These are spells to find new love as well as preserve and protect existing romance.

Adam and Eve Root Spells

Adam and Eve is the name given to the roots of the family of orchids that grow from a pair of conjoined roots. The root has two forms, male and female (hence Adam and Eve), believed to resemble the respective genitalia. Once upon a time they were extremely popular, advertised in the backs of comic books and commonly sold as curios in spiritual supply stores. Today, the plants are endangered and the roots are thus very scarce. They are considered very powerful and are featured in many love spells.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (1) Basic Spell

Carry the roots in a mojo hand. Take them out periodically, hold them in your hand and charge them with your desire.

Adam and Eve roots like their private time together; they don’t play well with other botanicals. Don’t add other roots or plants to an Adam and Eve conjure bag.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (2) Draw New Love

Begin this spell at the New Moon to draw new love into your life.

  1. Choose Adam and Eve roots to represent the appropriate gender and dress them with love-drawing oil, something like Come to Me Lover.
  2. Place the roots facing each other on opposite ends of a mirror.
  3. Each night, dress the roots with an additional drop of oil and move them a little closer to each other. They should be touching when the Full Moon arrives.

If you are unable to find Adam and Eve roots, substitute lodestones or figure candles.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (3) Win Someone’s Heart

This is not a spell for casual relationships; it’s essentially a commitment charm.

  1. Give the appropriate root to one you desire: an Eve root to a woman, an Adam to a man.
  2. You keep the other.

Amber Spells

Amber is potentially a powerful love charm, although you may have to activate that potential. Romany magical traditions particularly value amber as a love-drawing charm.

Amber Charm Romany Dreams of Desire

  1. On a Thursday night, make a list of the qualities you desire in a romantic partner or visualize and name a specific person. Before you go to sleep that night, leave a piece of amber by your bed or under your pillow.
  2. On Friday morning, first thing upon awakening, clutch the amber in your left hand, holding it close to your heart.
  3. Close your eyes. Visualize your desire: make it as real and tangible as possible. Take as much time as you need.
  4. Kiss the amber and wrap it up in a small piece of silk, wrapping or rolling toward you.
  5. Keep this with you for seven days, carrying it by day, sleeping with it at night, beside your heart, between your breasts, wherever.
  6. Repeat the process every morning. At the conclusion, you will have a highly charged love-drawing amulet.

The arrows of love go straight to the heart, and arrows are frequent components of love spells.

Arrow Spell (1) Diana’s Petition of Love

Diana, the Roman lunar goddess and mistress of magic, to whom this spell is dedicated, has excellent archery skills. Don’t try this spell unless your skills are worthy of the goddess. The spell requires that you shoot a flaming arrow. This is potentially a dangerous spell for more than one reason. Diana will not look favorably upon your petition if you burn down her forest.

  1. Write out your petition of love.
  2. Affix it to an arrow.
  3. Set the arrow aflame.
  4. Quickly shoot it toward the moon.

Arrow Spell (2) Eight of Wands

One of the traditional meanings of the eight of wands tarot card is love at first sight. The eight wands represent the arrows of love.

  1. Carve and dress a red candle as desired, using love-drawing oils.
  2. Burn the candle.
  3. Place an eight of wands card upright near the candle so that it is easily visible.
  4. Place a rose quartz beside the card and candle.
  5. Once the candle burns down, place the card underneath your pillow so that it can provide romantic insight and inspiration while you sleep.
  6. During the day wear the rose quartz in a charm bag, pocket, or tucked into your bra to attract and maintain the love you desire.

Basic Botanicals of Love

Although there are many plants associated with love and romance, the following have all earned a powerful reputation as love-drawing botanicals. In combination they’re even more potent. Incorporate them into your spells as inspired: basil, carrots, catnip, chamomile, cardamom, coriander, cubeb, gardenia, grains of paradise, hibiscus, hyacinth, iris, jasmine, lady’s mantle, lavender, lovage, mint, onion, orchid, poppy, rose, rosemary, Saint John’s Wort, southernwood, strawberries, thyme, tormentil, vervain.

Surround your home with one or more of these living plants as an open invitation to true love.

Basic Botanicals of Love Candle Spell

  1. Select basic botanicals of love that please you.
  2. Choose a pink, red, yellow, or orange candle.
  3. Hollow out the base and pack it full of botanicals.
  4. Burn the candle.

