At its most basic, the exact nature of the simple love potion beverage is less crucial than your magic power with which you’ve charged it.

  1. Pour out the potion.
  2. Whisper and murmur your desires and intentions over the liquid in the glass.
  3. Serve it to your lover.

Caraway Potion

Not the alcoholic beverage or herbal tea type? Not to worry. Bake caraway seeds into cakes, breads, and cookies and serve to the one you desire to stimulate mutual emotions.

Chestnut Love Fix

Allegedly hand-feeding someone chestnuts stimulates them to love you.

Chocolate Potion

Following the conquest of Mexico, chocolate was exported to Europe. In Aztec Mexico, chocolate was served as a ritual drink, with chili peppers rather than sugar. In Europe, chocolate’s aphrodisiac properties were exploited instead. The Inquisition was not pleased: some Spanish women got into trouble for allegedly using hot chocolate to cast love spells. Interestingly, chocolate is now known to contain phenylethylamine, a stimulant similar to those released during sex. For what it’s worth, Casanova’s recommended pre-sex menu was a cup of chocolate and a plate of oysters.

Serve hot chocolate to the one you love and see if it works. For extra enhancement, top with powdered aphrodisiac spices, like powdered cinnamon or cardamom.

Dreams of Delight Love Potions

The basic formula includes cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, and licorice root. Two different techniques provide different effects.

Dreams of Delight Potion Fragrant

The aroma of simmering Dreams of Delight may be so inviting that drinking may not be necessary. Merely inhaling the fragrance with its subliminal message of love and seduction may be sufficient for the purpose.

  1. Fill a pot with wine.
  2. Add the dried botanicals and warm to a simmer.
  3. Strain the solids out and serve the warm potion to the one you love.

Elderberry Potion

Fairy tales tell of fairies so infatuated with mortal lovers that they seduce them and carry them away to Fairyland, where no doubt this potion is served. Gather elderberries on Midsummer’s Eve, whispering your desires over them. Make them into elderberry wine, or just steep the berries in wine and serve.

Flowers of Love Potion

Add a few drops of hibiscus flower essence remedy to jasmine tea and serve to the one you love.

Lavender Potion

Lavender is one of those interesting substances that may serve as an aphrodisiac—or create the opposite effect. The only way to find out how someone will react is to serve it.

Add fresh lavender to a bottle of white wine. Allow it to steep several hours or overnight, then strain and serve.

Love Potion #2

A potion for two intended to enhance, stimulate, and preserve true love.

  1. Pour a bottle of red wine into a pot or cauldron.
  2. Add the following botanicals (adjust quantities to suit your taste or that of your intended): cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and clove buds.
  3. Allow to simmer gently for an hour, then strain.
  4. Pour the wine into glasses and add one drop of red hibiscus flower essence per glass.

Love Potion #9

Today any spiritual supplier worth its salt sells some sort of love-drawing oil called Love Potion #9 but, as anyone who’s ever actually listened to the song knows, the original was a drink. The earliest Love Potions # 9 seem to have been infusions of herbs, i.e., herbal teas or tisanes, relying on aphrodisiacs rather than alcohol to deliver the passion.

  1. Choose nine love herbs. Consider these: DamianaGingerGrains of ParadiseHibiscusLovageMelissa (lemon balm)PeppermintRed cloverRose petals(Other options might include adder’s tongue, cardamom pods, catnip, cubeb, lavender, red raspberry leaves, or rose hips.)
  2. Make a strong infusion of all the herbs, strain, and serve.

Love Potion #9: Another Version

Lovage, a plant whose associations with romance are indicated by its name, is also known as “nine-stem.” Some consider that lovage tea is the true Love Potion #9. Experiment and see which is most effective.

  1. Blend all parts of the plant: flowers, stem, leaves, and roots.
  2. Grind them into powder (don’t make it too fine as it becomes difficult to strain the botanical out of the liquid).
  3. Pour boiling water over the ground lovage.
  4. Strain and serve.

Papaya Potion

Share a papaya. This not only induces erotic feelings but allegedly stimulates true love.

Tea of Love

Simple ordinary black tea allegedly induces lust and erotic inclinations. After all, tea does derive from the beautiful camellia family. Drink it by itself or use it as a base for more complex potions.

Brew black tea from leaves, incorporating fresh mint, rose petals, and/or jasmine blossoms for added enhancement. Add one drop of essential oil of bergamot before serving and murmur your desires into the steaming liquid.

The simplest potion of all is wine. It invokes the blessing of Dionysus, Patron of Intoxication and the only Olympian spirit happily wed to his soul mate. Wine also invokes the precision required by magic: just the right quantity kindles passion and ability. Too much and erotic power is removed, replaced by sleep, obnoxiousness, erectile dysfunction, and general unpleasantness.

Wine Potion (1) Amber and Essence

  1. Steep amber in red wine.
  2. Remove the amber before serving.
  3. Add wild rose (Bach Flower) and hibiscus flower essence remedies (FES, Pegasus, South African Flower) just before serving.

Wine Love Potion (2) Aphrodisiac

  1. Steep the following ingredients in wine: Cinnamon Cloves Coriander seeds Grated lemon zest
  2. Add hibiscus flower remedy (FES, Pegasus, South African Flower) at the last moment, two drops per glass.