Oshun Oil


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Oshun Oil is designed to help you draw in the bountiful energy of the Yoruban Goddess, Oshun. She is known to bring in prosperity, peace, new love, and happiness. She embodies all that things that pertain to love and sexuality.

5 elements, night blooming jasmine, ruby-red rose, neroli, cinnamon and a touch of anise brings this potion dedicated to Oshun to life.

Anoint yourself and any charms or candles that may be suitable for your working.

The number 5 is the sacred number of the Goddess Oshun, the Santerian goddess of love and marriage.

This blend celebrates beauty, pleasure and dancing. She is the African Aphrodite. Oshun is the force of harmony. Harmony which we see as beauty, feel as love, and experience as ecstasy.


Authentic Hoodoo Oil ready for ritual or spell casting use.

Brand: Bayou Witch

Made: California, USA



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