The Special 20 oil is a special and powerful oil and can be used to keep lovers close together. It helps couples bust through obstacles and bad influences so that they may have a strong, faithful, and happy relationship.

You can sprinkle some of this oil around your home and outside your home for triple strength.

You can also dress a spiritual candle to increase the power of the candle burning ritual.

Use this oil is best used for money, love and to dress petitions.

It is multipurpose and super strong and is good for dressing an astonishing variety of candles.

Also, I like the scent so much that sometimes I just open the bottle and smell it.

Ok, enough TMI about my weirdness I guess… but if you haven’t added Special Oil #20 to your condition oil arsenal, remedy that right now, ya hear?

Authentic Hoodoo Oil ready for ritual or spell casting use.

Brand: BayouWitch

Made: California, USA



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