Spells for miscarriage attempt to avert it, prevent its recurrence, or provide for the spiritual safety and comfort of the misborn soul.

Anglo-Saxon Miscarriage Spells

These Anglo-Saxon miscarriage rituals are extremely old but the pain, emotion, and determination they reveal remains intensely modern. It’s difficult to tell whether they were originally one extremely extended magic ritual or several rituals so commonly performed in conjunction that it became impossible to disentangle them. The rituals are often combined in different orders, or they are performed in separate pieces. Adjust them to suit your circumstances.

Spell Following Miscarriage or Stillbirth

This spell for a woman involves a progression of rituals, performed over significant periods of time. Originally this was done with the participation of the community; the purpose of the spell was understood, hence the ritual selling of the stillborn child.

At the end of the ritual, the unborn child is dedicated to a deity so as to receive that deity’s blessings and protection. Pagan Anglo-Saxons chose Frigg; Christian Anglo-Saxons chose Jesus Christ. Choose either, or whoever else is most appropriate for you. There is nothing in the spell that intrinsically calls one, and only one, divinity.

This spell cannot be cast unless the stillborn or miscarried child has been buried. As with other graveyard dirt spells, there’s some ambiguity over exactly what is being dug up. Interpret however this makes sense to you.

  1. Take a bit of dirt from the stillborn child’s grave, wrap it in black wool and ritually sell it to someone who will not become pregnant, traditionally an elderly woman. This is accompanied by a chant: “I sell it. You buy it, this black wool and the seeds of this sorrow.”
  2. Soon after, go to the cemetery, step over the grave of a dead man three times, saying these words each time, for a repetition of three:This is my help against hateful slow birth.This is my help against dreadful sad birth.This is my help against hateful misbirth.
  3. When the woman next conceives, she steps over a living man (preferably but not necessarily the child’s father) in bed three times, saying each time, for a repetition of three:Up I go, over you I step!With a living child, not a dying one.With a full-born child, not a doomed one.
  4. Keep quiet about the pregnancy until you’re ready for Step 5. Be discreet; don’t broadcast the news.
  5. At the first signs of quickening—the child’s first flutterings in the womb—the ritual is completed by approaching an altar publicly (once upon a time, this was done in church) and saying, “To [Deity] I declare this child in my womb.”

Ritual to Prevent Miscarriage

Another Anglo-Saxon miscarriage spell, no less complex than the last although more quickly accomplished, may be cast independently or in conjunction with the spell above.

  1. Milk from a solid-colored (one color) cow is required. It must be obtained directly from the cow. Take milk in the palm of your hand, drink it but don’t swallow. Hold it in your mouth. Without looking around and without swallowing, go quickly and directly to a stream and spit out the milk.
  2. With the same hand you used for the milk, take a handful of water from the stream and swallow it.
  3. Chant:Everywhere I carry within me this great strong one.Strong because of this great food.This one I want to have and keep and go home with.
  4. Don’t look around. Don’t talk to anyone. Go to a different home from the one where you started this ritual and there, eat a meal.

Jizo’s Spell for Solace

“All rivers find their way to the sea.”

According to Japanese spiritual traditions, all rivers end in a place called the River of Souls, the home of Jizo. Jizo is the Protector of the Souls of Lost Children. These include stillbirths and miscarriages. Babies live and play happily in his abode. Jizo is a multi-faceted deity: he protects mothers and children but also serves as a psychopomp, a spirit who guides dead souls to the next realm. Miscarriages, abortions (without judgment), and stillbirths are all under his domain. Jizo comforts mothers in any of the above circumstances, too.

  1. Write your child’s name (or the name you would have given the child, or the name in your heart for the child) on a slip of paper.
  2. Set it on a river to float to Jizo, so that he will watch out for and take care of your baby.

Knot Anti-Miscarriage Spells

Knot magic is used in spells regarding all aspects of reproduction: contraception, enhanced fertility, impotence, and childbirth. Knots are tied and released as needed. Childbirth rituals all over the world emphasize the untying of knots: everyone within the vicinity of the birthing woman must loosen their hair, for instance. Window curtains are un-knotted in the belief that knots stall delivery. Sometimes however this is exactly what you desire. A knot spell determines to set a safe due date.

Knot Spell (1)

  1. At first sign of miscarriage, make a tight knot in a strong cord.
  2. Visualize the knot as your baby.
  3. Talk to it: “As this knot holds firm, so you hold firm in my womb. Do not loosen until [insert due date or select a date].”
  4. Place the cord in a secure covered container or wrap it up in a baby blanket.
  5. Keep it in a safe place. Be sure to untie the cord at the appropriate time.

Knot Spell (2)

If you are prone or vulnerable to miscarriage, incorporate protective knot magic on a consistent, regular basis until the time is safe for delivery.

Incorporate knot magic as much as possible into your life: wear your hair in braids, multiple if possible. Wear shoes with laces and clothing that ties rather than buttons. As you braid, tie, and knot, consciously focus your desire and intent, prayers and petitions.

Miscarriage Prevention Spells

The most popular form of miscarriage prevention spell involves charged stones and amulets that can radiate power constantly. For best success, amulets should always be cleansed, charged, and consecrated before their initial use and then as needed.

A “pile-up” effect is favored when using amulets. Use as many as possible: they empower each other synergistically.

Jewish tradition suggests wearing or carrying an eaglestone to enhance aspects of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, and especially for the prevention of miscarriage. Unlike amber, rubies, and cowries, this is not something you can buy; it must be found—and if it is, it is a sacred gift. Eaglestones are ferruginous pebbles, usually found in a stream. They will be recognized because, when picked up and rattled, the presence of another smaller stone within is apparent: the baby within its mother.

Eaglestones earned their name because, according to legend, eagles gather them into their own nests to assist with conception and delivery.

Miscarriage Prevention Spell (1) Gemstones

Lapis lazuli and rubies are the gemstones believed able to prevent miscarriage or minimizeits likelihood. Wear them across the womb for maximum effectiveness, although they still have potency if worn more conventionally.

Miscarriage Prevention Spell (2) Gifts of the Sea

The ocean is the font of Earth’s fertility power. Its powers are invoked in many fertility spells but the sea also has gifts to preserve and protect pregnancy, especially regarding prevention of miscarriage.

Amber, coral, and cowrie shells protect pregnancy in general and allegedly specifically prevent miscarriage or minimize its likelihood. For strongest effect, they should be worn slung around the hips against the skin, underneath clothing.

(Although it’s now recognized that amber is fossilized tree resin, ancient people encountered amber lying on the shore where it was tossed by ocean waves. In this context, they perceived it as an oceanic product and those metaphysical, magical associations remain potent.)

Miscarriage Prevention Spell (3) Speedy Labor Charms

Sometimes magic isn’t in what you do but in what you don’t do. It’s crucial to recognize the magical capacity of objects so that they serve your purposes, rather than counteracting your desires.

Emeralds, lodestones, and charms in the shape of downward-pointing arrows all allegedly speed delivery. Do not wear or carry them until the appropriate time.

Post-Miscarriage Cleansing Spell

This bath spell offers spiritual (rather than physical) healing as well as relief from grief. It is recommended post-miscarriage whether spontaneous or not.

Moisten baking soda with Notre Dame Water. Add this to your bath daily until you feel it’s no longer needed.