Alfalfa Money Spell

Murmur your financial desires over alfalfa. Burn it and scatter the ashes around your property.

Animal Magic Wealth Spells

Animal Magic Wealth Spell (1) Allies

The animal allies of wealth and financial fortune include the frog, toad, snake, dragon, cat, rat, rabbit, and fish. Surround yourself with their images to generate cashflow and financial inspiration.

Follow the direction given in Elements of Magic Spells for setting up an Animal Ally Altar.

Animal Magic Wealth Spell (2) Chinese Frog

Frogs are universally considered the creature epitomizing increase, generation, and multitude. The ancient Egyptians used the hieroglyph for “tadpole” to represent the highest number they expressed.

  1. Place a money frog amulet on a plate on top of a bed of real coins.
  2. Sprinkle with mingled Money Drawing Powder and magnetic sand.
  3. Place under your bed, looking toward the door.
  4. Sprinkle with more powder periodically.

Among the other wealth-generating Chinese animal amulets are the dragontortoise, the mongoose, and the cow, all reclining upon a treasure trove. This cow is among Earth’s many sacred cows and, according to legend, if she draws wealth toward you, in exchange you must refrain from eating beef. The image of a sow nursing her piglets on a bed of coins is considered particularly beneficial for single mothers and their children.

Animal Magic Wealth Spell (3) Golden Spider

The golden money spider weaves a web of riches. As the old saying “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider stay alive,” reminds us, killing a spider is considered detrimental to one’s own good fortune.

  1. Draw a picture of the spider hidden in its labyrinthine web on red paper with gold ink.
  2. Place the picture in a corner with a saucer underneath it.
  3. Toss a few coins onto the saucer and make an invocation. Express your needs to the spider.
  4. Once a week or whenever the spider comes through for you, toss a few more coins onto the plate.

Animal Magic Wealth Spell (4) Japanese Frog

According to Japanese tradition, keeping a small image of a frog in your wallet stimulates wealth. There are two ways of doing this. You can either look for a small Japanese wallet frog charm, flat enough to slide comfortably into a wallet. Charge the frog with your desires and carry it with your cash. Or you can improvise and place a photo or drawing of a green frog inside your wallet.

Animal Magic Wealth Spell (5) Maneki Neko

Although with popularity Maneki Neko, the Japanese beckoning cat, has been adapted to other uses, her primary purpose is to generate cash for her owner. This amulet depicts a seated cat holding one hand up in the gesture that in Japan indicates, “Come here!” Maneki Neko’s upraised left hand beckons increased business while the upraised right hand demands cash. Allegedly the higher the hand, the more powerful the amulet.

Maneki Neko comes in a variety of colors any of which is suitable for increased wealth, however a gold cat is believed most powerful for this purpose.

  1. Maneki Neko must face the outside world so that she can beckon wealth into your private premises.
  2. Place Maneki Neko in the window facing outside or across from the front door.
  3. Some Maneki Neko’s have a slot in the back as if they were a child’s piggybank. Make a wish and place a few coins within as amulet activation.

Avocado Money Spell

Avocado trees serve as money magnets. Transplant an avocado tree and eat the very first avocado that grows on it. Cleanse and dry its pit and carry it as a money charm.

Basic Money Botanicals

The following botanicals radiate wealth- and money-drawing properties. Incorporate them into spells as desired: alfalfa, avocado, basil, cabbage, chamomile, chervil, clover, coriander, dill, five-finger grass (cinquefoil), lettuce, mint, nasturtium, oakmoss, parsley, poppies, and vervain.

Basic Money Botanicals Candle

Hold a green candle in your hands and charge it with your desire. Hollow out its base, pack it full of basic money botanicals, and then burn it.

Basil Spells

Basil is the botanical particularly associated with prosperity and increase. It’s used to magically increase fertility and romance and especially to attract and increase wealth. The plant is sacred to two very prominent Spirits of Wealth: India’s Lakshmi and Vodou’s Ezili Freda Dahomey.

Basil Spell Bath

The scent of basil on the skin allegedly draws financial opportunity toward the wearer. Once upon a time, prostitutes in Spain bathed in basil and rubbed their body with the fragrance to attract free-spending customers. The custom may be emulated regardless of one’s profession. Take this bath just before venturing out in pursuit of any financial opportunity. Because basil smells so inviting, this is not a difficult spell to enjoy.

