following items can be used as amulets to ward off bad luck in a game and bring success.

  • The four-leaf clover.
  • Horseshoes (charms).
  • The iron nails.
  • The magnet stones.
  • The pyrite stones.
  • The coral horn.
  • A leaky coin.
  • Three Chinese coins linked with a red thread.
  • A Chancha pendant.
  • Small pyramids
  • Garments of yellow color.
  • The Atlantean ring used on the middle finger of the left hand.
  • A dollar bill folded triangular so that the pyramid is visible.
  • The eye of Horus.

Another magickal item that can be used to attract luck in games is a talisman. A talisman is a magical item that has been loaded with a special power and has a specific objective. Its power lies, fundamentally, in the symbols embedded on it. These words or magickal symbols are called “sigils”. You can prepare talismans and amulets with gems, metals, stones, wood, paper, etc.

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