Bouquet Spells

Presenting someone with a bouquet of flowers was once a method of delivering a spell right into your target’s hands. The “Language of Flowers,” whereby each type of flower represents a specific message, originated in the harems of the Middle East, where secrecy regarding romantic intrigues was crucial. That floral code would ultimately be formalized in Victorian England. Some floral bouquet spells, however, transcend any code.

Bouquet Spell (1) Basic

The simplest, yet extremely effective, love spell is the gift of roses, either one single bloom or a bouquet of a dozen.

Bouquet Spell (2) Enhanced

Combine roses with myrtle for an especially powerful bouquet. Both plants are sacred to Aphrodite, and together they transmit her power and beseech her blessing. For extra enhancement, combine with conscious petition to Aphrodite.

Bouquet Spell (3) Sorcerer’s Violet

The addition of vincas, also known as the sorcerer’s violet, transforms any bouquet into an instrument of seduction.

  1. Sprinkle a bouquet of romantic flowers with dried powdered vinca flowers, the sorcerer’s violet.
  2. Give them to the woman you want.

Candle Spells

Candle Spell (1) Heart Candle

  1. Scratch your lover’s initials into a heart-shaped candle.
  2. Dress it with love drawing oil and sprinkle with a love drawing powder.
  3. As it burns, chant:As this candle burns, so your heart burns with love for meAs this wax melts, so your heart melts with love for meWhen this spell is complete, your heart belongs to me!

Candle Spell (2) New Moon

This spell is most effective if using handcrafted candles, because you can actually embed the magical material into the wax. However, a store-bought candle may be doctored as well.

  1. Prepare the candles so that this spell is ready to begin in conjunction with the New Moon.
  2. Make two wax figures or purchase figure candles to represent you and your beloved.
  3. Place a few strands of his or her hair in the candle representing the other party. (Pubic hair is most powerful, with underarm hair a close second. However if all you have are a few strands picked off a jacket, this will do.)
  4. Place a few of your own hairs in your candle.
  5. Begin burning the candles at the New Moon. Face the candles across from each other. Burn them in timed increments, a little bit every night, gradually bringing them increasingly closer and closer to each other.
  6. When the candles are finally touching, let them burn all the way down, so that the waxes intermingle.
  7. Any remaining wax can be saved as a love talisman, especially if it’s melted into an auspicious shape.

Win Your Heart Candle Spell

This spell allegedly enables you to win the heart of the one you desire.

  1. Carve your name and that of the desired party nine times each on one pink seven-day candle.
  2. Gently warm honey in a bain-marie and then blend in rosewater and powdered orrisroot.
  3. Roll the candle in this mixture and then burn it.

Doll Spells

The description “doll spell” tends to invoke images of stereotypical “voodoo dolls.” However the use of dolls in magical spells is incredibly ancient and fairly universal. Dolls are used for hexing but they’re also used for healing, protection, fertility, and romantic spells. The piercing of wax figures with pins goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt, however those pins weren’t meant to cause bodily injury. Instead they were intended to stimulate pangs of love and desire from whatever part of the body was pierced. Methods of piercing are frequently more inventive than just sticking needles into the doll.

Doll Spell (1) Binding Spell Hard Dolls

  1. Create two small dolls from a hard material: roots, wood, or bone.
  2. Embellish the dolls: decorate with beads and fabric.
  3. Anoint with love oils and with any available sexual fluids.
  4. Bind them together with red cord, creating knots.
  5. Hide them safely, for as long as you wish the romance to last.

Doll Spell (2) More Than a Fling

To turn a sexual relationship into something more:

  1. Cut out dolls to represent each party from an unlaundered bedsheet, stained with sexual fluids.
  2. Personalize as much as possible. Embroider or draw names onto the dolls if secrecy isn’t an issue.
  3. Fill each poppet with love-herbs: roses, rosemary, orrisroot, heartsease, and vervain.
  4. Bind the dolls together, face to face, belly to belly with scarlet ribbons.
  5. Wrap the dolls in red or black velvet.
  6. Slip this packet under the mattress on the side the other party usually sleeps on.

Doll Spell (3) Pinned through the Heart

  1. Make a doll from malleable materials, such as wax, clay, dough, or similar.
  2. Personalize it: if you possess any intimate items, incorporate them into the doll. Otherwise, decorate as you please.
  3. Scratch a name onto the doll or pin a name-tag on it.
  4. Push a brass pin or an ornamented hat-pin (especially one with a romantic motif) through the heart. This pin is thought to open the heart and induce love for the maker of the doll.