  1. Roughly chop most of a large bunch of basil, in order to release the volatile oils, but leave some leaves whole, especially those that most remind you of cash bills.
  2. Pour boiling water over the basil and let it steep.
  3. When it cools, add the liquid to your bath. Float the whole leaves in the water so that you can visualize yourself swimming in cash.
  4. Let the water drain and allow yourself to air-dry.
  5. Do not dispose of the used basil leaves (don’t throw out the cash!) but either leave them in the tub until your transactions are complete or remove them, place them in a bag, and reserve until an opportune moment for disposal arises.

Bayberry Money Spell

  1. Anoint a small piece of silver with infused oil of bayberry.
  2. Hold it in your left hand to charge it with your desire.
  3. Carry it with you during the day.
  4. Place it on your forehead over the Third Eye area for thirty minutes every day. Feed with a drop of bayberry oil weekly.

Buckwheat Poverty Protection Spell

Blend buckwheat hulls with dried basil and parsley in an uncovered glass bowl. Keep this in the kitchen to ward off poverty.

Candle Spells

Candle Spell (1) Basil and Bergamot Money Drawing

  1. Write the precise sum that you require on a square of brown paper.
  2. Carve your name, identifying information, and the sum onto a green candle.
  3. Dress the candle with essential oils of basil and bergamot.
  4. Place the candle over the paper.
  5. Burn the candle for increments of fifteen minutes daily until the specified amount has accumulated.

Candle Spell (2) Seven Knob

  1. Write the amount needed on a square of paper.
  2. Place it beneath a green seven-knob candle dressed with money oils.
  3. Burn one knob a night for seven nights.

Candle Spell (3) Fast Cash

For fast double financial action, this spell requires a black and green double-action candle.

  1. Carve whatever you wish to lose on the black side (debt, poverty).
  2. Carve what you need to manifest on the green side. In both cases, be as specific as possible.
  3. Trim the bottom of the candle if necessary, exposing the wick so that both ends may be lit simultaneously.
  4. Impale the candle horizontally on a spiked candlestick and burn both ends.

Candle Spell (4) Money Growth

  1. Carve and dress a green candle to express your desires.
  2. Place it on a saucer.
  3. Arrange coins around the base of the candle.
  4. Light the candle and chant: Money grow, money flow Candle burn, watch me earn Money grow, money flow Flame shine What I want is mine!

Cash Boomerang Spell

Anoint all your cash with Magnet Oil prior to spending it, so that it returns to you.

Cash at Hand Spell (1)

A simple spell so as always to have at least a little money at hand: burn onion peelings on the stove.

Cash at Hand Spell (2)

Alternatively, burn garlic skins in the kitchen to keep money in the house.

These two Cash at Hand spells are easily combined and reinforce each other.

Cash in Hand Spell (3) Extra Cash in Hand

Rub two drops of essential oil of bergamot between the palms of your hands to attract money. Rub the oil in your pockets, purse, or wallet, too.

Conjure Bag: Lucky Sevens

  1. Fill a conjure bag with seven different pieces of money; you can use coins or paper. You can use assorted national currencies. You just need seven distinct types, for instance: a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, a dollar coin, a two-dollar bill, and a ten-dollar bill.
  2. Sprinkle with essential oil of bergamot.
  3. Carry the bag for seven days. Allegedly the contents should multiply sevenfold. (Or even seven times sevenfold!)

Conjure Bag: Lunar Blessings

Tuck moonwort into a green charm bag together with a miniature horseshoe, a lunar charm, and either a real or a charm four-leaf clover.

Conjure Bag: Magic Five and Seven

Place a cinnamon stick in a conjure bag together with seven Grains of Paradise and five coins.

Conjure Bag: Seven Coins

Place seven coins in a charm bag, together with violet leaves and a pinch of five-finger grass (cinquefoil), to generate wealth.

Conjure Bag: Smart Ass Mojo

  1. Write the amount of money you need on a piece of paper.
  2. Anoint it with essential oil of bergamot and/or Magnet Oil and place it in a conjure bag.
  3. Add magnetic horseshoes plus lodestones plus some smartweed, also known as “water pepper” or “smart ass.”
  4. Feed the bag by sprinkling it with magnetic sand every third day until the money needed is received.

Magnetic sand is sold dyed in inspirational colors. Use gold and/or green (the colors to attract money) to enhance the spell.

