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  1. Daphne Gerry says:

    I honor my Ancestors daily as part of morning ritual. As far as their altar, I do not have access to their graveyard dirt. I live in another state. What can I substitute? I can get graveyard dirt……just not theirs.

    Many thanks!

  2. Lindy says:

    I’m getting all my supplies together for this working…as far as storing the D.U.M.E. Powder and Oil (once working is complete-the left over powder and oil) how is the best way to store the D.U.M.E. Powder and Oil? In a box locked away from other supplies…wood box, metal box, etc?

  3. eod845 says:

    The video in the next lesson (VD – Hexing & Cursing to cause death with a voodoo doll) does not play. It says it has been removed from YouTube for violating community guidelines. How can this video be seen? I didn’t post this under that lesson because for some reason the “post comment” section does not show up at the bottom of that page on my end. Thank you very much for your assistance.

  4. Popa Ogundele Laveau says:

    Ojo DaDa (Good Day),
    Yes I have a bone set. In my set I use coyote teeth, cowrie shells, coined dollars, alligators foot, chickens foot, owls foot, thimble, washer, half a wish bone, alligators tooth, cross, monopoly house, hotel and shoe, and a key. I’ve been using bones since the age of 15 now 45yrs of age.
    When conducting a reading sometimes it can be difficult if you use a piece that has moved on and not realized it because another pieces energy has taken over such a piece so you can get a false reading and or if your unable to remove negative energy off the client before conducting a reading it can make it difficult to give the reading while battling to repel such energy.
    My witnesses and the feet I use are my favorite pieces. They are Fox, Owl and Coyote Skulls. The energy and guidance they provide me with and protected me from harm over the years. I use the feet to guide me in what type of divination I should use unless a client ask for a certain type. If its the Obi, Cowrie and or Bones they tell me where my energy will be used best for the reading I’m about to conduct. I also use my skulls when adding herbs to any spell. I will gather my herbs and depending on the spell and or work I’m doing, I will mix the herbs together using one of the skulls to enhance the power of the work.

  5. JessiiJai says:

    This is wonderful to help my 16 year old son concentrate on completing his schoolwork & staying engaged since he’s been home due to covid! Thank you!🤗😘

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    Maggie Moon says:

    This was really interesting, and was new to me. I was thinking for us veggie witches that don’t have chicken feet to use, perhaps using a root or ends of a branch that look similar, and infused with the same intent could be just as effective. (I have chickens for eggs, and when they pass on from natural causes I will definitely use their bones, feet, and feathers in my practices, but in the meantime I like to have options) What are your thoughts?

  7. japanisile says:

    Theses are Yoruba gods from Nigeria , West Africa. I am a Yoruba woman from Nigeria . I witnessed my grandmother going to Ogun Shrine to offer sacrifices…….Thank you so much…….this is informative!,

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      Master Hoodoo Witch says:

      Yes. For example, in Pranic Healing, you call to the Universal source of divine energy for protection. Often, I will call to the powers of the elements to assist with my protection, and visualize a white energy source entering my body from above.

      If you don’t know any of your ancestors and/or do not have a photo of them, then you can place something symbolic of your family in the place of the photo. When you address your ancestors, you will not use their names, but simply just refer to them as “ancestors”.

      Please let me know if you need further instruction or assistance as this can be a delicate matter for some people.

      Blessings – Savannah

  8. RuskaRoma says:

    That is possible but stopping people from practicing with traditions (and using the saints has become a deep rooted tradition) doesn’t simply happen over night. You must also remember that in Africa many things were not in English. So, you have To realize you must first know these African languages, do independent research that will be very difficult if not impossible to do online (as much of hoodoo is verbal, like Roma traditions) and hope that it is accurate. Many spells are based on the psalms and other biblical verses… now you must rewrite every spell that uses this.

    You are making this seem like a simple task when in fact… it’s not.

  9. nonlena says:

    I don’t really understand how to do ” Run a flame up the side of one candle, pressing it against the other candle to hold them together”
    Also “Place in front of the candles until they burn out.” so it will not burn the doll ? if there is wax drop on the doll from the candle how you do it ?

  10. kunubus says:

    Greetings, I understand how christian Saints and Hoodoo’s reference to Christianity got started, I hate this forced connection. Isn’t it possible now to remove all of Christian influence in Hoodoo in 2018, today, right now? Get Hoodoo back to the way it was performed in Africa, take back your religion, take it back from Christianity, if possible.
    I love this website, I am a white man, I love Hoodoo., Thanks, Harold Bryant

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    Master Hoodoo Witch says:

    I read the book and I am inspired by it. Good book, would recommend anyone to purchase this book and get connected with their spirituality. It’s format is easy to follow and it includes all of the psalms. The book is also small enough to take with you. I use it as my prayer book.

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      Master Hoodoo Witch says:

      Hi. This is an online course, with weekly lessons to build your knowledge in Hoodoo Witchcraft. Each week builds on the last. Its designed to be practical and hands on. While the lessons are given weekly, you can study the lessons at your own pace.

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