These are very specific spells: a romantic or true love component may also exist but that’s not the main focus of the spell. Just like regular love spells, this category is vast, with spells to suit every taste and desire. A high percentage of Sex and Seduction Spells, especially the more ancient ones, are designed to enable men to magically seduce women. This may be because for millennia women’s spells went unrecorded or it may reflect historical social sexual dynamics.

During the European witch-craze, the fear of witch-caused impotence reached states of hysteria. In other cultures, other concerns were more prominent. The fear-inducing magical figure of The Arabian Nights or Jewish fairytales isn’t that notorious female witch, it’s the evil male sorcerer intent on seducing young virgins and devout, faithful wives alike with irresistible mystical charms, amulets, and spells.

For happiest results, cast these spells cooperatively.

Basic Aphrodisiac Ingredients

Aphrodisiacs tend to be foods or fragrances. Because they evoke very personal, unique responses, experimentation is required to discover which aphrodisiacs work for you or your lover. Incorporate any one or combination of the following into your very personal spells:





Fruits: apricots, peaches, cherries, grapes, figs, pomegranates


Hibiscus tea


Hot peppers





Shellfish especially, but all fish in general

Spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves



Cyclamen Spell

In the Language of Flowers, cyclamen represents voluptuousness.

Soak the root in sweet almond oil for three days. Strain and reserve the oil to serve as a dressing oil for charms and candles. Cyclamen flower remedy (Pegasus) may have aphrodisiac properties too. Experiment.

Diamond Spells

Diamond refers to both a gemstone and a shape. In the metaphysical language of geometry, the diamond shape may stand in for the human eye or for the vagina. Is this why Western marriages are typically initiated with diamond rings? Emeralds are the gemstones that attract and stabilize love and fidelity. So why are diamonds such popular engagement rings?

Diamonds, whether carried or worn, promote self-confidence in sexual matters. They relieve root causes of sexual dysfunction. They are a cleansing, releasing, purifying stone in matters of sexuality. These are spells that will, no doubt, please the target:

  • To stimulate someone to be more sexually receptive toward you, bestow the gift of a diamond, magically charged with your own desires
  • To heal your own sexual inhibitions and dysfunction, don’t wait for someone else to bestow the gift. Provide your own diamond: charge it with your desires, bathe it in spring water enhanced with hibiscus flower essence remedy (FES), and wear it

Dress for Seduction Spell

What does the goddess of love wear to cast a seduction spell? A magic cloak with nothing underneath? Once upon a time, like Aphrodite or Ishtar, she wore a magic girdle but that magical garment seems to have lost some power over the ages. Another item of clothing however, once associated with witchcraft, retains its magic powers of seduction.

Wear a crimson garter belt to enhance your powers of seduction, create an aura of irresistibility (it works without anyone seeing it, unless you want them to), and to discover wells of primal female power.

Erotic Incense

Grind and powder ginger lilies, jasmine, myrrh, and tuberose. (Essential oils may also be warmed in an aroma burner.) Waft the fragrance where desired.

Flowers of Desire Oil

Blend essential oils of jasmine, tuberose, lavender, and ylang ylang to render yourself irresistible and to inspire passionate feelings.

Fruits of Love Spell

Eve seduced Adam with an apple. Or did she? As apples aren’t native to that part of Earth, there’s been much debate as to the actual identity of the forbidden fruit. Other possibilities include apricots, pomegranates, quince, and figs (hence the fig leaf). A simple display of fruits allegedly magically tempts even someone determined not to be seduced.

  1. Find the most beautiful examples of the above fruits you can and place them in an equally attractive bowl.
  2. Offer them to the target of your spell. If he or she eats the fruit, they will be yours.
  3. If they decline, merely leave the bowl close at hand and see what happens.

Lavender Spells

Lavender is an unusual plant; some find it to have aphrodisiac properties while others find it to be the opposite. Test its effects on lovers.

Aphrodisiac Lavender Honey

  1. Warm one cup of honey in a bain-marie.
  2. Add approximately one quarter cup of fresh or dried lavender blossoms.
  3. When the honey begins to bubble, remove it from the heat. (Don’t let it scorch!)
  4. Let it sit for thirty minutes, then strain out the lavender.
  5. Use the honey while warm.

Lavender Irresistibility Spell

Pin fresh lavender to your underwear; allegedly this renders you sexually irresistible. Alternatively, add essential oil of lavender to final rinse water when washing your underwear; this may be as effective and will certainly be more comfortable.

