All High Conquering Luck and Success Powder

Use this powder to eliminate obstacles and provide luck and success in the face of all challenges.

Grind and powder High John the Conqueror chips, crumbled bay leaves, and frankincense. Carry in a conjure bag or sprinkle as desired.

All Saints Oil Spells

All Saints Oil evokes blessings of good fortune, for success in all your endeavors.

All Saints Candle Spell

Carve a candle that represents you. Dress with All Saints Oil and burn.

All Saints Oil Charm Spell

Anoint a clover charm with All Saints Oil and carry with you at crucial moments for enhanced confidence, luck, and spiritual protection.

All Saints Quick Fix Spell

Don’t have a clover or any other lucky charm? Don’t worry. All Saints Oil stands on its own: soak a cotton ball in All Saints and carry it in your pocket.

Anvil Spell

An anvil serves as a magnet for good fortune. This ritual is most auspicious on specific days of the year, especially Saint George’s Day and New Year’s Day.

  1. Decorate an anvil with fresh tree boughs.
  2. Place candles and incense on the anvil as you would on an altar and light them.
  3. Chant something like: “Luck come to us! Good fortune draw near!”
  4. Offerings of straw are made to the anvil in exchange for good luck and prosperity. This is also an auspicious moment for divination.

Basic Candle Spell

  1. Hold a red candle in your hands to charge it with your vision and desire. The candle may be any shape that appeals to you: votive, seven-day, cat, or witch; the crucial element is that it must be red, the color of luck.
  2. Carve the candle with your identifying information.
  3. Dress it with Van Van, Black Cat, Lucky Lodestone, and/or Crown of Success Oil.
  4. Burn the candle.

Blessings of Good Fortune Spell

To bless something or someone, scatter elder leaves and berries to the winds, circling sunwise murmuring the name of the person or thing. Scatter some more directly onto the person or thing if possible.

Bread Spell

This ritual derives from petitions to the orisha Babalu-Ayé and is believed to bring good luck. If you incorporate spiritual petition, that luck may be even greater.

  1. Nail a slice of bread behind the front door.
  2. Fasten a purple ribbon to the nail.
  3. Replace as soon as the bread begins to rot or deteriorate, burning the old slice.

Everything’s Coming Up Aces Spell

  1. Place the four aces from a new deck of playing cards on a plate.
  2. Cover them with breadcrumbs.
  3. Cover this with sugar.
  4. Add seven coins plus metal charms that represent your desires. (In other words, if you’re an ice-skater, you’d use a skate charm.)
  5. Place a silver candle on top of everything and burn.

Four B’s Lucky Incense

This incense’s aroma allegedly draws luck, happiness, and prosperity to you while simultaneously repelling evil.

Grind the following into a fine powder:


Bay laurel leaves

Dried basil

Buckeye nuts

Sprinkle the powder on lit charcoal and burn.

Horseshoes Spells

Horseshoes remain among the luckiest charms, although few who carry them today appreciate their ancient associations with the adoration of human primal sexual energy. The luckiest horseshoes have a lucky seven holes. Should you accidentally stumble upon a horseshoe, this is a harbinger of approaching good luck. You’ll get a bonus year of luck for every nail still in the shoe.

Horseshoe Spell (1) Feed the Horse

  1. If you find a horseshoe, wrap it in red cloth together with some hay.
  2. Tuck it under your mattress.
  3. Pay attention to your dreams: they may generate luck for you.

Horseshoe Spell (2) Wrapped Up in Magic

Latin American magic wraps horseshoes in thread to create magic spells. The horseshoe is the basis of the spell; exactly what is done with it depends upon the spell-caster’s goal. The horseshoe spell below generates luck and good fortune:

  1. Dip a horseshoe in Lucky Lodestone Oil.
  2. Dip it into magnetic sand.
  3. Shake off the excess.
  4. Wrap red silk thread around the shoe until it’s covered completely.
  5. Mount the wrapped horseshoe onto a piece of cardboard.
  6. Embellish the horseshoe itself and the cardboard with lucky charms like four-leaf clovers and miniature dice. Miniature playing, tarot, or votive cards may be attached, as can seashells. Small quantities of lucky botanicals can be captured in a tiny piece of fabric—a miniature mojo hand—and attached. Place a metal sea-horse charm in the very center of the horseshoe for extra good luck.
  7. Post this image so that it will draw good fortune toward you.