Creole Antipoverty Spell

  1. Combine the following ingredients in a bowl: a cup of white sugar, a cup of salt, and a cup of raw white rice.
  2. Open a safety pin and stick it into the bowl.
  3. Leave it out in full view.

Dragon Spell

The dragon is the traditional guardian of wealth and treasure. Unlike Western stories that paint dragons as hoarding, mean-spirited creatures, East Asian dragons are benevolent and generous. Instead of killing the dragon, the desire is to make an alliance with the dragon, to harness its power to improve one’s own quality of life. A dragon can’t watch out for wealth with its eyes closed. A Chinese ritual seeks to open the dragon’s eyes, in order to activate its energy in your life.

  1. You will need a porcelain dragon statue. These are sold in Chinatown. You may also be able to purchase one from companies that promote porcelain-painting parties.
  2. The Dragon Hour is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Open the dragon’s eyes at this time by dotting the eyes with a new brush and black ink.

Two-dimensional dragons (prints, posters, paintings) should have open eyes in order to promote positive dragon energy. If they are closed or averted, use an incense stick to ritually activate the eyes.

Fenugreek Spells

Fenugreek is known as the plant of increase. It stimulates growth of all kinds. It’s used in fertility spells, in spells to enhance the size of one’s bust, and in spells to enhance the size of one’s bank account, too. Fenugreek provides wealth and protects against poverty.

Fenugreek Spell (1)

  1. Place some fenugreek seeds in a jar.
  2. Every day add a few more.
  3. When the jar is full, bury in Earth and start all over again.

Fenugreek Spell (2)

Scatter fenugreek seeds discreetly around your house and property.

Fern Seed Money Spell

Fern seed allegedly has a magically beneficial effect on one’s finances. These aren’t the kind of seeds you can buy in a packet, however. Gather ferns and look for the spores that are commonly called seeds. Gently remove them by scraping them off the leaves. Slip them into a sachet and carry for good fortune.

Ginger Root Spell

Sprinkle dried powdered ginger in your pocket or purse to increase your finances.

Golden Magnet Spell

According to the ancient Scandinavians, a tiny piece of gold serves as a magnet for increased wealth. Carry a real gold coin or a small charm in an amulet bag to generate greater wealth.

The Goose is Cooked Spell

September 29th is the feast of Michael the Archangel—Michaelmas. Allegedly if you eat goose on this day you will not lack money during the forthcoming year.

Green Tourmaline Money Magnet

Carry or wear green tourmaline to attract cash.

Grow Some Cash Spell

Plant coins in a pot filled with dirt. (Crossroads dirt is most potent.) Reinforce the spell by adding money-drawing plants to the pot. Ideally this should stimulate your other money to grow.

Has No Hanna Money Spell

Add a drop of essential oil of bergamot to Has No Hanna condition oil. Anoint your wallet with this oil daily so that it will never be empty.

Horseshoe Spell

  1. Wrap a horseshoe with green thread, binding and knotting your desires and intentions.
  2. Decorate this horseshoe with images, amulets, beads, and small packets of herbs such as dried basil, High John chips, or fenugreek seeds.
  3. Hang it up to bring good fortune.

Incense: Wealth

  1. Combine brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and ground coffee.
  2. Add powdered (confectioner’s) sugar, carnation petals, garlic chives, and cherry blossoms if possible. If cherry blossoms are unavailable, try apple blossoms or the blossoms of any flowering fruit tree. Omit if they are impossible to find.
  3. Grind all the ingredients together.
  4. Burn it outside the front door of your home or business to attract wealth.
  5. Leave the ashes alone for 24 hours to radiate their power, then dispose of them in woods or in living, running water.

Jezebel Root Spell

Carry a Jezebel root to attract men with money. The root should be sufficient by itself, however just to be sure anoint with a drop of Follow Me Boy! Oil.

Kitchen Money Magic

Trying to cast a discreet money spell? Jezebel root, dragon’s blood, frankincense, and five-finger grass may be reasonably conspicuous. They’re not exactly standard household items, at least not in most standard households. Never fear. Some of the most powerful money-drawing plants are innocuous culinary herbs, perfect for subtle kitchen magic for those witches still in the broom closet.

Finely chop fresh basil, dill, and/or parsley. Whisper and murmur your desires over them. Sprinkle onto food as a magical garnish.

