In general, magic spells target the threshold experiences of pregnancy: conception and delivery.

(Spells for conception are contained under Fertility Spells).

Successful delivery signals the beginning of a series of spells and rituals to welcome and protect mother and baby. A host of protective amulets evolved to provide for infants’ and children’s extreme psychic vulnerability. It is crucial to understand, however, that these amulets were created during a time when fears regarding psychic safety outweighed those for physical safety. The concept of “infant-proofing” didn’t exist and accidents surely happened. However, this was also a time when babies were rarely, if ever, supervised, infant mortality was high, and when people lived in smaller, more crowded spaces so children were constantly underfoot—and under someone’s eye.

Some amulets may not be safe for use as originally directed but must be adapted to suit personal circumstances: they presuppose that someone literally has their eyes on the baby at all times. Once upon a time, the baby was either in a cradle right by an adult, or carried on someone’s body. Children were rarely isolated. There’s no point protecting against the Evil Eye or malicious Spirits while simultaneously leaving the baby vulnerable to choking.

Amulet: Crayfish

Not from Louisiana, this is a Central European Romany spell. Crayfish, as depicted on many Moon tarot cards, are emblematic of primal female, lunar, watery power.

Having eaten a crayfish dinner, reserve, cleanse, and dry the shells. Fill a sachet with these shells to bring blessings and protection for a pregnant woman. Pin the sachet into your clothing.

Eye Spells

What parts of the body are most associated with pregnancy? Along with breasts, belly, and all points south, the eye is a consistent anatomical motif. The pregnant woman is believed exceptionally vulnerable to the Evil Eye. The further out the belly extends, the more it draws the Eye. How does the pregnant woman protect herself against the Eye? With amulets in the form of a single eye, which some scholars believe may actually be a euphemism for the vulva, bringing the matter full circle.

Yet the pregnant woman’s own eyes also create vulnerability during pregnancy: it’s believed that whatever a pregnant woman looks at (consciously or not) for significant amounts of time affects the development of the baby. Consider your immediate surroundings. Surround yourself with whatever are your own sacred images.

Eye Spell Protection

Wear images of eyes throughout pregnancy, especially as your condition becomes more visible. A single blue-eye bead may be safety-pinned to clothing, or wear it as you wish. Egyptian Eye of Horus amulets are very effective, as is any bead or crystal that resembles an eye. A geometric diamond shape fills in for a literal depiction of an eye.

Pomegranate Protection Spell

If you fear that the child in your womb has been exposed to illness, obtain a pomegranate:

  1. Cut the pomegranate in half.
  2. Rub one half over yourself, especially your belly. Envision any ills or pain or damage being drawn into the pomegranate.
  3. When you’re finished, bury this half in Earth.
  4. Eat every seed of the other half.
  5. If you can’t get a pomegranate, an apple may be substituted although it’s not as magically powerful, nor is consuming apple seeds as easy as eating those of a pomegranate.

SATOR Square

The SATOR magic square was apparently spread through Europe and Britain by the Roman legions. It has many protective uses ranging from fire control to caring for cows, however in general this is either a gender-neutral or even a male-oriented amulet. An exception occurred in England, where Anglo-Saxon tradition favored the SATOR square as an amulet for pregnant women.

Carefully write the magic square on parchment, making sure none of the letters touch and focusing on your desire:






Place the square in a leather bag or metal case and carry it for protection during pregnancy.

Spiritual Protection Spells

From a metaphysical, spiritual point of view, pregnancy is inherently such a powerful, magically charged situation that various elements of the Spirit Realm can’t help but get involved. Malicious, hostile spirits are attracted to the pregnant woman like magnets, as it is a prime opportunity to cause trouble and heartache. Benevolent spirits, in theory at least, also hover protectively nearby, ready to fend off spiritual danger. Some spirits consider pregnancy-protection to be their primary occupation. Instead of trusting to their vigilance blindly, magic spells suggest more active methods of ensuring spiritual pregnancy protection.

Spiritual Protection Spell (1) Angels

Among the angels known to protect expectant women and newborn children are Ariel (Uriel), Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Nuriel. They are sometimes identified as a group by the acronym “ARGAMAN.” This serves as an amuletic device to transmit the power and protection of these angels.

  1. Carefully, consciously write the acronym on paper. Consider what type of ink and paper are most appropriate.
  2. Create two copies: one to travel with you during the day, a second to be posted on the wall near the bed so as to radiate protection while you sleep.
  3. Post the amulet on a wall in plain sight.
  4. Write it on a small strip of paper and carry in a locket or mojo hand.

Spiritual Protection Spell (2) Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene bestows blessings for a happy, successful pregnancy and smooth delivery. The roots of Mary Magdalene’s associations with pregnancy are unclear: is it because, as some believe, Mary Magdalene herself was the Holy Grail, the chalice who safely bore Christ’s child? Or is it because a Pagan Mediterranean fertility spirit has become so deeply syncretized to the biblical figure as to be inseparable? Regardless of the reason, Mary Magdalene may be petitioned for an easy pregnancy and a happy outcome. Requests may be made anytime but are believed to be most propitious on her feast day, July 22nd.

Display a votive image of Mary Magdalene. Choose whatever pleases you, however images depicting her with the moon or with a closed box are most powerful in this situation. Offer her myrrh, roses, and spikenard and request her blessings.