Jupiter Spells

Once known as the “Greater Benefic,” this huge planet presides over luck and good fortune. The position of Jupiter in your natal chart and the aspects it makes to other celestial bodies determines your luck in this lifetime. Have an astrologer cast your natal chart to analyze what sort of fortune you were born with and how best to manifest that luck. Every person’s horoscope charts the gifts and challenges that are present at birth. An astrologer can also calculate your “Part of Fortune,” so as best to exploit luck and minimize those challenges.

Jupiter’s Angel

Zadkiel, ruler of the planet Jupiter, is the angel of goodness, grace, generosity, and mercy who bestows benevolence, good fortune, and justice. Burn frankincense to attract his attention and then tell him your heart’s desires.

Jupiter’s Lucky Charm

The metal associated with luck is tin, as it is the one under the rulership of Jupiter.

  1. Cut out a small piece of tin.
  2. Engrave it with lucky words, numbers, or phrases.
  3. Put it in a lucky mojo bag and carry it with you.

The lodestone may as well be known as the luck-stone. Few things are as associated with the acquisition of good fortune.

Lodestone Spell (1) Basic

  1. Dress a lodestone with one or more of the lucky condition oils: Black Cat Oil, High John the Conqueror, Lucky Lodestone, Magnet, or Van Van.
  2. Sprinkle it with a lodestone’s favorite food, magnetic sand (fine iron shot).
  3. Carry with you in a red drawstring bag.
  4. Replenish your lodestone’s power by dressing and feeding it once a week.

Lodestone Spell (2) Feed the Stone

  1. Place a lodestone in a small covered terracotta pot.
  2. Once a week, consistently on the same day, remove it from its dish and place it in a bowl of spring water. Let it sit for a few minutes while you express thanks for the blessings that came into your life during the previous week. (Think of some!) Remove the lodestone. Drink the water or add it to your bath.
  3. Dry the lodestone; place it back in its pot.
  4. Feed it by sprinkling some magnetic sand over it.
  5. Keep your lodestone private. Let it know your desires: add a penny or a piece of real silver to the pot for financial luck. For romantic luck, add a photo of the one you love or desire or some other symbol of love.

Lucky Bath

Gather the freshest, most fragrant blossoms you can find. Add them to your bath together with pineapple juice for joy and good fortune.

Lucky Bath: Clover

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over red clover. Let it cool, strain and add it to a tub filled with warm water so that you’re bathing in clover!

Lucky Bath: Spearmint

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over spearmint. When it cools, strain out the botanical and add the liquid to your bath.

Cats are the animals most associated with luck and good fortune.

Lucky Cat Spell (1) Bastet Candle

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of joy, luck, love, and the pleasures of life. She is typically depicted as either a cat-headed woman or as a seated bejeweled cat. Candles are sold in the latter shape, however you may also substitute any green cat candle. (Green is Bastet’s sacred color.)

  1. Dress the candle with Horn of Plenty Oil. This oil represents Earth’s finest fruits and your wish to partake of them. This is a difficult oil to create from authentic materials because your choice of “fruity” essential oils is limited. Use essential oils of lime, tangerine, and pink grapefruit. Supplement with fragrance oils like cherry, apple, or melon.
  2. Place a scarab near the candle as it burns.
  3. Focus on your wishes, desires, and petitions.
  4. When the candle has burned down, carry the scarab as a charged lucky charm.

Lucky Cat Spell (2) Black Cat

Black cats evoke strong reactions. Some fear them and many still subscribe to the superstition that a black cat crossing one’s path causes bad luck. Ironically, in many traditions black cats are associated with good luck. The black cat is believed to epitomize the cat’s proverbial nine lives.

  1. Hold a black cat candle in your hands to charge it with your desires.
  2. Carve it as desired.
  3. Dress it with Black Cat Oil to provide good fortune and break all hexes, and then burn.

