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Uncrossing oil – 1oz


If you believe that you have been Jinxed or Crossed in love, luck, career, or money matters, then use Uncrossing oil for Jinx-Breaking and taking off enemy tricks.

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Uncrossing Oil for Jinxes, Hexes & Negativity: Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan


Historically, Uncrossing oil was designed to remove any type of negative influence that could be affecting you. It is known to remove, negative energy, crossed conditions, curses of any kind, protect you from the evil eye and can reverse any type of harmful spell. Uncrossing Oil also has the ability to rid you of bad or malevolent spirits. Uncrossing oil also has the ability to reverse harmful energy sending it back to those who have negative intentions. It creates a powerful barrier that serves as a protective shield. It is often used before any type of spell work performed as it clears away blockage and obstacles. This applies to any type of work that focuses on love matters, money issues or overall protection. It is a must have for anyone who performs any type of divination work. Comes in a 1 oz bottle.

Uncrossing oil can be used in a number of ways:

– You can put it on a dime and wear it in your pocket.

– Take a roll of dimes and anoint it with Uncrossing oil and leave it by your front door.

– Dab some on your body, put some in your shoes, or put a few drops in the bath.

– If you are doing candle divination, take a black candle and write your enemies name on a piece of paper backwards. Anoint the candle pushing the oil away from you (towards the bottom of the candle). Light the candle and recite psalm 21. When the candle burns out, take the paper and the leftover wax and leave it at a crossroad. Please note that this is a classic reversal spell.

– Use it as a furniture polish.

– Put it on any door that leads in or out of your house.

– Dab a few drops in all the corners of your home. If you feel unlucky in love, dab a few drops under your bed or on your bed frame.

This is a powerful blend and includes rue, hyssop, mint and a few other uncrossing related herbs and resins.

Rue comes from the Greek word, Reuo, which means to “set free.” Rue has been used throughout history as an herb to drive off evil influences such as witches or bad spirits. Both the Christian and Islamic religions used rue in their sacred rites to cast off malevolent spirits.

Hyssop was used by both the Greeks and the Hebrews for cleansing their sacred temples. Hyssop is also referenced in the Bible numerous times. It was used with marjoram , thyme and mint as a means to purify and cleanse one’s soul.

Mint dates as far back as the Egyptian and the Greeks used mint as a rub to increase their strength and vitality. During the Victorian era, mint was boiled down into a floor wash to remove negative energies and protect the home.


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