• For Abundance, Money, Wealth & Prosperity
  • Includes Real herbs and essential oil in every bottle
  • Hand Blended 

Our Hoodoo Witch Made Made Oils are different because:

  1. NO Mineral Oil Used. We use Organic Olive Oil In this type of oil. Olive oil looks and feels luxurious, and has been the oil of choice right back into early Greece. Olive oil can be used in our rituals without skin reactions. Most important, Olive oil holds its magical properties MUCH longer than products using cheaper carrier oils. Hoodoo Witch does NOT compromise on quality
  2. Traditional Preparation Methods. Each step in the process is a well timed dance. From the preparation of the herb, to the time of preparation, all these steps matter for a more effective magic oil
  3. Quality Ingredients & Curios. You will notice the difference in Hoodoo Witch Oils Immediately. Our oils not only feel like magic, but they LOOK magical. You will see why when you open your oil and feel the oil yourself.
  4. Larger Bottle Size. Even our small bottles provide you more oil  15 ml), than our competitors (around 5ml or 1 to 2 oz. Our larger bottles for Love Oil & DUME Oil are 50ml or 1.7oz).
  5. Brown or Tempered Glass Bottles. Clear glass does a great job but dark glass is best for preserving the longevity of the oil AND the ingredients inside.

Authentic Hoodoo Oil ready for ritual or spell casting use.

Brand: Hoodoo Witch

Made: New Orleans, USA



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