Nothing and no one is metaphysically perceived as more in need of magical protection than an infant or young child. Protection spells designed especially for babies fulfill this need.

Original spells are offered, but consider whether adaptation is required so as to provide a baby with both magical and physical safety simultaneously.

Protection Ritual

  1. Prepare Holy Water for washing the baby.
  2. Having cleansed the infant immediately on birth, preserve some of the water.
  3. This may be used in the future to remove the Evil Eye by dipping a piece of coral, the house key, or a ritual key into the water, then hanging it over the baby’s crib.

Protection Spell (1) Chamomile

Hang bunches of chamomile over the baby’s crib for magical protection.

Protection Spell (2) Conjure Bag

A mojo hand to protect a child from harm, this conjure bag is a spell in progress:

  1. Place an angelica root together with chamomile and flax seed in a charm bag.
  2. Add a coin minted in the child’s birth year, together with a small piece of silver. Traditionally the child’s initials are scratched into the metal. An initial bead or a charm with the child’s name engraved upon it may be substituted.
  3. Collect any baby teeth and add them to the bag. It’s not necessary to have every single baby tooth; even one is sufficient.
  4. Keep this charm bag in a safe place until the child is old enough to inherit it.

Protection Spell (3) Coral Beads Basic

Smooth pink coral beads worn around the neck provide a child with magical protection.

Protection Spell (4) Cradle Charms

The following amulets, believed capable of providing a newborn baby with magical protection, are meant to be attached to the cradle, or else displayed near the cradle. Use one, more, or all of the following:

  • Antique key
  • Blue-eye beads
  • Knife used to cut the umbilical cord
  • Mirror

Protection Spell (5) Holy Herbs

“Holy Herbs,” a New Orleans formulation, is used to protect children. Equal parts of seven dried herbs are blended together: catnip, ground black snake root (black cohosh root), hops, jasmine blossoms, motherwort, peppermint, and skullcap.

  1. Grind them together into powder.
  2. Reserve them within a tightly shut jar until needed.
  3. Should spiritual protection ever be required make an infusion by pouring boiling water over the herbal blend. When the brew cools, strain out the solids.
  4. Add the liquid to the child’s bathwater or sprinkle it onto the child using an asperging tool.
  5. Sprinkle the liquid into each corner of the child’s room.

Sibling Harmony Spell

A spell to promote sibling harmony, immediately following the birth of a new baby.

Just before siblings are formally introduced for the first time, place a few grains of sugar in the new infant’s hand. Elder siblings are encouraged to lick the sugar off the baby’s hand. (Never use honey, which contains spores potentially toxic to those under one year old.)

Welcome Baby Spells

Welcome Spells greet the new child and offer blessings as well as requests for spiritual protection.

Welcome Spell (1) Jamaica

Babies are sometimes born with a natural blue “cross” in the spot over the nose between the eyebrows, which fades as the skin ages and grows thicker. Many traditions consider this mark to be very auspicious: a sign of spiritual protection. Blessings one is not born with, however, can also be consciously, magically bestowed. This bath is traditionally given on the ninth day following birth:

  1. Add a little rum to bathwater.
  2. Each member of the family throws in a bit of silver.
  3. Real indigo is added to the water, tinting it blue.
  4. Mark a blue cross on the baby’s forehead or in the hollow over the nose, between the eyebrows, or else on the back of the neck.
  5. Offer blessings and prayers for the baby’s safety and happiness as you remove the child from the bath.

Welcome Spell (2) Java

This ceremony, or variations on the theme, was traditionally performed when the baby reaches approximately seven months of age or when absolutely dying to crawl, whichever comes first. Its objective: to formally introduce the new baby to Mother Earth.

Until seven months, a baby’s existence is considered tenuous. Babies are perceived as hovering in a dimension between spiritual and physical realms, gradually becoming more and more grounded. Until this point, the baby is never placed on the ground but carried in a sling on the mother’s body.

  1. Form seven moist soft balls of clay, each in a distinct color.
  2. Roll each clay ball against the baby’s body.
  3. Ritually bathe the baby.
  4. Place the baby in a large bamboo (wicker) cage or basket together with grains of rice, coins, gold chains, and either feathers or a live hen. (This ritual also serves divinatory purposes: whichever object the child touches first, indicates something about his or her character and destiny.)
  5. The baby is slowly lowered to the ground.

Welcome Spell (3) Modern Egyptian

On the seventh day following birth, blend olive oil, salt, and onion juice. (Other optional ingredients include henna and kohl powder.) Dip a feather in the paste and pass it, without actually touching, over the baby’s open eyes to make them beautiful, sharp, and healthy.