Below are the days of the week along with the ruling Orisha, as well as the forces of nature, organs of the body, and behavior.

African Traditional Yoruba branch (Ifa).

Note – the Afro Cuban (or Lukumi) branch, is slightly different, and will be noted with an *.


Monday (Ojo Aje)
Day for Financial Success. Monday belongs to Yemonja/Olukun. A good day to initiate new business ventures. The best day to perform rituals for prosperity or financial success.

* In the Afro Cuban branch, Monday belongs to Eleggua (Eshu-Elegba)

Tuesday (Ojo Isegun)
Day of Victory. Tuesday belongs to Ogun. Rituals for overcoming enemies or conflicts are best performed on this day. Also beneficial for business and financial events.

Wednesday (Ojo Riru)
Day of Confusion. Wednesday belongs to Oya. A bad day for new undertakings or major projects of any kind. This day as well as Saturday, is inappropriate for most ritual sacrifice. The famous herbal black soap used to dispel evil is not used on these days out of respect for the aje (witches), who are said to hold meetings on Wednesday and Saturday. This is the proper day, however, for rituals to the witches.

Thursday (Ojo Bo)
Day of Fulfillment. Thursday belongs to Sango (Shango). A perfect day for marriage. For the beginning of any long-term project. For digging the foundation for your home. For any long-term goals one needs fulfilled.

Friday (Ojo Ete)
Day of Trouble. Friday belongs to Osun (Oshun). A particular bad day for travel or moving from one home or business location to another. A good day chiefs by virtue of their intention to remain in one location for a length of time.

* In the Afro Cuban branch, Friday belongs to Shango (Sango).

Saturday (Ojo Abameta)
Day of Evil Resolutions. Saturday belongs to Eshu-Elegba. Like Wednesday, a bad day to undertake major projects and for the use of most charms. Favorable on this day is preparation, as opposed to use, of amulets and protective charms. The second of the “witches days.”

* In the Afro Cuban branch, Saturday belongs to Yemaya (Yemonja) and Oshun.

Sunday (Ojo Aiku)
Day of Long Life and Tranquillity. Sunday belongs to Obatala. The day for settling differences. Useful for long-range planning and the perfect day for the preparation of amulets and charms for longevity and good health.


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