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  • 8oz Black Water (Aqua Negra)

    Black Water is a powerful ritual too intended to help you forcefully remove negativity from your life or to empower darker spells, such as curses and jinxes.

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  • 4 oz Holy Water

    Holy Water is water that has been blessed. It is widely popular in use in baptism, consecration and ritual, and can be used to drive away evil.

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  • 7 1/2oz Florida Water

    Florida water is a mystical cologne mingling floral and citrus scents. It is widely popular in ritual offerings and purification rituals. The original production was 1808 by perfumer Murray…

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  • Anna Riva Rose water 2oz

    Rose Water, is now from Espiritu and is clear liquid, is intended to attract love and affection, and to draw positive and promising conditions into your life. 2 oz.

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  • River water 4oz

    A scented water intended to aid you within your magic, River Water is a powerful aid, using the ever-flowing water of the river to help you reshape your life.

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  • Rain Water 4oz

    Bring the cleansing qualities of rain into your magic with the use of Rain Water, a scented 4 oz bottle of water specifically crafted for your spells.

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  • Basil water 8oz

    Basil Water is intended to be added to a bath to help wash away bad luck and bring in the good, particularly when you are seeking good fortune with…

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  • 4oz Lake Water

    Offering the smooth calm of a lake for your magic, Lake Water is a great addition to a wide range of magical blessings and spells.

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