How to register & Purchase a course

First, you will need to be registered (set up your account), and then you can purchase any course you like!

1. Click The ACCOUNT on the top menu.
2. Enter your username, email, and preferred password on the Register column on the right
3. You will be automatically logged into your account.
4. Navigate to the profile menu. Click Course Dashboard if you want to see about the course you’ve purchased
5. Now that you are logged in you can purchase the course

Refunds or Change of Mind

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest people who enroll in courses only to copy the content and then ask for a refund. There is no refund given for a change of mind, or if you don’t like the course after purchase.

We spent hours recording this information to help you with your magical studies. We don’t ask for membership rates or any other ongoing fee. The fee for any of our courses is absolutely minimal.

Still having issues?

If you’re having any issues, email