Friendship into Love Spell

Turn friendship into something more:

  1. Obtain a Lover’s Candle, usually a red candle depicting an entwined naked couple or, if you’re a candle-crafter, create one of your own.
  2. Carve the woman’s name on the man’s body and the man’s name on the woman’s.
  3. Anoint with the love oil you like best (Amor, Jezebel, Come to Me Lover! for instance) and burn the candle.

Forget-Me-Not Spell

Slip a forget-me-not into someone’s pockets so that you will remain on their mind.

Garnet Soul Mate Magnet

Wear garnets to attract the love of your life.

Juniper Spells

Juniper is most commonly associated with protection spells. However, juniper berries possess tremendous love drawing and sexuality enhancing powers.

Warning: Juniper spells are not safe for use during pregnancy.

Juniper Spell Woman Seeking New Love

A quicker spell to prepare, ironically it solicits long-term love, romance, and commitment.

  1. Soak juniper berries in vinegar for several hours.
  2. Strain out the berries, reserving some, and add a generous quantity of the infusion to your bath water.
  3. Enjoy your bath. Vividly visualize the end results of a very successful spell.
  4. Emerge from the bath but don’t drain the water yet.
  5. Toss some used bathwater plus the reserved berries outside onto the Earth near your home to signal your desire for love and your available status.

Easy Juniper Spell

Pierce, string, and wear juniper berries to attract lovers.

Lodestone Love Spells

Lodestone’s magnetic properties inspire their use in love spells. Lodestones are used to draw love toward you and then keep that love close at hand. According to traditional Chinese mysticism, the luckiest wedding bands are crafted from matched lodestones.

Lodestone Love Spell (1) Attraction

Lodestones are believed to have genders, just like other living creatures. Their gender is determined by appearance: the rounder-looking ones are female, while the males bear a phallic resemblance. Choose lodestones to match your desires. Use one to represent yourself and another to represent the person you would like to draw into a romance.

  1. Choose a lodestone to represent you and soak it in Come To Me Lover Oil!
  2. Sprinkle it with magnetic sand and place it on the edge of a mirror.
  3. Choose a lodestone to represent the person you wish to draw into romance. It is not necessary for the lodestones to be of opposite sex; males may draw males, and females may draw females.
  4. Soak this one in Amor Oil.
  5. Sprinkle with magnetic sand and place it on the mirror, on the opposite edge from the first lodestone.
  6. Carve a candle dedicated to romance and dress it with Lucky Lodestone Oil.
  7. Light it, focus on your wish for romance, and move the two lodestones slightly closer to each other.
  8. Pinch out the candle.
  9. Repeat this daily until the lodestones meet in the middle, then allow the candle to burn all the way down.

Lodestone Love Spell (2) Rosemary

  1. Sprinkle dried ground rosemary onto a lodestone.
  2. Carry it in a charm bag to draw love and attract favorable attention.

Lovage Spells

The herb lovage lives up to its name: it allegedly inspires love and amorous attention.

Lovage Spell (1) Bath

  1. Draw a tub of warm water.
  2. Sprinkle fresh or dried lovage into your bath to attract romantic attention.
  3. Let yourself air-dry.

Lovage Spell (2) Food

Sprinkle lovage on food—fish or chicken is recommended—ten minutes before serving the meal to your beloved.

Love Attraction Spell

  1. Write your target’s name on a small piece of paper.
  2. Sprinkle it with the most fragrant fresh flower petals available.
  3. Fold the paper toward you.
  4. Hide it within your underwear drawer to magically lure the person closer to you.

Love Candle Spell

This spell requires two candles, one to represent you and one to represent the object of your desire.

  1. Carve the candles as desired.
  2. Dress the candle that represents you with Magnet Oil and Come to Me Lover!
  3. Light that candle; it will remain in one place.
  4. Dress the other candle with plain olive oil and sprinkle magnetic sand over it.
  5. Burn it in increments, drawing it ever closer to your candle and sprinkling with magnetic sand.

Love Conjure Bags

Create your own bag using romantic charms, botanicals, and symbols, or follow one of these formulas.

Conjure Bag (1) Aphrodisiac

This bag promotes faithfulness as well as romance.

