Setting up an ancestoral altar

Ancestor Altar


Ancestors may not be able to conduct magic spells for you in the next life (if they haven’t been magical in this life), however, as they know what its like to be human, they can help you with your human love needs!

You have to let you Grandma know what you need!

Ask your mother for the advice she never gave to you here in life!

Request from your father he listen and answer you – and tell him you need him now – even though he may have passed!

The key is that I want you to get used to talking with spirit. Start with your own people – those whom you were connected with in this life.

If you are interested in making your own ancestor altar here are some instruction’s that will help.

I want to point out first that this is a very important step. Do not take this lightly; it is a great responsibility you are taking upon yourself. You can’t just put an altar together and throw a few things on it.

This space has to be cleansed and treated as you would any Holy place.

It is your responsibility to keep the altar clean, to feed your ancestors, and offer them candles, prayers and other offerings. If you cannot do this then please don’t set up an altar until a time when you will be able to tend to the altar, as it should be taken care of.

Altar Setting Up Rules

There are two rules that you need to follow;

  1. never place Salt your ancestor altar.
  2. never place a picture of a living person on altar

The spirits will not come around where there is Salt and you should never place the living among the dead. The ole folks will tell you that if you place the living among those who have passed it makes our ancestors hunger to be with the living. It could cause an early death for a loved one.

Other than having a white cloth and some water in glasses on your altar you can place whatever you want to on the altar.



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