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VIDEO: Graveyard Dirt Collection

This week we look at an important first ingredient in hoodoo, and that’s Graveyard dirt. This weeks project will involve you collecting your own dirt, so pay attention 🙂

CLASS DISCUSSION VIDEO: In this video I give you lots of tips and tricks for Graveyard Dirt. As I am down the cemetery all the time, I am a little more “relaxed” in my approach.



This week, I want you to go and get your hands dirty! For real. Nothing makes you feel like a real witch or Hoodoo Worker than heading down to the gravesite and digging up your own dirt.

Methods vary widely on how to enter the cemetery, and how to leave. I will show you a few methods, but you are free to do as you feel is right. Every man and his dog will have their opinion on the best method, and I say, that if it works for you, that is all that matters.

Also, I will suggest a “gatekeeper” to call to for this work, but if you feel like you would like to ask another deity, then do so. Do what feels right for you!

Helpful Lesson Book

This 54 page book I wrote years ago, to assist you in learning about Graveyard Dirt. It includes over 30 ways to use the dirt in spells, plus much more. The manner to collect the dirt in my booklet is more formal and I recommend you follow my directions

Link is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1el5n0Cc7SeCIRrTVjhxSLB9zkVC4ExrA

Following Tradition

The Graveyard Goddess: Oya

It is said, that Oya is the Queen of the Dead and holds domain over all cemeteries. It is important to gain Her permission before entering Her kingdom.

There are a couple of things you can do to keep yourself from being on the receiving end of Oya’s bad side. First, cover your head with something white in Her honor, should you want to follow Hoodoo tradition. Ladies should wear a white scarf or lace mantilla, while men can wear a white ball cap.

Secondly, always bring Her some sort of enticement. She absolutely adores presents—and is especially partial to red wine and copper. Other people say to leave a handful of popcorn at the gate for Oya (along with something for Ellegua)

Talking to Oya is easy. Here is an  incantation you can use in Her honor.



Oh, Oya, I call on You! Please lift Your head

And grant me swift entrance, Oh Queen of the Dead,

Into Your kingdom. I’ve brought You a present—

Nine pennies in red wine—which I think You’ll find pleasant.

I beg of You earnestly, grant me admission;

Let me enter Your realm without terms or condition!


Dorthy Morrison says, “Once you’ve gotten Oya’s permission, enter the cemetery, uncap the bottle and prepare to give Her the gift. But because protocol is important here, the pennies need to jingle together and make noise. The reason is that you’re doing more right now than just giving Oya a present. You’re also alerting the dead that they have company—it’s a little like knocking on a door—and you want them to hear you. So, drop the wine-soaked pennies in the nearest urn or vase, on a plot curb, or in the paved or gravel pathway. If none of those options are available, not to worry. Just dump the coins into your hand, jingle them together, and toss them in front of you. Then go on about your business.”

Once you’ve finished thanking Oya and Her subjects for their time and for sharing their home with you.

About Oya

Traditional Colors: Purple, reds, oranges and black

Number: 9 (she is called the “mother of nine”)

Areas of Influence: Storms, wind, lightning, tornadoes, death and the cemetery, the marketplace and business, change, witchcraft, athletics

Entities associated with: St. Theresa

Type of Graves:

What sort of dirt you gather—and from which graves or establishments you gather it—depends solely on your intention and what you’re comfortable with. Suffice it to say that I’ve never gleaned dirt from an open grave, no matter how strong it was or who thought I should.

Here is a brief listing of the types I’ve found helpful and the purposes for which I think they’re most useful follows below.

Please note that this list is not in any way complete and is meant to be used as a guideline only. As you work with graveyard dirt, follow your own instincts, and you can’t go wrong.

Adolescent (Ages 11-19):  Dirt from the graves of those from ages 11 to19 can be used to cause inattentiveness and irresponsible behavior. Try this dirt, too, when you want to stir interest in another person, cause romantic involvement, kindle sexual attraction, and increase sexual prowess.

Adulterer or Adulteress:  Use this dirt to cause a love triangle or bring about the urges to cheat on one’s spouse. There’s nothing more effective for breaking up a romantic involvement.

Child (Ages 2-10):  This is a terrific aid when the appearance of child-like innocence is a factor, or the development of new friendships is your quest. It’s also a great help when obtaining basic necessities is at stake, but for this purpose, it’s best to gather the dirt from the grave of a poor child rather than from one who was handed everything on a silver platter.

Doctor:  This dirt can be used either to heal or to cause illness, depending upon your intention.

Executed or Murdered:  Extremely powerful when it comes to matters of wrong-doing or injustice, this dirt can also be useful in efforts of revenge or those to cause harm to others.