  1. Take a whole spikenard root or a piece of one, together with a little bit of hair taken from the tail of a goat.
  2. Wrap it in fabric or carry it in a bag.
  3. Reinforce periodically by dressing with essential oil of spikenard or a drop of oil infused from the root.

Conjure Bag (2) Locket

A locket worn around the neck serves as an elegant charm bag. The chain also gives it the air of a binding spell.

Place a photo of your beloved inside a locket together with a strand of hair and a tiny piece of moonwort (Botrychium lunaria).

Conjure Bag (3) Love in my Pocket

In Romany, a conjure bag is known as a “putzi,” literally a “pocket.”

Fill a red silk bag with all or some of the following ingredients to draw and maintain love and romance: amber, cinnamon, cloves, acorns, rose buds or petals, orrisroot, a magic ring and an old coin, re-engraved with new sigils.

Love Incense

Love Incense (1) Aloes wood

Burn aloes wood on the Full Moon for a new lover by the New Moon. Repeat as needed.

Love Incense (2) Deluxe Love Drawing Powder

To find a new love, grind the following ingredients into a fine powder and blend them together. Allow your nose to determine the proportions that are correct for you.

Aloes wood



Mastic pearls




Red sandalwood




  1. Place this powder in a red flannel bag.
  2. Carry it between your breasts for seven days; sleep with it beneath your pillow for seven nights. This may be enough to attract new love.
  3. If there are no results or promising leads after seven days, burn a pinch of the powder every morning for seven days.

Magically enhance the power of your love letters. For maximum effectiveness cast these spells in conjunction with each other.

Love Letter Spell (1) Bay Leaf

Write an invisible wish on a bay leaf and enclose it in the envelope.

Love Letter Spell (2) Bay Oil

Dab a tiny bit of essential oil of bay laurel onto the corners of the letter’s pages.

Love Powders

Once upon a time most perfumes were dry. They were easier to transport, both in terms of trade and in terms of personal use: a conjure bag could easily be filled with perfumed powder and carried with you to use as needed.

Powders are versatile and can be used in various ways:

  • Dust powders on the body
  • Sprinkle them around the bed
  • Sprinkle them around a lover
  • Cast a circle for a love spell

Sprinkled on the sheets, any vigorous activity that heats up the bed will simultaneously cause the erotic fragrances to intensify. Sweat encourages the powder to adhere to the skin.

The advantages of edible powder cannot be overemphasized: avoid talc and replace with food quality powder.

Love Powder (1) Do It Yourself Formula

Customize your own love powder.

  1. Choose one or any combination of the following:Chocolate powderClovesCinnamonCubebDried gingerEssential oil of cypressGrains of ParadiseOrrisrootPeppermintRose petalsVanilla sugar
  2. Grind the ingredients into a fine powder.
  3. Blend them with rice powder, cornstarch, potato starch, or arrowroot powder, distributing the botanical material evenly.
  4. Use a sifter to help you achieve a smooth, even consistency.
  5. Test it on your skin to make sure that you have a comfortable dilution: some of the powder ingredients (cinnamon, cloves) can irritate sensitive skin.
  6. Place in a covered container and use.

Aphrodite Spells

The most celebrated love spirit of all, aphrodisiacs are named in her honor. The finest are believed to share in her essence.

Aphrodite most commonly manifests as either a mermaid or as an impossibly beautiful woman. She shines so brightly that she dazzles the eyes. She is the Queen of Wild Beasts and the Lady of Flowers, and she accepts devotion from both men and women. A friendly, sociable although temperamental spirit, she is usually accompanied by a host of lesser spirits as well as her companion animals. She likes a party. Love is her sacrament. To say that you’re too busy for love or uninterested in romance is to offer her grave insult. To acknowledge the need and desire for sex and romance is to honor her and acknowledge her authority: request her assistance so that you, too, may worship at her altar.

Aphrodite is at the height of her power during the Summer Solstice. Her planets are the sun and Venus. Her day is Friday. Call her with myrtle, myrrh, and roses. Ancient worshippers offered her triangle-shaped honey cakes. Aphrodite is a versatile spirit and her altars take many forms. The bottom line is that they, like the spirit that they honor, must be beautiful. Decorate with seashells and other motifs from the sea.

Aphrodite Spell (1) Apples of Love

Aphrodite is a bountiful spirit; she has not one but many sacred creatures and a multitude of sacred botanicals. Apple trees are among her favorites, however, and apples figure prominently in Aphrodite’s magic spells.

