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Creating a Conducive Space for Divination

Creating the right physical space for a reading of any sort is so often undervalued and it really shouldn’t be. The place you do your readings, scrying or however you’re divining is integral to both getting yourself into state, as well as for inviting and welcoming your guides. And this is even more important if you have a hard reading or challenging querent. It’s about preparing and feeding your energy so that you can be a clear and open channel for the messages you’re about to receive.

Preparing yourself is a different conversation which I’ll cover at a later date.

I can only speak to what is my lived experience as a professional reader and I share these tips with you openly and with love.

Distractions – Many of the messages and transmissions can be quite subtle so you should try and be focused on the energy you’re receiving from the querent (even if that’s yourself) and the messages you’re receiving from your guides. TV off, phone off, kids quiet, roommates out/quiet, door shut etc. When I’m reading, even my laptop is closed. I keep it close by, but it’s closed and not a distraction.

Clutter – I may have a room full to the brim with all manner of witchy and mystical paraphernalia, but there’s nothing on the table in front of me that does not serve the purpose of divining. Nothing is decorative. There are no empty coffee cups or rubbish laying around. Extra decks are put away. I’m looking for a clean space to work in.

Tools – To aid me when I’m using cards, there are throat, 3rd eye, crown and star chakra stones available for me to draw on to open doorways, a candle, some water and incense. That’s it. If you use more tools that’s great, but if your not using them, put them away.

Sound – I like it quiet. Binaural beats are nice occasionally, but they can be distracting and aren’t for everyone. This is so personal, maybe you love music on but in my experience it you can end up feeling moved by the music and not the messages.

Light – I keep a dark room for readings. A single lamp and a candle are all I need. I find the darkness helps to focus and to see shapes and symbols in the flame/smoke/crystal ball.

Intention – We need to set the space. I do this by clearing with smoke and sound, then by inviting my guides to come close and to be a clear and open channel. When I feel my crown chakra open, I’m ready to go. You might feel ready by experiencing a tingling in your 3rd eye, warm hands, blurred vision, or similar. Again, this is just my 2 cents worth but there is usually a physical manifestation of your connection however subtle.

I deliberately haven’t included any pictures of my space, as I’d love for you to create a truly personal space for yourself. Feeling comfortable and at ease, relaxed and able to drop-into-state is such an individual thing, I hope you can find your own groove. As I mentioned before, this is not the be all and end all of how to create a space for divination, just how I do it and what has worked for me for umpteen years of reading professionally.

Till next time…



This article was first published on BWC – https://blackwitchcoven.com/diary-of-a-gypsy-witch-creating-a-conducive-space-for-divination/

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