How to Understand the Languages of Ritual Flames

During divination, the individual is expected to be observant of everything that occurs in the ritual location as messages are passed through inanimate objects.  The flames of the candles reveal certain messages and you do not need to be a clairvoyant before you can understand the messages. All you have to do is to light a candle and observe the flame. The behavior of the candles flame reveals different secrets.

The following are different meanings of ritual flame.

Strong flame: A strong flame tells us that there is a lot of energy, strength and a lot of power involved in the ritual. It tells us that the ritual would be successful.

Weak flame:

This means that there are opposing energies fighting against your desires but to get what you want, it would cost you a little.

Clockwise flame: It means the presence of a higher entity which would take care of your wishes.

A counterclockwise flame: If the flame counter clocks when there is no draft: it means a loss of energy. Perhaps this project or idea should be dropped, or this is not the right time … You can try again in a few days or weeks later.

Nervous flame: It is a flame that “jumps” a lot without a stop.  This type of flame indicates that there are different energies in play that can influence the final result. It will require even stronger work to channel the energies along the desired path.

Uniform flame: If the flame is pointing directly to the sky, straight and stable, it indicates that the higher entities are near you and are supervising you. It is a positive sign that everything will go well. It means harmony in friendship, tranquility, and happiness in love.

High flame: It is a sign of very good omen, a resounding success. Things are going to go very well and you also have external energies helping you.

When the flame is crackling with a little white smoke:

This indicates that someone is working against you, trying to take revenge and cast a spell on you.

Dancing flame:

When the flame dances in all directions it means that you should expect problems of any kind.

Torn flame: If the wick of your candle divides or tears the flame: it announces a death of a love one.

Colored Flame: If the flame of the candle takes a bluish or rainbow color it means that you are blessed and a great spiritual being is watching over you.

Fainting Flame:

It means that there is a ghost in the house or the neighborhood.

Flame that suddenly goes out: Sometimes when the candle goes out it is a sign that things will go wrong and unsuccessful. It could even warn us of some danger.

While carrying a ritual if the candle whistles, sizzles or makes other small different noises it is usually interpreted as an attempt by the entities you have called to communicate with you, to give you a sign or to teach you some important things.

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