  1. Place three yellow apples on Aphrodite’s altar and request that Aphrodite bless them.
  2. Ask her to charm the fruit so that whoever eats these apples will fall madly in love with you.
  3. Give an apple to the one you choose.

This may be considered the most “ethical” love spell of all, as the other person retains the choice to eat the apple or not.

Aphrodite Spell (2) Enchanted Charms

Have Aphrodite empower your love charms so that they will become romantic talismans to draw, maintain, and protect love.

  1. Create an altar for Aphrodite.
  2. Consecrate it with offerings to her such as flowers, fruit, perfume, or jewelry.
  3. In addition, place upon the altar something that you’d like her to empower for you as a love charm. A belt or waist beads are traditional but any small charm or piece of jewelry is effective.
  4. Be very clear and explicit as to what belongs to Aphrodite and will remain hers forever versus what she’s empowering for you as a charm.
  5. Let the charm rest on the altar overnight. Give it to your beloved as a gift or use it to draw new love.

Apollo Spell

Apollo is a spirit of omnivorous sexuality. His romantic desires for men and women are equally strong; what seems to be the bottom line of attraction for him is beauty, intelligence, and talent, rather than gender. His is a complex myth. Classical Greek mythology paints him as the handsomest, most talented, most clever spirit of all, yet the women he pursues inevitably run from his embrace. Apollo had better luck with male lovers, with whom he had happy, successful relationships. Request his assistance, especially with someone who’s hard to get.

  1. Carve and dress a large yellow or gold candle and dedicate it to Apollo. Use any of the love drawing oils. Pow-Wow Power Oil, although it wasn’t intended for this purpose, may attract Apollo’s attention because it’s so sunny.
  2. Roll the candle in powdered Saint John’s Wort.
  3. Burn it and make your appeal.

Apollo’s sacred creatures include crows and mice. Significant or surprising appearances may signal your response.

Artemis Spell

Women seeking other women may request assistance from Artemis and Athena.

Artemis’ happiest times are spent in the company of other women. She has deep-seated doubts about men, although she’s partial to the very few special ones who come along. If you’ve discovered one of those unique men, Artemis may also be petitioned for assistance.

  1. Petition Artemis at night.
  2. Offer her cool spring water and white or silver candles. Small images of the wild animals that she loves are appropriate offerings.
  3. Tell her that if she will grant your wish you will make a contribution toward the preservation of wild life.

Athena Spell

Athena is a complex spirit, torn between her roots in the ancient Libyan religion of the Great Mother and her later fervent embrace of conservative patriarchy. Appeal to her earlier instincts:

  1. Call Athena with a dish of olive oil dressed with olive flower essence remedy and a glass of wine.
  2. Decorate her altar with images of snakes and gorgons.
  3. Speak to her lucidly and articulately and tell her what you need.

Spells to Make Her or Him Love You

In the same manner that certain medicines or hormone treatments affect men and women differently, so some botanicals have different impacts upon the different genders. With the following spell categories (Make Her Love You and Make Him Love You), in general the gender of the target of the spell is what is significant. Thus these are spells to attract a man or a woman. The gender of the spell-caster may or may not be significant so unless told otherwise, assume that these spells are equal opportunity spells.

Make Her Love You Spells

Aroma of Love Spell

Fumigate your clothing with the scent of aloes wood, cinnamon, and myrrh to attract women’s romantic attention.

Basil True Love Spell

Hand a woman a sprig of basil. Allegedly if she accepts it, she’ll fall in love with you and remain faithful forever.

Grapefruit Spell Lure a Woman Away from Another

  1. Cut a grapefruit in half.
  2. Write the woman’s name and her present lover’s name on a piece of brown paper.
  3. Write your own name over the lover’s name, so that the original lover’s name is now illegible.
  4. Stick this paper into the center of the grapefruit.
  5. Put it inside a disposable pan or baking dish or line a permanent pan with foil.
  6. Sprinkle the grapefruit with salt, pepper, and brown sugar.
  7. Arrange five golden candles around the grapefruit in the dish and light them.

It’s no accident that High John the Conqueror root is called by a man’s name. It has powerful associations with men’s magic. Many women find success with it as a charm for luck, money, and general good fortune. When it comes to love and sex, however, this charm works best for men.

High John, like lodestones, is divided by gender: there are male and female High John’s. Shape determines gender: the round ones are female; the phallic-looking ones are male. For love, sex, and romantic domination spells, obviously the more phallic the High John the better.