Knot Money Spell

  1. Comb or brush your hair.
  2. Visualize the money that you need. Remember as long as you’re visualizing, visualize big.
  3. When nine strands of hair have been caught in your comb or brush, stop brushing.
  4. Start chanting: “I need [amount]. Please bring me [amount].” Be specific.
  5. As you’re chanting, rub the strands of hair between your palms, forming a string.
  6. When you’ve created a long chord of hair, tie nine knots in it, moving from the left to the right.
  7. Visualize the money in your hand as you hold the hair. Visualize your debts paid, your purpose fulfilled.
  8. When you’re ready, either bury the hair in Earth or burn it.

Lucky Buddha Spell

The East Asian deity Hotei conflates a Chinese prosperity spirit with the Buddha. Unlike austere, ascetic Indian Buddhas, Hotei is fat and happy. He’s the patron of fortune-tellers, ensuring that they make a living. However, anyone may invoke him for money. Allegedly his large stomach contains his ample money-bags.

Choose an image of Hotei, also known as the Laughing Buddha, that pleases you. His naked stomach should be exposed. Rub his tummy daily for prosperity, luck, and happiness.

Lucky Cat Candle Spell

Lucky Cat candles are used to beckon wealth.

Carve a green or black cat candle with your name, goals, and identifying information. Dress the candle with Money Drawing Oil and burn.

Lucky Money Envelope Spell

Red lucky money envelopes are used during the Chinese New Year to bestow cash gifts. They are used throughout the year for a variety of purposes, including magical ones. The envelope is auspicious and encourages the money contained within it to grow. They are available from feng shui suppliers and in Chinatown.

Place three cash bills of different denominations in a red lucky money envelope. Put the envelope under your doorstep or beneath the door-mat to increase cash flow into the home.

Lunar Money Spell

According to this Pow-Wow spell, the New Moon is a time for growth. So let’s put some money in the moonlight and watch it grow. (Okay, this money isn’t supposed to literally grow: it’s supposed to stimulate other money to grow by proxy.)

  1. Put some money on a table by the (closed) window. Be discreet: this is intended to allow your income to increase with the moon, not to invite theft.
  2. At the Full Moon, remove the money.

Repeat as needed.

Money Garden

Plant some or all of the following in your garden or around the perimeter of your home to stimulate new wealth, preserve what you’ve acquired, and generate more: alfalfa, basil, camellia, chamomile, cinquefoil, dill, heliotrope, honeysuckle, jade plant, jasmine, lettuce, marigolds, mints, morning glories, nasturtium, onion, Oregon grape, parsley, or poppies. If you have little or no property, window boxes and potted plants also send out a financial appeal to the benevolent powers of the universe.

Money Growth Spell

According to the old saying, money begets more money. Place two cash bills side by side in a box with a lodestone in between them. Sprinkle magnetic sand over everything. Tell the money to reproduce and keep the box under your bed, feeding the lodestone on a regular schedule.

Money Magnet Spell

  1. Anoint a horseshoe with Magnet Oil.
  2. Hold it in your hands, focus on your desire and make a wish.
  3. Still holding the horseshoe chant something like,I attract money like a magnetI attract wealth like a magnetI attract prosperity like a magnet.I am a money magnetI am a wealth magnet.I am a prosperity magnet.
  4. Sprinkle with blended magnetic sand and Money Drawing Powder.
  5. Wrap it in fabric and put it beneath your pillow.
  6. Pay attention to your dreams for financial inspiration and insight.

Money Mojo

Slice and dry kumquats, tangerines, or oranges. Add them to a green bag together with nasturtium flowers and dried pineapple peel.

Money Plant Spell

  1. Purchase a small plant for your desk. A jade plant or a kalanchoe is ideal.
  2. Gently rub prosperity or luck-drawing oil on the leaves.
  3. Re-anoint with this oil once a month. Remember to offer libations as needed, especially when the plant seems to be working on your behalf.

Money Powders

Use these powders to create a path for wealth to follow to your door.

  • Sprinkle them over your checkbooks and ledgers, into your pockets and wallets
  • Sprinkle them inside and outside your home
  • Sprinkle on your hands
  • Sprinkle on candles

Money Drawing Powder

Grind and powder the following:

Calendula blossoms

Chamomile blossoms


Cinquefoil (five-finger grass)




Money Protection Spell

Cut a sweet flag (calamus) root into pieces. Hide one piece in each corner of the kitchen to guard against hunger and poverty.

