• Anoint charms, seals, and talismans to increase their power.
  • Also use to with any spellwork to increase its potency.
  • Turnaround – bad luck becomes best luck, and poor investments turn into abundance.
  • Good luck in money, business, gambling and love.
  • Ritual preparation.
  • Banishing and clearing evil.

Van Van is the most famous of all good luck oils.

Ideas for use:

  • When mixed with Gardenia oil and anointing the hem of your undergarments, it is very good for love drawing. Strengthens the power of the user.
  • Anoint a green 7-knob candle and burn a Wish a day with each knob. After seven days, your wishes will come to you.

This blend utilizes Lemongrass, Citronella, Vetivert, and Palmarosa.

Authentic Hoodoo Oil ready for ritual or spell casting use.

Size: 1/2 oz Bottle 

Brand:Bayou Witch

Made:  USA



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