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One thought on “Introduction: Month 2

  1. Popa Ogundele Laveau says:

    Ojo DaDa (Good Day),
    Yes I have a bone set. In my set I use coyote teeth, cowrie shells, coined dollars, alligators foot, chickens foot, owls foot, thimble, washer, half a wish bone, alligators tooth, cross, monopoly house, hotel and shoe, and a key. I’ve been using bones since the age of 15 now 45yrs of age.
    When conducting a reading sometimes it can be difficult if you use a piece that has moved on and not realized it because another pieces energy has taken over such a piece so you can get a false reading and or if your unable to remove negative energy off the client before conducting a reading it can make it difficult to give the reading while battling to repel such energy.
    My witnesses and the feet I use are my favorite pieces. They are Fox, Owl and Coyote Skulls. The energy and guidance they provide me with and protected me from harm over the years. I use the feet to guide me in what type of divination I should use unless a client ask for a certain type. If its the Obi, Cowrie and or Bones they tell me where my energy will be used best for the reading I’m about to conduct. I also use my skulls when adding herbs to any spell. I will gather my herbs and depending on the spell and or work I’m doing, I will mix the herbs together using one of the skulls to enhance the power of the work.

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