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Natural, genuine, non-irradiated Herbs.

Most herbs are sold in one or two ounce sealed bags. This is a MUCH larger size bag than most store sell. Our herbs are fresher than other sources and are protected from exposure to air or light. We sell all of our herbs for their spiritual value and make no claims for medicinal or pharmaceutical benefits.

Agrimony- sends curses back to the sender-  oz. $.
Allspice- burned as an incense to draw money-  oz. $.
Alfalfa- keeps money in the home-  oz. $.
Anise Seed- hang above the bed to preserve youth-  oz. $.
Angelica- “Holy Ghost Root”- wards off evil-  oz. $.

Basil- Good for house cleansings, love, and protection-  oz. $.
Black Cohosh- “Black Snake Root”- protects from enemies-  oz. $.
Blue Cohosh- similar to Black Cohosh root-  oz. $.
Blueberry- used for crossing and hexing-  oz. $.
Burdock Root- used for protection, blood purifier-  oz. $.

Calendula- money and riches, to dress money candles-  oz. $.
Calamus- one of the best roots for Victory, Success-  oz. $.
Catnip- makes your cats get happy-  oz. $.
Chamomile- wash your hands in this tea for Luck, Money-  oz. $.
Chickweed- keeps marriages safe and happy-  oz. $.

Cinnamon Stix- for Love, Drawing, to sweeten-  oz. $.
Cloves- burn as an incense to stop gossip-  oz. $.
Coltsfoot- Peace and love. Burn to see the future-  oz. $.
Comfrey Root- carry for safety while traveling-  oz. $.
Couchgrass “witches grass”- many uses, including love-  oz. $.

Dandelion Root- brings spiritual visions, blood tonic-  oz. $.
Damiana- increases passion, lust, and romance-  oz. $.
Donq Quai- an ancient Chinese root for women-  oz. $.
Eucalyptus- purification, healing and strength-  oz. $.
Elder Flowers- honors the Great Mother and protects-  oz. $.

Eyebright- restores spiritual sight and vision-  oz. $.
Fenugreek- sprinkle the seeds to draw money to the house-  oz. $.
Fennel Seed- hang around windows and doors to keep away spirits $.
Ginkgo- burn as incense for wisdom and peace-  oz. $.
Ginseng- good luck, makes the nature stronger-  oz. $.

Gotu Kola- burn as incense before meditation, prayer-  oz. $.
Hawthorne Berry- used for protection and power-  oz. $.
Horsetail- place under a baby’s crib to protect from harm-  oz. $.
Juniper Berry- for prosperity, also lust potions-  oz. $.
Lavender- (select)- this beautiful scent attracts, peace-  oz. $.

Lemongrass- use in house cleaning to remove negativity-  oz. $.
Lovage- one of the best herb powders for love and lust-  oz. $.
Marshmallow Root- bathe in this for peace, to reduce stress-  oz. $.
Mullein- an ingredient in graveyard dirt, other uses, finances-  oz. $ .
Mugwort- burn for visions, prophesies, also protection-  oz. $.

Mustard Seeds- increases finance, business, other uses-  oz. $.
Nettles- a great herb for protection, spellbreaker, uncrossing-  oz. $. Oregano- burn in the house to keep away the police-  oz. $.
Peppermint- an ingredient in uncrossing bath-  oz. $.
Poppy Seeds- used for court cases, dress love candles-  oz. $.

Red Clover- financial help, dress money candles, –  oz. $.
Rosemary- powerful protection from evil, bathe for purity-  oz. $.
Rose Buds- dress love candles, ingredient in love baths- . oz. $.
Rose Hips- carry in a red bag for luck and prosperity-  oz. $.
Sage- burn for protection, mix with basil for uncrossing bath-  oz. $.

Sassafras- boil in water and wash your hands for prosperity-  oz. $. Senna- cleansing tea for purification and healing-  oz. $.
Star Anise- ingredient in mojo money bags-  oz. $.
Slippery Elm- protects from gossip and slander-  oz. $.
St. John’s Wort- hang around doors for protection-  oz. $.