High John has heterosexual proclivities: it draws women to men. Men seeking other men traditionally substitute Sampson snake root.

High John Attraction Spell

To attract a specific woman:

  1. Steep High John in a jar of olive oil for seven days.
  2. Remove the root and bury it under the steps of your target’s home.

Reserve the oil for use as dressing oil.

High John Love Drawing Spell

  1. Obtain a few strands of hair from the head of the one you desire.
  2. Wrap them around a High John the Conqueror root, making knots.
  3. Anoint with a love drawing oil and place it inside a red drawstring bag.
  4. Sleep with this under your pillow, and carry it with you during waking hours.
  5. Anoint with one drop of the love drawing oil daily.

High John Sexual Domination Spell

In addition to stimulating sexual generosity, this spell also allegedly produces a compliant nature.

  1. Add a few drops of tuberose absolute to a bottle of Command and Compel Oil.
  2. Use this oil to dress a High John the Conqueror root.
  3. Place the dressed root into a red charm bag and sprinkle it with powdered confectioner’s sugar and cayenne pepper.
  4. Keep this bag under the mattress on the side where the woman usually sleeps.
  5. Dress the root once a week with the oil to ensure cooperation. (And also to ensure that she hasn’t yet discovered and removed the bag!)

Isis Invocation: To Lure a Woman From Another Man

This spell requests assistance from Isis. It invokes famous lovers in the hope that you too will achieve their ecstasy.

  1. At midnight on Saint John’s Eve, pick a handful of vervain leaves, the plant that allegedly sprang from Isis’ tears, when she lost her true love.
  2. As you pick them, call on her: Isis, Great of Magic!Make [Name] daughter of [Name] love me like I love her.Make her love me like you love Osiris!Make her love me like Penelope loves Odysseus!Make her love me like Ariadne loves Dionysus!Make her love me like Aphrodite loves Adonis!Make her love me like Juliet loves Romeo!
  3. From the moment you grasp the leaves, until your arrival home, keep up your chant and petition. Improvise, speak from your heart, invoke other lovers, but don’t stop.
  4. Carry the leaves home inside your shirt against your skin.
  5. Place the leaves in new green silk.
  6. Leave this packet in a dry, well-ventilated place for 21 days.
  7. Then grind the leaves into a powder. Keep them in a mojo bag. When the opportunity presents itself, dust your hands with the powder. Touch the woman’s hands and ideally her face.

Sandalwood Seduction

Men are advised to wear sandalwood to elicit a positive sexual response from women.

Three Hairs Spell

  1. Steal three hairs from the woman, one at a time, on three separate occasions, while the woman is sleeping. For maximum effect, the hair should be taken from near the nape of the neck.
  2. Braid the hairs.
  3. Hold onto this braid for a little while, don’t rush this spell.
  4. Keep it in a charm bag worn or carried on the body, to absorb your power and desire.
  5. When you’re ready, push it into a crack of a tree so that it may grow with the tree from then on. (A romantic tree is ideal, such as an apple, other flowering or fruit tree, hazel, ash, hawthorn, or elder.)

Make Him Love You Spells

Baked Goods Spell

  1. Bake bread, a cake, or cookies for the one you love.
  2. As you knead the dough, press it against your private parts or squeeze it beneath your underarm.
  3. If you are baking multiple items simultaneously, mark whatever is intended for your beloved, to avoid confusion and trouble.
  4. Feed it to him.

Follow Me Boy!

Follow Me Boy! is the name given to a traditional condition formula. It is considered one of the Commanding formulas but is virtually always used in romantic or erotic situations. Sweet flag creates the commanding effect, which is reinforced further if you add licorice, however damiana is a potent aphrodisiac. He may be forced to follow you but he’ll be happy to do it!

The basic formula consists of:

Dried sweet flag (calamus)

Dried catnip

Dried damiana

Optional: add licorice if you like the fragrance. For a more potent seductive oil, also add essential oils of bergamot, sweet orange, and tuberose, plus essences of any red flowers.

  1. Powder the dried ingredients together.
  2. Add them to sweet almond oil, shaking to blend.
  3. Finally add any essential oils.

To use, dip a cotton ball in the oil and tuck it into a bra or pocket.

