When your life seems stagnant, when opportunities always seem to peter out, when no viable alternatives seem to exist, when no roads open for you, you may have what is magically known as a blocked condition. Blocked conditions stem from a variety of causes:

  • Blockages may result from insufficient magic power: your magical gas tank is empty; therefore you can’t proceed
  • Blockages may be the result of a hex or curse. However the emphasis with Unblocking Spells is emphatically on repairing the situation at hand: opening the roads. There’s little emphasis on who may have placed a hex or on returning it
  • Blockages may result because you’re desperately in need of magical cleansing: too much accumulated negative debris is weighing you down, preventing mobility
  • Blockages may result from spiritual causes

Unblocking spells remove blocks, obstacles, and hurdles, opening the roads so that you can proceed happily with life. Blockages are the opposite of a crossroads. Crossroads offer possibilities of change, motion, and power. Blockages weigh you down, removing avenues of opportunity and limiting you to travel a path not of your choosing.

There are two aspects to unblocking spells:

  • Specific spirits, magical owners of gates and crossroads, control access on all roads. They determine who passes and who is blocked. These road-opener spirits may be petitioned to remove your particular blockage
  • Other spells take advantage of the power of botanicals and magical items to remove a block

Abre Camino Spells

“Abre camino,” literally “road opener” or “make way,” is the name given to a plant (Trichilia havanensis) used in Latin American magic to open blocked paths. Carry an abre camino stick with you at all times to keep roads clear and remove obstacles from your path.

Abre Camino: Road-Opener Spell

Bring an abre camino stick to a crossroads. Hold it in your hands, and turn around to face each direction in turn, focusing on removal of all blocks from your pathways. Murmur affirmations, petitions, and prayers if desired. Burn the stick and leave coins at the crossroads.

Break Through Blockage Bath Flower Essence Remedy

  1. The flower essence remedy chestnut bud (Bach) is indicated when you’re stuck, blocked, or trapped in repetitive cycles with no transformation.
  2. Initiate use by taking a single intensive bath: add 20-30 drops of the remedy to the bath before bedtime. Pay attention to your dreams for clues on resolving your blockage.
  3. Do not add more than half a dozen drops to any additional baths. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for internal administration or apply topically.

Citrus Unblocking Bath

  1. Collect as many types of citrus fruits, emphasizing the sour ones. There can’t be too much fruit in this bath.
  2. Quarter each fruit, squeeze the juice into a tub of bathwater then toss in the rind.
  3. Add a bottle of orange blossom water or hydrosol.
  4. Enter the bath, rub yourself with the fruit, envision your blocks cleansed away and then allow yourself to air-dry. (Depending on the quantity of fruit used, you may be sticky. Leave the fruit residue on for as long as possible before showering it off.)

Road-Opener Spells

Any powerful and sympathetic spirit can remove a block. However there is a genre of spirits known as “road openers.” These spirits are said to “own” roads; thus playing the role of a spiritual gate-keeper they determine who may pass and who can’t, whose road will be easy and whose will be obstructed. On the whole, these spirits possess a somewhat sardonic sense of humor; they tend to be volatile tricksters. Their stomping ground, the place to meet them, is invariably that opposite of the blocked road, the crossroads.

Three Road Openers’ Super Strength Unblocking Spell

To open one’s path and clear a major blockage, invoke Elegba (Exu), Ogun, and Maria Padilha simultaneously. This offering is made at midnight at a crossroads.

  1. Sprinkle the ground with anisette.
  2. Lay down a red cloth; cover it with a black cloth. All offerings and candles should be placed on these cloths. The two male spirits will accept good rum, over-proof rum, or cachaca. Maria Padilla likes a small bottle of anisette or a glass of champagne served in a champagne flute. All three appreciate fine cigars and cigarettes.
  3. Make an offering to Elegba/Exu of alcohol, candles, and fine cigars or deluxe cigarettes.
  4. Make an offering to Ogun. Give him alcohol and a cigar, and light a red or black candle inside a cauldron.
  5. Make an offering to Maria Padilha of red roses, red candles, fine cigarettes, or cigarillos, and a libation.
  6. Talk to the three of them and tell them what you need.
  7. Back up seven paces before you turn around; leave via a circuitous route. Do not return to that spot for at least seven days.

For the equivalent of magically dynamiting a blockage, repeat this spell at seven different crossroads all in one night.

Road-Opening Spell: Mojo Bag

This bag may need to be contained within a second bag to keep the dirt from slipping out.

  1. Gather pinches of dirt from seven different crossroads and place them in a red bag.
  2. Add salt, an old key, and pebbles or nails found on or beside train tracks.
  3. Carry it with you to keep all avenues open.

Road-Opening Spell: Oil

  1. Start with a coconut oil and jojoba oil base.
  2. Add true coconut extract, ground allspice, peppermint, and licorice (not the candy, the herb).
  3. This oil may be added to the bath or used to dress unblocking candles.

Stimulate Change Spell

To stimulate change, movement, and transformation gather a handful of dirt from each of the following places:

The local police department, courthouse, or jail

The local fire department or blacksmith

A crossroads

A butchery’s shop

A place of higher education

You will need five handfuls in all. Place them all in a red flannel bag together with a High John the Conqueror root to unblock your paths.

Unblock a Mind Spell

Sometimes what needs to be opened is someone’s mind, so that that person will be willing to listen to you, to hear you.

  1. Carve a skull candle with the name and identifying information of the target of this spell. Choose the color of the skull to suit your purpose: red for romance, green for financial discussion, black if the person is dense or is stubbornly refusing to consider your position. White may be used for any purpose.
  2. Dress the candle with Command and Compel Oil. Add any other formula oil that matches your needs.
  3. Burn the candle.

Intensify the spell by dedicating it to Papa Legba, Opener of the Ways, Eliminator of Obstacles.

Unblock a Situation Spell

  1. Charge a peridot, sardonyx, or quartz crystal.
  2. Place it on an altar.
  3. Focus your desires on the stone.
  4. Carry it with you in a lucky charm bag.
  5. Recharge it periodically on your altar.

Unblocking Spell

Get rid of blocks and bad luck:

  1. Go through your home and premises looking for extraneous sharp items: pins, tacks, anything similar.
  2. Place them in a jar or bottle.
  3. When it is approximately half full, take it outside and bury it, preferably not on your property, but at the least at the absolute furthest edge of your land. Don’t dig it up.