Lucky Cat Spell (3) Seven Eleven Lucky Cat Candle

Anoint a black cat candle with Black Cat Oil and/or Van Van or Magnet Oil. Burn the candle on consecutive nights: seven minutes the first night, eleven minutes the second, seven the third, and so forth until the candle burns down, by which time you should see a change in fortune.

Lucky Charm Bracelet Spell

Charm bracelets go in and out of fashion but their roots derive from magical use, manipulating the secret powers of objects. Lucky charms may be understood as a form of amulet, talisman, or ex-voto.

  1. Choose a charm that represents your goal.
  2. At the New Moon place this charm beside a small pink candle.
  3. Charge the candle with your desire, carve and dress if you like and burn it.
  4. When the candle burns out, attach the charm to a bracelet.
  5. Wear it or reserve in a safe place, whatever suits your magic.
  6. When this goal is achieved, set another goal.
  7. Choose another charm and begin again. (Should you reconsider and change your mind regarding any goal, merely remove that charm and begin again at the New Moon.)

Lucky Conjure Bag (1) Seven times Seven

Place a staurolite crystal, seven Job’s tears, seven tonka beans, and a matched pair of lodestones into a conjure bag. Anoint with Magnet Oil as needed.

Lucky Conjure Bag (2) Lodestone Luck

Carry Grains of Paradise, five-finger grass (cinquefoil), a matched pair of lodestones and one unbroken star anise in a conjure bag for good fortune and protection.

Lucky Devil!

Carry the botanical devil’s bit so you’ll be a lucky devil, too.

Lucky Golden Handwash

Handwashes are most commonly associated with gambler’s magic. However, handwashes may also be used to provide general, all-around goodfortune.

  1. Place three or seven strands of saffron in a cup.
  2. Pour boiling water over it.
  3. Let it cool, then bottle and refrigerate it.
  4. Rub the liquid on your hands (do not rinse off) to have and maintain happiness and good fortune.

Lucky Incense

Burn incense in harmony with astrological signs to bring good luck in all aspects of life.

  1. Blend the following: cinnamon, labdanum, cloves, violets, lemon zest or lemongrass, jasmine, black pepper, ambrette seeds, rose petals, sandalwood, camphor, and dried currants.
  2. Burn as incense or simmer to produce aromatic vapors.

Lucky Talismans

Although the words “amulet” and “talisman” are used somewhat synonymously today, technically an amulet is meant to protect you whereas a talisman magnetically draws some sort of good fortune. Talismans are what are usually meant by the phrase “lucky charm.” The term “talisman” also frequently indicates a specific type of lucky charm: engraved precious stones. However talismans of good fortune come in many forms, including metal, botanical, and written charms.

Most talismans require no further activation than the usual charging, cleansing, and/or consecrating used for any magical tool. Talismans are usually worn or carried on the person, frequently in a charm bag. Good luck talismans such as these include:

  • Devil’s shoestrings roots
  • A coin minted in your birth year
  • High John the Conqueror root

Some talismans, however, require further activation in order to draw good fortune.

Lucky Written Talisman Archangels’ Names

Talismans frequently take the form of written charms. Sacred words and names radiate their own magical power. The creation of the talisman is perceived as a spell. Traditionally, writing a talisman is preceded by cleansing rites and frequently by fasting, and you should choose your paper and ink thoughtfully.

One talisman uses the names of the archangels. Write on parchment paper the names of the seven Hebrew archangels. This is most effective if written in Hebrew script:








Post the talisman on the wall or carry it within a leather or metal conjure bag.

Magic Box Spells

Magic boxes are especially auspicious for luck spells. Because charms are stored together in these magic boxes, and especially if the box has power too (see Elements of Magic Spells) their power is concentrated and symbiotically enhanced. Magic boxes aren’t meant to be created to be stored on a shelf. Take the box out periodically and play with the contents. Absorb their power while charging them with your desires. Take one or two out and carry with you as needed, replacing with an equivalent number of alternative charms, always maintaining a lucky seven in number.