Shoe Spell

To turn a sexual relationship with a man into something more:

  1. Pick up his shoes as soon as he takes them off.
  2. Place your own shoes inside his, your left inside his left, your right inside his right.
  3. Buckle or tie them together as securely as possible.
  4. Leave them like this until morning.

Vetiver Attraction

The fragrance of vetiver allegedly attracts men, whether worn by women or other men. Wear it on the body or soak a cotton ball in the essential oil and tuck it into a pocket or bra.

Wrap a Ring Around You Spell

  1. Create a wreath or hoop from vines or love drawing plants, knotting your intentions and desires into the hoop.
  2. Burn it.
  3. Gather the ashes and sprinkle them around your heart’s desire in a ring.

New Love Initiation Spell

Magically signal your readiness for love to the universe. This spell allegedly beckons true love near.

  1. Pulverize splinters of acacia and aloes wood together with three hairs from your head.
  2. Take the resulting blend to a crossroads on a breezy day.
  3. Let the powder slip from between your fingers as you revolve in a circle, murmuring an invocation of love.

New Lover Magnet Bath

Add cubebs and hibiscus blossoms to your bath. Reserve some of the used bathwater and sprinkle it around your home to signal your magical invitation to a new lover.

Old Love Spell

A proverb suggests that love is wasted on the young. Orrisroot preserves the pleasures and passions of romance throughout one’s life. Create this powder by grinding orrisroot and blending with rice powder. Dust on your body and the bed sheets as desired.

Oils of Love

Other oils will be found in the Formulary, including Black Cat, Cleopatra, Come to Me Lover!, and Queen of Sheba.

Amor Oil

  1. Place a balm of Gilead bud and a piece of coral inside a bottle.
  2. Cover these with sweet almond and jojoba oils.
  3. Add a few drops of either neroli or petitgrain essential oil plus a drop of tangerine essential oil.
  4. Add a bit of ground cinnamon or one drop of essential oil of cinnamon leaf.

New Orleans-style Fast Luck Oil

As far as love goes, Fast Luck Oil is a pick-up oil. Expect to draw a surprise one-night stand or even a great weekend, but not true long-lasting lingering love. The ingredients are cinnamon, vanilla, and Wintergreen, with a jojoba oil base.

Pansy Love Spell

Look for pansies with little faces that please you. Weave them into chains and hang them in the bedroom to capture the love you desire.

Red Witch Candle Spell

Candles in the shape of red witches are particularly beneficial for love magic.

The imagery is always positive: the red witch may represent the power of the witch as an ally or she can transcend the entire concept of human witches, to represent primordial female power. The red witch is symbolic for the menstrual blood that figures in so many love spells.

Red Witch candles are used to draw love:

  1. Anoint her with love drawing oils.
  2. Chant your invocation:Red witch, red witchBring me my lover
  3. Light the candle for a set period of time nightly. Choose a number that has significance for you—six minutes, nine, an hour. What is crucial is that this increment of time be maintained faithfully.
  4. Burn nightly until consumed.

This spell may be used for an unknown lover or for someone whom you already desire. If you know the person’s identity, insert their name into the chant.

Red Witch Love Spell

  1. Place a beautiful red apple beside a red witch candle.
  2. Burn the candle while murmuring incantations of love.
  3. Feed the apple to your heart’s desire.

Re-ignite Love Spell

“Nothing’s cold as ashes after the fire is gone…”

Allegedly vervain can re-ignite spent passions and past love. Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over vervain leaves. Add the infusion to your bath and allow yourself to air-dry when meeting your old love—although presumably for maximum effectiveness one bathes together.

Right Person Love Spell

You don’t want just any love; you need the right one. This spell is beneficial for a long-term love search. Add Attraction Oil to your bath every Friday until you’ve found the love you want.

Roses Spells

Roses are a metaphor for the human heart. No flower represents love more vividly. Perhaps nothing does. Roses are sacred to the most powerful spirits of love: Aphrodite, Juno, Isis, Kybele, Maitresse Ezili, and Maria Padilha. Oshun loves yellow roses.

Cleopatra, the living embodiment of Aphrodite and Isis, seduced Mark Antony in a scented bedroom, packed kneedeep with rose petals.

Red Rose Powder

Red Rose Powder is used to heal lover’s quarrels.

  1. Grind red rose petals and peppermint leaves into a fine powder.
  2. Sprinkle Red Rose Powder on your partner, on a gift of a bouquet of flowers, or on the sheets.

