Major Ethnic Groups Geographic Location Religious Practices
Akan /Asanti /Ashanti West Africa; Ghana Ashanti ; Christianity
Arabs North & East Africa Islam
Afrikaners South Africa Calvinist Dutch Reform
Amhara East Africa / Ethiopia Egyptian Coptic Church/Christianity [Easter; Epiphany; Feasting ; Dancing]
Baggara Central Africa / Southwest Sudan Islam
Bantu West & South Africa  
Berber North Africa; Morocco;
Sahara; Algeria
Bedouin North & Central Africa Islam
Chagga East Africa /N. Tanzania Mt. Kilimanjaro  
Chokwe Northeastern Angola
Southern Congo
Belief in Supreme God named:
Kalunga or Nzambi:  Worship God through Mahamba – Ancestral: Nature Spirits.
Dinka Southern Sudan Dinka: Islam; Christianity;
Belief in Divinities or Powers
Dogon Central Africa: Mali: Bandiagara Clifts: Savannas: Plateaus Dogon: Islam; Christianity
Belief in their traditional Diviners: Great Astrologers. Knew of Cyrus 1&2 long before it was discovered.
Ewe Southern Ghana : Togo Ewe: Drumming  is at the heart of their spiritual rituals.
Falasha Ethiopian Highlands:
Gonder: Tigre
Fang Southern Cameroon:
Equatorial Guinea: Northwest Gabon
Fang: Christianity
Keep relics of their male ancestors. Mixture of both Christianity and Fang
Fante Ghana ( From the Akan) Christianity
Fon West Africa: Benin: Fon: God – Vondu
God has both Male and Female traits
Fulani Senegal: Gambia: Guinea: Guinea: Mali: Burkina Faso:  Chad:
Ganda Northern Uganda: West of Lake Victoria: (Bantu Speaking people) Ganda: Muslim: Christianity:
God Mukasa:  Great pantheon of spirits.
Hausa Northern Nigeria: Saraha Desert, Islam
South West Africa Mostly Christian They view Cattle as sacred
Hutu / Tutsi Rwanda and Burundi God Imana:
Acknowledge witches: sorcerers: ghosts: ancestral spirits: Keep ancestral shrines
Kongo Central Africa Roman Catholic: Christianity
Kuba South Central Congo Kuba – traditional
Khoisan Southern Africa God – Nadi (One God)
Lozi   Venerate spirits of the ancestors
Luba Katanga: South East Congo: Congo traditional: One God
Maasai East Africa: Tanzania Ngai: God dwell above Mt. Kilimanjaro: Africa’s highest mountain
Forest – Forager From the Atlantic coast in the West to Uganda in the East.. Traditional Religions.  Belief in ancestors. More modern Christianity.
Mongo Democratic Republic of Congo Mongo traditional: Believe in witchcraft and veneration of the ancestors.
Mossi Burkino Faso: North Central Africa Devotion to ancestors and spirits / Ceremonial Masks
Ndeele / Matabele Transvaal in Southern Africa: AmaNdlozi: the revered ancestors of the family.  They believe them to be guardians:
Healing through spiritual forces, carried out by diviners.
Omoro Ethiopian Highlands God Waqaayo: Pantheon of many saints: Own Calendar…364 days
Ovimbundu   Chief  imbuned with power in  rituals and ceremonies over fertility of people, animals, plants
Sotho/Lesoto /Lesotho Sotho Souls of the dead have power to influence lives of the living. Herbalists/RituaPractitioners are Professional/ Legal.
Swahili Tanzania /Off Shore Islands of Kenya Islam
Swazi Swaziland: Southern Africa Belief in Creator God & Ancestor spirits with power to
help or punish.
Teke (Bantu Speaking people) South Central Africa/
Congo Basin
Creator God – Nazim: Belief in Reincarnation: Spirits represent natural forces: People communicate with dead through rituals and prayers.
Yoruba South Western Nigeria:
Eastern Benin: Togo:
The Kingdom of Ife is the Spiritual Capital of the Yoruba Religion.
 They believe in a supreme Creator God named Olurun. They also believe in a pantheon of lesser Gods known as the Orisha: Believe that different Gods can make appearances by possession of someone, and speak through that person.
Zulu  –   (Nguni /Bantu speaking people e.g. the Xhosa and Swazi) Southern Africa/
Natal / KwaZulu
Traditional Spirit Churches:
Christianity – Catholic / Anglican / Zionist.
Wolof West Africa Traditional Wolof Religion and Islam.  The dominant religion is Islam

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