Orisha Orula: The Master of Divination

Orula also known as Orunmila, is the orisha of divination through the oracle of Ifa.  It is said that when Olodumare created the world, Orula was present as a witness. For this reason, he is considered the first prophet of Olodumare.

Orunmila was sent by Olodumare to control the births, mortality, growth  and development of human beings and other species. Orula was seen on earth between 2000 and 4000 AC with the 16 celestial ancestors (the Meyi of Ifá). He represents the security, support and consolation before the uncertainty of life and with his aid everything is possible.

Orula’s celestial parents were Orokó and Alayerú while his earthly parents were Obatala and Yemu. He had two children with Oshun, his best friends are Elegguá and Chango and he forms a trinity with Oddun and Oddúa. 

General Characteristics of Orula

Sacred Number: 4

Colors: Green and yellow

Offerings: Yam, coconut, basil, flowers, fresh fruits, sweets, black hens, pigeons, deer, etc.

Day of the week: Thursday

Syncretized as: Saint Francis of Assisi

Day of Feast: October 4



  • Orula’s iruke, which is used to ward off evil,
  • The Ifa board, which is used as a percussion instrument,
  • His receptacles are two halves of güiro that represent the sky and the earth,
  • A carved horn (Irofá),
  • The okpele or rosary of Ifá,
  • Orula powder called yefa,
  • A brush to clean the board,
  • The elekes —–made by alternating green and yellow beads.


Dance steps:

He doesn’t dance because he can’t bend lower but dance moves are made in his honor.


Orula’s Children

Orula’s children are the babalawaos who work with the oracle of Ifá. They also work with Shango, who also has the knowledge of divination and Elegua, who watches over the faith of humanity.

Due to their spiritual and peaceful nature they are usually quiet, wise, detached and generous.The male followers of Orula wear a bracelet that symbolizes the hand of Orula and the women carry the Orula box.  To become a babalawo one must receive the hand of Orula and dedicate himself completely to the worship of this deity.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Orunmila is the spirit of intuition and premonition. He gives us an insight of everything that happens around us. He is the prophet that gives us the map of our destiny. Apart from his ability to predict the future, he is also credited with healing powers and whoever ignores his recommendations would suffer the consequences.



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