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Understanding Magic & Spellcasting

There are many ways to practice magic, many schools, philosophies, methods, and traditions. The bottom-line definition of what actually constitutes real magic, and why and how it works, is amazingly consistent throughout the world.

While this course may seam a little out of place on the Hoodoo Witch Course website, it is actually extremely important for the modern practitioner of any system of magic, to have a well rounded understanding of magic. The benefits include:

  • Appreciating global magic systems and how they interelate
  • Become a stronger spell caster
  • Know how to trouble shoot your own spells and techniques
  • Have a well rounded knowledge of HOW TO DO all the important witchcraft and spiritual skills for a life of practice

This course is CONTENT RICH – so if you don’t like reading, this is not for you.

Learn The Key To Magic Success – Energy Work

According to general worldwide metaphysical wisdom, common to all magical understanding and tradition, there is an inherent energy radiating from Earth and all living things. Analytical traditions and cultures have studied this energy in depth; others simply accept its existence and work with it.

This magical life-power is formless: you can’t see it, hear it or touch it. So how do you know it exists? How is it quantified and measured? By its effects upon you.

The goal of magic is to tap into a different energy, an energy so powerful and benevolent that all aspects of life improve. The most potent magical books, tools, and materials hold, retain, and radiate their power and energy infinitely.

People who possess magical power in substantial quantities, who live in close proximity to it, are magnetic and charismatic personalities. They radiate personal power. Other people find merely being in their presence invigorating and empowering.

If, on the other hand, you feel consistently drained or frustrated, if your libido and life-force are chronically diminished, if you foresee nothing ahead of you but monotony or gloom, if life lacks joy, if your goals seem so out of reach that it’s pointless to try, and it’s hard to muster enthusiasm for anything, then it’s very likely that you suffer from a serious deficiency of this life-power.

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, although these power reserves are continually shifting. Like a gas tank, magical life-power needs to be replenished as you use it, and acquired if you lack it.

This course possesses transformative powers. It can transform anyone into a magical adept.

Magic happens because you believe in the system not because the system works or even exists, although explanations for why, if their powers of belief are so all-powerful, the natives remain poor and benighted, and forced to tolerate outside observers, are rarely offered.

Real magical practitioners consider themselves guardians, preservers, and (sometimes) revivers of Earth’s forgotten, besieged, and suppressed occult truths and traditions.

Magic, at its most basic, is the science of Earth’s hidden powers. For the true practitioner, there’s nothing supernatural about magic. Natural is just a lot more complex than conventional modern wisdom allows. Be forewarned.

No secret code has been applied; instead there are explanations so that you understand how and why the spells should work.


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