Erzulie oil

Erzulie Oil


Erzulie is the Haitian Goddess of love and dreams. For letting more sensuality into your life, and to increase your bliss and tolerance.

– Hand Made in New Orleans

– 0.5 oz bottle

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 Lwa of Beauty, Finery and Love.

This formula is for clearing up difficulties in your love life, and it reflects the compassionate side of love.

Erzulie’s emblem is a heart. She sees all hardships with lovers from this life as well as past lives, as she has witnessed them all. Ask her to intercede and help clear up your karmic debts of your past.

This potion can help you with all relationship issues. We want to proceed with our lessons this life. If we don’t then we may not work out our karma this lifetime and miss the opportunity to be with someone we really love.

Use Erzulie Oil to clear up your karmic issues and allow the healing to begin by allowing you and reuniting you with the one you love.

A very Southern blend from Louisiana, this potion contains sweet gardenia, honeysuckle, magnolia and neroli, on a base of soft musk.

Authentic Hoodoo Oil ready for ritual or spell casting use.


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