Apple of Desire

With a thorn or pin, scratch your wish into the skin of a beautiful apple. Hold the apple in both hands and contemplate your desire. Dip the apple in cinnamon honey and eat it completely, savoring each bite.

Dandelion Wishing Spell

Make a wish while holding a dried dandelion. Hold that thought in your mind, and then blow all the seeds off the dandelion with one breath. If this can be accomplished, your wish should be fulfilled.

First Star Spell

Starlight, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight

This rhyme has been relegated to the nursery yet it recalls a potent Wishing Spell.

  1. Pay attention at twilight; it’s easy to miss your opportunity.
  2. If you can catch sight of the very first solo star in the sky, gaze at it and make your wish. (The rhyme charm may be incorporated but it’s not necessary.)
  3. If the first star can’t be identified, luck isn’t with you: save the spell for another night.

The Four-leaf Clover

According to legend, if you find a four-leaf clover and wish upon it, your wish will come true. Well, nothing is guaranteed, not even if it’s legendary, but a special magical technique exists to maximize a four-leaf clover’s wishfulfilling potential.

When you wish upon the clover, count each leaf. Each offers a unique form of good fortune. Visualize how you’d benefit from their promise:

  • The first leaf to the left of the stem is fame
  • The second leaf to the left of the stem is money
  • The third leaf to the left of the stem is love
  • The fourth leaf to the left of the stem is good health

Perhaps the first step should be to find a four-leaf clover! However, a metal charm may be used, and may be preferable: its leaves won’t fall off while you’re counting!

Lucky Bamboo Wish Spell

Carve your wish into a piece of bamboo and bury it in a safe place.

Lunar Wish Spells

Wishing upon the moon is easier than wishing upon a star; however, as with stellar wish spells, timing is everything. The moon is the heavenly body most associated with granting wishes.

Lunar Wish Spell (1) Basic

When you catch sight of a particularly beautiful, evocative moon, stop and gaze at it. Concentrate on your desire, look at the moon and make one explicit well-articulated and defined wish.

Lunar Wish Spell (2) Full Moon

  1. Stand naked in the light of the Full Moon.
  2. Go through the motions of bathing in the moonbeams.
  3. Gaze at the moon while doing this: when ready, make whatever petition you please.
  4. Watch for an immediate response: if the Moon remains clear, it’s a positive sign. If the Moon brightens and the light intensifies, this is an extra auspicious sign. If a cloud passes across the moon, you can anticipate some difficulty in achieving your desire. Take some further magical steps or perhaps reassess your desire. Work on it until the next Full Moon and repeat.

Lunar Wish Spell (3) New Moon

The following is a Romany ritual to greet the New Moon.

Greet each New Moon by chanting something like this:

Here is the New Moon.

The New Moon has arrived.

Be lucky for me now

You’ve found me penniless

Leave me rich and prosperous.

Leave us with money.

Leave us with good health

Leave us with love.

Nine of Cups Wish-Fulfillment Spell

The nine of cups tarot card is traditionally considered “the wish card,” a happy card that indicates your wishes will come true.

  1. Remove the nine of cups card from a Rider-Waite tarot deck or another deck that illustrates the Minor Arcana. (Some decks only illustrate the Major Arcana.)
  2. Place the card upright between a gold and a silver candle.
  3. Light the candles; gaze at the card and clearly, distinctly, articulate what it is you truly want.
  4. When the candles burn down, place the card under your pillow. Further information may be revealed in your dreams.

Ocean Spirit Wish Spell

Address your request to Aphrodite, Poseidon, Yemaya, or any other ocean spirit you choose, but address it specifically to someone. Don’t send out a generic request. Write your request or query on rice paper or some other biodegradable paper. Launch it into the waves and await your response.

Sage Wishing Spell

  1. Write your wish on a single sage leaf.
  2. Place it beneath your pillow for three consecutive nights.
  3. Should this sage leaf appear in your dreams at any time during these three nights, your wish should be fulfilled.
  4. If not, what you’re requesting is complex and difficult. Bury the sage leaf in Earth, requesting that, if your wish is beneficial, it will grow to fruition. If realizing your dream would be harmful, request that the energy and desire dissipate safely into Earth.

Uninterrupted Happiness Wish Spell

Nine coins strung onto red cord represent “uninterrupted happiness,” according to Chinese symbolism. These coins on the cord will also help you turn wishes into reality.

  1. Make nine wishes; one wish may also be repeated nine times for extra emphasis and power.
  2. Collect nine I-Ching (replica) coins.
  3. String each one while concentrating on a wish. Affirm that each wish is received as you tie each knot.
  4. When the cord is complete, keep it in a safe, secret place.

Wishing Stones

Make a wish upon a…stone? Certain stones are believed to have the power to help you achieve your wishes. Preserved in charm bags, they may be taken out as needed, to enhance all wishes and increase the odds of success. Those reputedly most powerful include amber and holed stones. (Yes, amber is really fossilized tree resin, however because its ancient origins were mysterious, people classified it as a mineral and that ancient classification more or less remains, at least magically speaking.)

Hold the stone in your left hand while concentrating upon your wish and visualizing its success. Rub it with your thumb in a clockwise motion. Keep the stone in your pocket and rub it with your thumb as desired to reinforce this wish.

Yarrow Wish Spell

The very first blooming yarrow that you see is a magical plant that can grant you one wish. Hold the bloom in your hand and make your wish. That night, sleep with the plant below your pillow.