Bad Luck Begone Powder

This botanical powder makes no promises about bringing good fortune but allegedly counteracts bad luck and protects from its effects. (Nine, seven, and five are numbers of protection: incorporate these numbers into the quantities of botanicals used.)

Blend the following ingredients, grinding them together:

Nine dried bay leaves, crumbled


Juniper berries


Dried dill

Dried fennel

Dried tarragon

Make substantial quantities: carry some with you in a mojo hand, while keeping more within the home as fragrant, protective potpourri.

Break Bad Luck Spell

This spell allegedly breaks a spell of bad luck.

  1. Carve your affirmations and desires on a white candle and dress it with olive oil.
  2. Roll it in ground red pepper.
  3. Light the candle, place it securely on the floor and jump over it.

Broken Mirror Antidote Spell

Does breaking a mirror cause seven years of bad luck? It better not; many spells require shards of broken mirror. If the situation causes anxiety, never fear, an antidote exists:

  1. Some mirrors break cleanly into a mere few pieces while others shatter into thousands. Be that as it may, gather up all the shards and pieces of the mirror and as much of the glass dust as possible.
  2. Wrap it in fabric or a paper bag.
  3. Throw the mirror pieces into a river or fast-moving stream, flowing away from you so as to carry away all misfortune.

Drive Away Bad Luck Bath

  1. Make a strong infusion of basil and spearmint. You may strain the botanicals out or leave them in for extra strength.
  2. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon.
  3. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and a handful of flour.
  4. Stir in a spoonful of Command and Compel Oil.
  5. Fill a bathtub with water.
  6. Carry the bowl with the infusion to the tub.
  7. Stand in the tub of water, pour or ladle the infusion over your head, sit down and soak.

Out With Bad Luck, In With the Best Luck Spell

Burn that candle at both ends! Eliminate misfortune and, because nature abhors a vacuum, simultaneously attract something positive to replace it.

  1. Obtain one red and black double-action candle. It may be necessary to trim the bottom of the candle, exposing the wick, so that both ends may be burned simultaneously.
  2. Carve what you wish to eliminate from your life on the black end.
  3. Carve what you’d like to see manifest in your life on the red end.
  4. Ideally, place the candle horizontally on a candlestick with a spike. Otherwise drive a long nail or pin through the border dividing the colors. Place the candle horizontally over an open bottle, inserting the pin to provide balance and stability.
  5. Burn at both ends simultaneously.

Walking Under Ladders Antidote Spell

Among the most common superstitions is the fear of walking beneath a ladder, and many will go well out of their way to avoid doing so. Should you find yourself forced to walk beneath a ladder there is an antidote to avoid bad luck. This spell must be cast when you walk under the ladder.

  1. Cross your fingers as you approach the ladder. (If this isn’t possible, a knot may be made instead.)
  2. Keep your fingers crossed until a dog is observed. Once you sight that dog, you’re home free. Uncross your fingers; untie your knot.