Many Protection Spells target evil in general, regardless from where it derives. Sometimes the source of danger is very clearly from another human. Spells to Protect Against Enemies take various approaches to the situation, from disarming one’s enemy to transforming enmity into amity.

Alyssum Anger Management Spell

Offer a small bouquet of alyssum to one who resents you and bears you hostility and malice. Disarm them; literally place the bouquet in their hands. This magical transaction allegedly cools off their anger toward you quickly.

Box of Chocolate Spell

Chocolate allegedly possesses the power to transform enmity into friendship. Make a peace offering with a box of fine chocolate. This will only work, however, if the other party will eat real chocolate, dark and bitter-sweet.

Cast Off Evil Oil

Cast off malevolent thoughts, intentions, and hexes from those who resent you. (Although this is really a prevention spell, it does possess a hex-breaking aspect.)

  1. Blend asafetida, crumbled bay leaves, hyssop, rue, and yarrow.
  2. Add the botanicals to castor oil.
  3. Soak cotton balls in the oil and leave them in the vicinity of the one who hates you (in the office or elsewhere). This is not a spell you can hide: the fragrance, depending on the quantity of asafetida used, can be very unpleasant; however it can be cast anonymously if you’re discreet.

Convert an Enemy Spell

Fill a small charm bag with cloves, or actually incorporate the cloves into a spice necklace. Wear the charm around your neck to inspire feelings of affection and friendship.

Melt Your Cold, Cold Heart Spell

A Pow-Wow spell to warm someone’s cold heart: place a plate of snow or an icicle near a fire (fireplace, stove, or candle) and watch it melt while envisioning all the hostility melting away too.

Put the Anger on Ice Spell

  1. Write the angry person’s name on a slip of paper.
  2. Drop the paper into a small, unbreakable container filled with water.
  3. Seal the container shut. Keep it in your freezer.

If you have a lot of enemies, line them up in an ice cube tray.

Rose Quartz Transformation Spell

Rose quartz transforms anger into love, or at least mild affection. Wear it. Give it as a gift to those who resent you.

Sweeten Your Heart Spell

To sweeten someone’s heart toward you:

  1. Write your target’s name on a slip of white paper.
  2. Put it into a small jar with a lid.
  3. Cover the paper with honey and close the jar tight.
  4. Place a small white candle on top of the lid and burn.