Gambler:  If you are sure that the gambler was good at his game, then this dirt can be used to increase luck at the tables, slots, or tracks. If not, use it to force someone to take unnecessary risks—those way beyond the point of reason.

Infant:  Since a baby’s vision is still somewhat blurry, this dirt is helpful when you need someone to cast a blind eye to something that you’re doing. It’s also useful if your purpose involves ensuring that someone becomes totally dependent on you, or when you need to appear indispensable.

Insane:  This dirt is used for the obvious reason: to cause insanity in another. When collecting it for use, though, remember that you’re dealing with the spirit of the mentally infirmed. And just because it agrees to assist you, doesn’t mean it will follow through—at least, not in a manner you intend.

Lawyer/Judge:  There’s little better when it comes to winning a court case or receiving a settlement. It can also be useful if injustice is at issue, or your rights have been violated.

Magical Practitioner:  Dirt from this grave can be used for virtually anything.

Pet:  Dirt from the grave of your former pet can be used for many things including protection and loyalty. It’s also known to be effective in matters of the heart.

Physically or Emotionally Abused:  While this dirt is extremely useful in assisting those in an abusive relationship, its strength lies only in giving them the courage to remove themselves from the bad situation. It is not—and I want to be really clear about this—a substitute for picking up the phone and calling the police!

Serial Killer or Murderer:  Do not use this dirt unless your intention is to cause serious harm to someone. In fact, its magical incorporation could even cause death.

Nun or Priest:  While dirt from these graves is often used for efforts involving personal spiritual protection, it’s also used occasionally to convey the appearance of innocent goodness to the outside world.

Soldier:  Because soldiers are strong, brave, quick thinkers and are trained to follow orders, dirt from their graves can be used for nearly anything. Before gathering it, though, it’s a good idea to note the birthplace and any other data on the headstone that might indicate the causes that he or she believed in and fought for. The last thing you want is dirt from a soldier who might be at cross-purposes, thwart your efforts, or work against you.

Dirt Consecration?

One of the great things about dirt is that it works of its own accord. You don’t have to cleanse it. You don’t have to charge it. You don’t have to do any of the things you might ordinarily do when using another substance in magical work. The fact that it’s a part of the Earth and thus, as old as creation, gives it stability. As it’s sucked up the collective consciousness of all who have stepped on it over the years, it has knowledge and power.

And if you’ve collected it from the graveyard, it’s also imbued with the energies and qualities of the person whose final resting place you’ve tapped. Put it all together, and you have a ready made magical operation. All you have to do is apply it.

Ideas for Graveyard Dirt Use

The magickal use for Graveyard dirt is mainly for cursing, hexing, and spells of that nature. However, the dirt of specific spirits can also be used for your own protection and even love spells.

The methods for using the dirt include:

Sprinkling:  Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to incorporate the dirt’s beneficial energies into your life is to sprinkle it along your baseboards, under your rugs, and along the outside perimeter of your property. It’s also a good idea to sprinkle it under the doormat and around the front porch.

Charm Bag:  Also known as a mojo and sometimes a gris gris, this bag is traditionally made of red flannel, but it’s frequently constructed of other materials such as leather, beadwork, and more decorative fabrics by today’s practitioners. The dirt is usually combined with snippets of your hair and fingernail clippings (these taglocks identify you as the person to reap the rewards), along with any other items you consider of benefit. The entire mixture is then placed into the bag, which is worn around the neck or someplace else close to the body. These bags also may contain taglocks from other family members. In that case, though, the bag should be buried rather than worn and rest as close to the front step of the home as possible.

Good Luck Bottle:  Sometimes known as a Witch’s Bottle, this generally takes the form of a jar with a tight-fitting screw-on lid. The dirt mixture is placed in the bottom of the container and sprinkled with herbs that vibrate to good fortune. (Any combination may be used, but I tend to use cinnamon, basil, and lavender, as they bring love, money, and spiritual protection.) Traditionally, fish hooks are also added to “hook” good luck, as are nine dimes in payment to the spirit world for its protection and rewards. Once the jar is at least half full, it should be filled to the top with your urine, capped tightly, and buried on your property—preferably as close to the front door as possible.





  1. Collect Your Own Graveyard Dirt

Every worker has his or her own way of doing this. One way is not better than the others. This is my way, and you have to decide the right way for you.

Make sure you tell us about your experience as I am sure you had an interesting time!

NOTE: If you didn’t feel brave enough to collect your own dirt yet, then you will need to buy the dirt from your local occult store

2. Try one of the 9 cursing spells i give you in my workbook

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