Magic Box Spell (1) Lucky Seven Charm Box

Seven is the number of miracles and good fortune. Fill a magic box with seven lucky charms. Some suggestions are:

  1. High John the Conqueror.
  2. Low John the Conqueror.
  3. Small magnetic horseshoe (you could use an actual horseshoe, if your box is large enough).
  4. Shamrock or four-leaf clover (real or a charm representation).
  5. Lodestone.
  6. Piece of Fool’s gold (pyrite) or a small piece of real gold.
  7. A tonka bean.

Substitute other charms as you like, or maintain a rotating community of charms.

Magic Box Spell (2) Lucky Seven Beans and Roots

Fairy tales identify beans with luck and fulfilled wishes. Roots are frequently the most magically charged, amuletic part of a plant. This magic spell box combines the two for extra good fortune.

Consider filling your box with the following or substitute other preferences:

  1. High John the Conqueror.
  2. Low John the Conqueror.
  3. Lucky Hand root.
  4. Galangal root.
  5. Tonka bean.
  6. Vanilla bean.
  7. Black snake root.

Dress the items with essential oils of vetiver and patchouli and sprinkle with powdered nutmeg and mace.

Metal Key Spells

Metal keys attract positive magic into your life, while simultaneously deflecting evil. Magic keys open doors of opportunity. Old metal keys are best: check out flea markets and antique stores—let the keys and opportunities find you.

Metal Key Spell (1) Mojo

According to Romany metaphysical traditions, carrying key-amulet charms enables you to learn secrets, have mysteries revealed, and find personal success. Find a special key and charge it with your desire. Place it in a red silk bag and carry it with you.

Metal Key Spell (2) Wind Charm

  1. A collection of keys may be strung together onto red thread as a charm or formed into a wind chime.
  2. An easy wind chime for the less than artistically inclined may be made from a bent wire coat hanger.
  3. Hang the keys in the wind to rustle up beneficial opportunities.

Mirror and Sieve Spell

  1. Fasten a mirror to the center of a sieve.
  2. Hang the sieve so that the mirror reflects outwards. Good influences are able to pass through the sieve’s holes, while the mirror transforms evil influences into good luck.
  3. Enhance with a charged magic mirror for extra power or use a “ba gua,” the feng shui ritual mirror.

Mistletoe Luck Spell (1)

Twist marjoram and thyme around mistletoe and hang it in the corners of each room to attract luck and fortune.

New Year’s Eve Spells

New Year’s Eve, the threshold of the New Year, offers the perfect opportunity for a change in fortune.

New Year’s Eve Bath Spell

Make an infusion of mucura by pouring boiling water over the herb. Bathe in this infusion in the very first hour of the New Year for luck and protection. (Note: bathing in mucura is not safe if you’re pregnant.)

New Year’s Eve Bayberry Candle

Real bayberry wax candles are rare and costly: it takes approximately fifteen pounds of bayberries to create one pound of bayberry wax. And so bayberry candles are often reserved for special occasions.

New Year’s Eve is such an occasion! Light a bayberry candle on New Year’s Eve to draw luck, prosperity, and success in the coming year. Scratch your goals and desires into the candle wax for extra enhancement.

New Year’s Eve Lunar Candle

  1. Carve a white candle with your desires on New Year’s Eve.
  2. Reserve the candle until midnight, then greet the midnight moon by lighting your candle.
  3. Make a wish for the New Year as you light the candle.

Peppermint Spells

Peppermint brings joy as well as good fortune. It cleanses stagnation, creating room for opportunity and success.

Peppermint Chervil Sachet

Peppermint and chervil, two lucky plants, combine synergistically to bring happiness, luck, and protection.

  1. Combine equal quantities of dried chervil and peppermint and sew them into a sachet.
  2. Wear it against your skin during the day.
  3. Sleep with it under your pillow at night.

Peppermint Floorwash

  1. Make a strong infusion of peppermint by pouring boiling water over the botanical.
  2. When it cools, strain out the peppermint and add the liquid to a bucket of floorwash rinse water.
  3. Add vinegar and a little Cascarilla Powder.
  4. Cleanse the floors and threshold areas to radiate an invitation to appiness and good fortune.