My Ship Comes In Spell

A spell inspired by Chinese magic. If you’re sick of waiting for your ship to come in, speed its arrival by creating a role model. This spell also works well in conjunction with appeals to Spirits of the Sea and those with sympathy for “poor sailors”: Kwan Yin, Mazu, Lord Agwe and La Sirene, Aphrodite, and Poseidon.

  1. Stuff a model boat with “treasure.” Fill it with imitation gold ingots from Chinatown, actual coins, replica coins, glass gems, sparkling beads, and crystals.
  2. Strategically arrange the boat so that it’s easy to visualize your ship arriving at home port. One thing is crucial: the boat must sail toward you, never away from you!
  3. Intensify the effect with candle burning and money-drawing incense.
  4. Place a Rider-Waite three of wands Tarot card onto the boat, which shows the ship of good fortune arriving.

Never Empty Wallet Spell

Keep a bay laurel leaf in your wallet to magically protect against poverty.

New Moon Money Spell

Upon first catching sight of the New Moon, immediately jingle any coins in your pocket to receive an increase in wealth.

Pennies from Heaven

A doorstep message is usually associated with hexes; sometimes, however, it’s used for positive intent. Leave coins (spare change, replica coins) on different doorsteps in the magical belief that whatever you put forth will return to you two-, three-, or seven-fold.

Poppy Spell

Place a dry poppy head in the window as a charm to draw money toward you.

Red Paper Money Spell

  1. Write the amount that you need in gold ink on red paper.
  2. Fold the paper into a square and carry it in your pocket, bra, or conjure bag.
  3. When the amount is accumulated burn the paper, together with an equivalent quantity of Spirit Money.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Rice Prosperity Spell

This isn’t a money spell as much as a prosperity spell; it protects against poverty.

  1. Cook enough rice to serve each spell participant a small bowl.
  2. Stir the water sunwise, visualizing the pot always full.
  3. Murmur blessings, affirmations, and sacred verses over the rice and then eat it.

Sesame Seed Spell

Keep sesame seeds in an open dish near a window to draw money closer.

Seven-Eleven Money Spell

  1. Carve your desires into a black or green cat candle.
  2. Dress it with money-drawing oil, and sprinkle it with gold, green, red, and/or purple glitter.
  3. If you need a specific amount of cash, write your request on a slip of paper and place it under the cat.
  4. Light the candle for seven minutes the first night, eleven the second, seven the third, and so on, alternating between lucky numbers seven and eleven until the amount is received.
  5. If the candle burns down completely without receipt of the funds, this too is an answer: the whole situation needs to be reconsidered as well as new alternatives.

Spiritual Financial Aid Spells

Some of the most effective spells aim to put the task in stronger, more capable hands. As befitting a major topic, there are a host of spiritual patrons of wealth. Request some financial aid.

Spiritual Financial Aid Spell Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony is the “bread giver,” so keep a small loaf of bread in front of his image, to remind him that you need him to play this role. Keep it for seven days, then replace with a new one. Murmur your wishes over the old loaf and feed it to the birds.

The Secret of the Virtuous Horseshoe

Saint Martin of Tours, in his guise as San Martin Caballero (Saint Martin the Chevalier), brings luck and money. This fourth-century Hungarian was pressed into service in the Roman army but quit to assist the poor. Another miracle-working saint, akin to Saints Anthony and Martha, Martin Caballero is the magical patron of those who are dependent on the kindness of strangers.

“The Secret of the Virtuous Horseshoe,” dedicated to San Martin Caballero, is a popular Latin American spell. (Although its more common use is in money-drawing spells, the Virtuous Horseshoe has another guise as a relocation spell.) One may purchase it already made and then simply utter the incantation to activate the spell, however it’s easily created for oneself and more powerful that way.

  1. Wrap a horseshoe in red silk thread until only the very tips are exposed.
  2. Attach the horseshoe to a square of cardboard with the horseshoe turned points down.
  3. Decorate horseshoe and cardboard with sequins, glitter glue, and votive images of San Martin Caballero. Maintain your mental focus on your longing for financial stability and prosperity.
  4. When the physical aspect of the spell is complete, activate it by repeating the following incantation, reminiscent of the nine magical fruits of plenty, twenty-one times: “Citron nueve.”

Tulip Spell

Tulip bulbs allegedly protect against poverty. Place one in a charm bag and keep safe and secure in a discreet place.

Turquoise Financial Increase Spell

The instant you first see the New Moon, look at a turquoise to receive an increase in fortune.