Better yet, add Red Rose Powder to rice powder to create a body dusting powder. Apply it to your own body with a powder puff so that no one can stay mad at you.

Rose Love Beads

The original love beads are crafted from rose petals.

  1. Process rose petals in a food processor or grind them with a mortar and pestle until they form a paste.
  2. Roll small amounts into tiny beads with your fingers. Concentrate on your desire as you roll, utter a petition of love as you form each bead.
  3. Let the beads dry, ideally on a screen that allows air to circulate.
  4. While they are still slightly damp, before the bead has completely dried, pierce each bead with a large needle, so that it may be strung on a cord. Visualize your heart pierced with love as you wield the needle.
  5. String the beads on a red silk cord and wear it or hang it over your bed.

Red Rose Spell

  1. Place a long-stemmed red rose between two red taper candles dressed with a love oil.
  2. Burn the candles.
  3. When the candles have burned down, give the rose to the one you want.

Seeking New Love Spells

Spells to initiate love emerge from different needs. Perhaps you await your soul mate, whose identity remains unknown, or perhaps soul mates and true love aren’t an issue: you’d just like a companion, a new lover or relationship. Or maybe you have your heart set on someone special, whose identity is known to you. Now if only this person shared your desires…

Seeking New Love Spell

A spell to find new love, particularly following a long period of solitude, loneliness, and bad luck:

  1. Add a few strands of hair from your head plus some thumbnail clippings to dried rose petals, Grains of Paradise, and vervain.
  2. Burn them over lit charcoal like incense.
  3. Stand over the rising smoke wearing outer garments but no underpants. Inhale the smoke’s fragrance as it wafts up toward you.
  4. Still wearing no underpants, travel to a cemetery.
  5. Walk through the cemetery in two directions, forming the shape of a cross, to destroy evil from all directions.
  6. Go home via a different route than the one by which you arrived.

Seeking New Love: Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise allegedly incite passion, erotic thoughts, and actions. They also possess a commanding element. Originally a popular East African magical ingredient, they are now renowned worldwide.

Use them to draw new love into your life: add an infusion of Grains of Paradise to your bath water; sprinkle the used bath water together with some extra powder around your home to signal your availability.

Seeking New Love Shoe Spell Violet Leaf

Violet leaves resemble hearts. Place some in your shoe to attract new love and to guide you towards the right lover.

Seeking Someone Special Spells

Spells for when you know who you want.

Someone Special: Altar of Love Spell

This is a spell to persuade someone to return your affections. Three candles are required: one to represent you, the second, the object of your affections, and the last candle, the potential state of romance. Use figure candles to represent the people plus a large pillar or heart-shaped candle.

  1. Arrange the two figure candles six inches apart.
  2. Place the third at the apex of the triangle.
  3. Dress the candles, petition, and light.

Someone Special: Heart Spell

  1. Write the name of the person you desire on parchment paper seven times.
  2. Draw a heart around these names by writing your own name in script, without picking up the pen or pencil. Lengthen each letter or write your name repeatedly. The key is not to pick up the pen until the seven names are completely enclosed by your own.
  3. Chant something like: “You are in my heart” or “My heart encompasses you.”
  4. Preserve this talisman of love in a safe place. (Should you change your mind, rip up the paper, breaking the heart, and destroy it.)

Someone Special: Picture of Love

Cover a small photo of the one you love by wrapping it in strands of your hair. Wrap this up in red thread. Wrap this up in red velvet and bury the whole packet in Earth.

Someone Special: Pin Our Hearts Together

  1. Cut two hearts from red wax.
  2. Scratch your name on one, your beloved’s on the other.
  3. Pin them together with three pins and carry near your heart.

Talismans of Love

Fairy tales are full of magic power objects that draw love and good fortune toward their bearers. What the stories sometimes neglect to mention is that you can craft your own.

Talisman of Love: Coral Earrings

In ancient Rome, coral earrings were believed to beckon men and draw love. Wear a pair at strategic opportunities.

Talisman of Love: Red Ribbon Spell

To discover a bit of red ribbon, string, wool, or piece of fabric indicates luck in love and a change in romantic fortunes. Pick it up and make a wish. (If you can’t think of one, requesting luck and happiness in love is more than appropriate.) Carry the ribbon as an amulet.

Talisman of Love: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz allegedly draws lovers toward you. Wear it as jewelry or carry it with you.

Should it draw too many, too fast in an overwhelming manner, add an amethyst for a stabilizing effect.