Spearmint- this stimulating herb is good for spiritual baths-  oz. $.
Thyme- used for healing, also to promote peaceful sleep-  oz. $.
Uva Ursi- burn as incense to increase spiritual powers-  oz. $.
Valerian- peaceful home wash and bath, other uses-  oz. $.
Vervain- holy herb, ingredient in uncrossing bath-  oz. $.

Wintergreen- boil into tea and clean the house for protection-  oz. $.
Witch Hazel- burn as incense to increase vision, clairvoyance-  oz.$.
Woodruff- use to dress candles for power, victory-  oz. $.
Yellowdock- dress money candles, ingredient in spiritual bath- oz.$.
Yarrow- good for love drawing baths, to dress love candles-  oz. $.




Curios and Charms: 


Lodestone- single, large:
Carry for drawing money, love and success- $7.00

Lodestone- pair.:
Selected as a male/female pair to draw love- $8

Low John the Conqueror root:
“Chewing John” for Court Cases- $5

High John the Conqueror root:
The best root for all around fortune- $6-14

Southern John the Conqueror root-:
Carry this root for luck and power $6

Rattlesnake Master Root:
This root protects from enemies and gossip $10

Holy Ghost Root:
A Spiritual Root used in prayer and work $10

Rabbit’s foot:
Lucky charm to use as a key chain- $6

Frankincense incense—– 2 oz.:
Clears away evil- burn with charcoal $5

Myrhh incense——- 2 oz.:
Use with Frankincense- $5

Rattlesnake Master Root:
Protects from enemies and harm $9

Blue Balls, Anil— 10-12 balls:
Spiritual bath, cleanses the spirit $5

Queen Elizabeth root:
Women carry this root to draw love, success $6

St. Lazarus healing talisman:
Dedicated to the saint of healing $9

Dragon’s Blood Chunks:
Also called Reed- sold by weight $3-$40

Dressed horseshoe:
Hang above door for protection, prosperity $15-35

Adam & Eve Root:
C arry to attract love or keep a lover faithful $11

Guinea Peppers:
Use to dress candles, also can be chewed for power $6

Prosperity Herbs:
These herbs are a mixture to draw money and finance $5

Love Herbs:
A blend of 9 herbs, use in candles, mojo bags etc. $5

Protection Herbs:
Special herbs that protect from enemies, harm $5


Mojo bags-made with herbs, roots, talismans, seals, curios and blessings.

1. Money drawing— $10
2. Love drawing— $10
3. Spiritual Power— $13
4. Jinx Removing — $17
5. Protection from Evil— $12
6. Gambling Luck— $35.00
7. Original style w/ John Conqueror Root- $10.50
8. New Orleans style Algiers Hand— $25.50
9. Controlling Power— $14.50


SPELL KITS- include candles, oils, incense etc. and instructions. These are the original New Orleans formulas passed down for years.

1. Money drawing— $42.50 
2. Love drawing— $42.50
3. Spiritual Power— $48.50
4. Jinx Removing — $45.50
5. Protection from Evil— $49.50
6. Gambling Luck— $65.50
7. Controlling Power— $39.50
8. Make Lover Return— $45.50
9. Court Case— $45.50 

More kits are available.




 Everything you need to set up a spiritual Altar.

1. Basic Altar- includes 2 White Cross candles, incense burner metal cauldron, holy water and 7 daily offering candles. With instructions for set up and blessing. $39.00 

2. Advanced Altar- same as above, also includes- 1 St. Michael mini-statue, 1 Blessed Mother mini statue, frankincense & myrrh, lodestone and High John Root. With instructions for set up and blessing. $76.00 

3. Orisha altar- Includes 1- 7-African Powers Candle, incense burner metal cauldron, Cascarilla (peace powder), Elegua (Nino Atocha), palm oil, Yemaya mini-statue. With instructions for set-up, prayers, blessings. $40.00 

4. Blackhawk Altar- Includes 1- Blackhawk Full Color 8 x 10 authentic painting photo, 2- Blackhawk spiritual offering candle, 2- Tobacco Candle, 1- Tobacco incense, 1- Old Indian Water, 1- Father Blackhawk prayer, With instructions for set-up, prayers. $75.00 


Spiritual Bath: 


All spiritual bath are available either in: 
8 oz. liquid form—
$7.99 for use in spiritual bath, mix with Florida Water, oils etc.