Tarot Welcome Spell

Lay out the four aces and the Sun card from a tarot deck to issue a welcome to the new soul existing within you, and to ease the path to emergence for both of you.

Childbirth Spells

Birth is perhaps the ultimate magical threshold, fraught with simultaneous psychic vulnerability and primal power. The birthing chamber is the equivalent of the crossroads at midnight, packed with unseen competing spirits, drawn by the opportunity for mischief or the need to prevent it. Magic spells seek to ease and assist birth. Spells prevail upon the protective powers of benevolent spirits, plot to avoid or foil malevolent spirits, ease pain, speed delivery, and provide a happy future for mother and child. The childbirth process is protected and enhanced through the use of amulets and special ritual clothing.

Birth Chamber Spells

Any area or space where childbirth occurs, from hospital delivery room to home bedroom, from traditional bathhouse to taxi cab, is instantly transformed into a tremendously powerful, although ephemeral, threshold of emergent life, temporarily equal in magical stature to a crossroads, cemetery, or shrine. It is also, as is the nature of thresholds, a tremendously vulnerable space. Use protective spells to secure the birthing room and protect mother, child, and all other participants in the process.

Birth Chamber Aroma Spells

Aroma is used to create an aura of protection in the birth chamber. Aroma is created by fumigating with incense or by warming essential oils in an aroma burner.

These aromas were traditionally indicated for childbirth because of their generally relaxing, pain-relieving effects upon the mother and because of their magically beckoning, inviting influence on the child. The person in charge of maintaining the aroma should accompany lighting of incense or candles with blessings for mother and child.

Birth Chamber Aroma Spell (1) Lavender

Diffuse essential oil of lavender through an aroma burner to soothe the mother’s fears, welcome the newborn, and stimulate emergence. The scent also beckons benevolent fairies.

Birth Chamber Aroma Spell (2) Sage

Warm essential oils of clary sage, jasmine, and lavender in an aroma burner to welcome the baby, soothe the mother, and relax all the birth assistants.

Birth Chamber Protection Spell (1) Father’s Protective Spell

The father walks deasil (sunwise) seven times around the perimeter of the building where birthing occurs to provide mother and child with magical protection.

Birth Chamber Protection Spell (2) Pomegranates

Hang boughs of fresh pomegranate over thresholds to ease delivery, and also to prevent the entry of malicious spirits.

Birth Chamber Protection Spell (3) Umbrella Protection

The origins of the umbrella lie in magical protection spells. Place an umbrella over the bed of a laboring woman to repel evil spirits.

Ease Painful Labor Spells

Components of spells to ease labor may be found, handcrafted, or purchased. These methods may be used in conjunction with each other. As with all object-driven spells, remember to cleanse, charge, and consecrate as needed. The following are said to ease and alleviate the pain of childbirth. (They do not, however, make any promises regarding shortening the process, with the possible exception of Spell 2 because of the incorporation of lodestone.)

Eased Labor Spell (1) Arrow

The use of arrows transcends archery contests and hunting. Arrows also play an ancient and once prominent role in divination, spirituality, and magic spells, especially those for love, protection, healing, and birth. These “medicine arrows,” to borrow a Native American term, are traditionally charged, consecrated and/or blessed before use, in the same manner as a candle or amulet. Because they may never be meant actually to fly, these arrows can be embellished with botanicals, charms, runes, and feathers or re-shaped to suit one’s magical purposes. The arrow in its quiver also replays the sexual imagery of morter and pestle, sword and sheath.

Place a medicine arrow beneath the laboring woman’s bed. Should the pain get very bad, shoot the arrow from east to west, so as to magically carry the pain away. Leave the quiver empty.

Eased Labor Spell (2) Coral and Lodestone

This amuletic charm must be prepared before delivery. Create a necklace of coral beads with a lodestone suspended from it, and wear during the delivery.

Eased Labor Spell (3) Precious Gems

The possibility of easing labor is a nice excuse for an expensive gift: wear emeralds or rubies anywhere on the body.

Eased Labor Spell (4) Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry plants are believed to possess an affinity for childbirth. Wear or carry raspberry leaves in a charm bag to speed and alleviate childbirth.

Eased Labor Spell (5) Red Thread

Wind red silk thread around the laboring woman.

Easy Speedy Delivery Spells

These spells not only allegedly ease labor pains but quicken the process, too. Because these spells are largely object-driven, remember to incorporate petition, conscious visualization and affirmation, magical cleansing, charging, and/or consecration.

Easy Speedy Delivery Spell (1) All Doors Open

To ease and speed labor:

  1. Loosen all knots, including braids, shoelaces, and any ties on clothing, in the vicinity of the birthing room.
  2. Keep doors and windows open or at least unlocked.
  3. Make sure small locks, such as padlocks, are opened for the duration.

Easy Speedy Delivery Spell (2) Crystal Arrow

Clear quartz crystal cut into the shape of a downward-facing arrow and worn during delivery is among the most powerful childbirth amulets.

Easy Speedy Delivery Spell (3) Lodestone

Lodestone’s very presence is said to encourage delivery. Exploit their drawing magnetic properties by gently massaging the mother’s abdomen or aura, demonstrating the suggested route of departure to the baby.

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