Magic Mirror Sex Spell

  1. Purchase a small hand mirror. Many modern mirrors are double-sided; this is an old spell. A mirror with some sort of a back to it is required.
  2. Pay whatever is the asking price; don’t haggle.
  3. Remove at least some of the back of the mirror and write your beloved’s name three times in that space. That’s the easy part.
  4. Now you need to find a pair of copulating dogs. Don’t disturb them; just hold the mirror so that their image is reflected within it. Don’t look inside it yourself or allow anyone but the object of your desire to gaze within.
  5. Somehow you must induce him or her to look into the mirror.
  6. Having accomplished this, hide the mirror for nine days in a spot where your beloved is guaranteed to pass by frequently.
  7. When the nine days are over, carry the mirror on your person.
  8. Allegedly this will now cause the object of your desire to become sexually aroused whenever she or he is in your presence.

New Orleans Parfum d’Amour

  1. Blend and gently warm the following ingredients: Florida Water Rose water or hydrosol Cinnamon hydrosol
  2. Dissolve honey in the liquid, stirring to distribute.
  3. Allow it to cool.
  4. Place in a bottle and wear the fragrance.

Peppermint Spells

Persephone wasn’t Hades’ only love. His true love apparently was the nymph Mentha. This relationship pre-dated his abduction of Persephone and continued after their marriage. When Demeter discovered that not only had Hades kidnapped and raped her daughter, he was also cheating on her, she was outraged and in a classic example of blaming it on the woman, transformed Mentha into the lowly peppermint plant. Mentha had the last laugh: Hades was rendered unable to perform sexually without mint. (Of course, the fact that peppermint was once used as a contraceptive might also have influenced the Lord of the Dead.) To this day mint is considered among the most potent aphrodisiacs.

Queen of the Night Spell

Night-blooming jasmine’s nicknames “Queen of the Night” and “Moonlight of the Grove” indicate its power. Wear fresh blossoms after dark to attract a new lover, romantically hypnotize one you already have, and to transform yourself into a nocturnal queen.

Road of Love

Blend hibiscus and rose petals. (Grind, powder, or leave whole as you choose.) Use these flowers to sprinkle a path to the bedroom or wherever you choose. You may create a lavish carpet or be extremely discreet, as long as the path is unbroken.

Seduction Oils

Arabian Nights Perfume

The compilation of stories known as The Thousand and One Nights or The Arabian Nights is filled with details of magic spells and formulas for seduction. Because stories that fall under the broad category of fairy tales are now relegated to children, the erotic material contained in The Arabian Nights is typically excised. Add essential oils of aloes, ambrette, jasmine, liquidambar, myrrh, and rose to your bath in preparation for nights of love.

Cleopatra Oil Spell

Place five drops of Cleopatra Oil in each corner of the bed and another five in the very center for enhanced erotic enjoyment and powers of seduction.

Jezebel Oil, like the queen in whose honor it’s named, is a complex, multifaceted oil. Mainly used in money, love, and seduction spells (and especially those spells that bridge all three concerns), the key to Jezebel Oil is that it is used for getting what you want, in the face of all odds. Jezebel root, a cousin of orrisroot, possesses both seductive and commanding properties.

Jezebel Seduction Spell

The spell may be used to initiate a relationship or to hold an already existing lover spellbound. Intensify standard Jezebel Oil by adding cinnamon, damiana, jasmine, and/or rose petals. Dress purple taper candles with this oil and burn it in your intended’s presence.

Oil Spell (1) Jasmine

Allegedly this oil arouses desire and ability and reduces resistance.

  1. Blend a few drops of jasmine attar into sweet almond oil.
  2. Use it to massage the one you love.

Powder Spell (1) Better Sex

Grind cubeb peppers into powder and sprinkle it around the bed to magically inspire better sex.

Powder Spell (2) Irresistible Touch

Powder orrisroot and mix with cinnamon powder. Rub just a little bit between your hands and touch the person you desire.

Powder Spell (3) Triple X Powder

Grind Grains of Paradise, damiana, and cubeb peppers together. Sprinkle this powder around your bed to enhance all activities within it.

Sex Sheet Spell

  1. Toss a sheet over copulating dogs and then get it back. Don’t wash that sheet!
  2. Find an excuse to wrap the sheet around the one you desire. This will allegedly arouse amorous feelings.

Sweet-talking Seduction Spell

For sweet, persuasive speech, chew a bit of cinnamon just before speaking.

Peppermint (real peppermint leaves, not breath mints) may work, too.

Thyme for Irresistibility

According to legend, thyme derives from Helen of Troy’s tears, and thus shares her essence. Bathe in an infusion of fresh herbs to radiate the power of a love magnet. Use carefully: remember Helen was kidnapped twice!

Vanilla Seduction Spell

Cast this spell to attract or seduce a lover. Add genuine vanilla extract to your bath. Allow yourself to air-dry, then dust with rice powder blended with a little ground cinnamon.