2 oz. Herb Bath—
$9.99 these herbs must be boiled and strained before bathing

All Purpose 
Baron Samedi- Hex Remover
Cast off Evil
Chango- Money Drawing
Come to Me
Elegua- Door Opener
Fast Luck
Go Away Evil
High John the Conqueror
Jinx Removing
Honey of Love- Miel de Amor
Love Drawing
Marie Laveau- special bath
Money Drawing
Oshun- Love Drawing
Road Opener
Seven African Powers
St. Jude
St. Michael
21 Herbs- All purpose power
Yemaya- Spiritual Power

Dr. Pryor’s 7 HOLY HYSSOP BATH— $12
Mr. Money Bubble Bath— $9
Luck Zodiac bath— specify your Zodiac $12
Go Away Evil Bath—16 oz. $8
Dragon’s Blood Bath—8 oz. $8
Rosemary Uncrossing Power Bath—8 oz. $8

Special Uncrossing Bath Kit— $35.00
Special Money Drawing Bath Kit— $35.00
Special Love Drawing Bath Kit— $35.00



Novena Glass Candles: 

Seven Day Novena Candles, Plain.
Price: $8.97




Saint Novena Candles- $9.97

Guardian Angel
Helping Hand
Infant Jesus
Just Judge
Our Lady of Charity
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Sacred Heart of Jesus
St. Anthony
St. Barbara
St. Expedite
St. Francis
St. Joseph
St. Jude
St. Lazarus
St. Martha
St. Martin Caballero
St. Martin de Porres
St. Michael
St. Raymond
St. Raphael
St. Theresa 


1 Color Spiritual Novena Candles- $9.97

All Purpose Spiritual
Break Up
Chango Macho
Chuparosa/ Hummingbird
Come to Me
Court Case
Faith and Hope
Fast Money/ House Blessing
Green Man
High John the Conqueror
Indian Spirit/ Blackhawk
Intranquil Spirit
Jinx Removing
Just Judge
King Solomon
Lucky Buda
Money Drawing
Quick Money
23rd Psalm
Yemaya/ Reina del Mar


2,3,and 7 Color Spiritual Novena Candles- $12.97

Alan Kardec
Better Business
Do As I Say
Go Away Evil
Law Stay Away
Love Drawing
Lucky Prophet
Money Drawing
Peaceful Home
Road Opener
Secret Desires
Seven African Powers
Seven Angels
Shut Up
Steady Work


Image Candles: 

These candles are made in various shapes. They are used in ceremonies and rituals to represent people or objects. Always dress image candles with the chosen spiritual oil.

Male and Female Image Candles— $9.97
Available in Red, White, Green and Black 

Cat Image Candles— $8.99
Available in Black or Green White

Cross Candle— $9.99
Use as Altar candle in candle burning ritual 

Skull Image Candle— $9.99
Available in Black, Red, White and Green 

Large Black Cat Candle— $12
Dress with success oil and burn for 7 minutes, then 11 minutes alternating nightly.

Marriage Candle— Large- $24 Medium- $12
This red male/female candle is burned to bring a marriage proposal, or strengthen love.


Fragrance Oils: 

Pure Oils ½ 0z —These pure and uncut fragrance quality oils are safe to use on the body, to dress candles, and in lotions and soaps. They are the highest quality pure oils available. 
$10.99 each

African oil 
Arabian Nights
Coco mango
Come to me
Egyptian musk
Fruit of Life
King Midas
Love and Luck
Mad Passion
Spiritual oil
Van Van



Spiritual Soaps: 

Hand crafter spiritual soaps. $4.97

Come to Me-
Fast Luck-
Go Away Evil- $
High John Conqueror-$
Jinx Removing- $
Love Drawing-
Money Drawing-
Road Opener- $
7-African Powers-
Cinnamon- “Yemaya”

Chandrika- Ayurvedic $
Chandrika- Sandalwood $



We also have handmade soaps formulated with natural oils, herbs and botanicals. All of these soaps are made in small batches in custom orders. Please describe what kind of soap you need- Price- $9.97