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  • White Marriage candle

    Depicting a bride and groom, this white marriage candle is most frequently used to celebrate the act of marriage and the union of two souls with its burning.

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  • 5 1/2″ Lovers red candle

    A candle of lovers embracing with dual wicks. Candle may need base leveling to stand straight.

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  • Black Marriage candle

    The Black Marriage candle is intended to help shape the act of marriage and the union of two souls through its ritual burning, aiding in creating balance and harmony…

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  • Green Male candle

    A great addition to any candle magic practice and sympathetic magic, this milk green male iconic candle is a wonderful tool for your spells involving prosperity, money drawing, and…

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  • 6″ Red Hugging Lover

    An 6″ x 2″ x 1 1/2″ figurine candle depicting a man and woman embracing. Comes with a dual wick.

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  • White Female candle

    This white female iconic candle is a wonderful addition to your candle magic practices and similar such rituals, where it is potently used for purification, healing, and numerous other…

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  • Red Female candle

    Perfect for all manner of candle magic and similar magical endeavors, the red female iconic candle is ideal for your magical practice, particularly when used to invoke passion, lust,…

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  • Green Female candle

    Ideal for working with candle magic and other magical endeavors related to prosperity, personal growth, and money drawing, this solid milk green candle takes on the iconic image of…

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