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3 thoughts on “Working With Your Ancestors

  1. Daphne Gerry says:

    I honor my Ancestors daily as part of morning ritual. As far as their altar, I do not have access to their graveyard dirt. I live in another state. What can I substitute? I can get graveyard dirt……just not theirs.

    Many thanks!

  2. jbnaylor says:

    Are there any other things I can recite beside the psalms above for protection before working with my ancestors? What if I don’t have pictures of my ancestors or don’t know too much about them?

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      Master Hoodoo Witch says:

      Yes. For example, in Pranic Healing, you call to the Universal source of divine energy for protection. Often, I will call to the powers of the elements to assist with my protection, and visualize a white energy source entering my body from above.

      If you don’t know any of your ancestors and/or do not have a photo of them, then you can place something symbolic of your family in the place of the photo. When you address your ancestors, you will not use their names, but simply just refer to them as “ancestors”.

      Please let me know if you need further instruction or assistance as this can be a delicate matter for some people.

      Blessings – Savannah

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