Saint Martha: To Keep You on Your Lover’s Mind

Saint Martha

Who is Saint Martha? And what is the story of using saints in magical work? The spiritual world has many blessings to offer us who are living here on the earthly plane and dealing with day-to-day problems. Many of the saints overcame issues, and we call on the saints to help us overcome similar issues. It’s the same principle when working with any spirit.

Saint Martha is called to help dominate a person or a situation.

She gained this legend while in France, a dangerous and deadly dragon was about to attack. Martha was able to subdue the dragon by using only holy water and a cross. Once the beast was defeated, Martha tied it up using only a girdle. It was for this feat that Martha’s ability to dominate a seemingly invincible enemy led to the legend surrounding her. One would argue that if there were dragons in France in the past 2000 years, we might have a little more knowledge about it, but don’t fuck around with a fable. Just roll with it 🙂

  • Re-conciliation – Saint Martha is a saint that helps separated couples reunite/, and be used to bring back a straying lover
  • Protection from spiritual attack – A fierce protectress of her followers, she shields them from harm and defends them against spiritual attacks.
  • Money attraction & road opening – She helps find money and work for the unemployed and needy. Plus, help provide you with work
  • Defeat all who would stop you from success
  • Acceptance- Lend you the strength to change and accept what you cannot change

If you want to work with Saint Martha, all you need to do is dress a white candle with this oil, and petition her to come and help you. Whether she comes to help you or not is up to you and your perseverance.

You may also wish to make an offering to her and it is said that she likes cake and white flowers. In Hoodoo Magic, pound cake is the usual offering.

And let us know if she appears before you with or without her girdle!

Saint Martha, patroness of the home

No matter what the reason sometimes we have to keep our partner reminded of why they love you so much!  Saint Martha can help you to recover love, to tie up, to separate a couple, to dominate a man. Saint Martha can help you if you pray to her with faith.

This candle work would be suitable for either a man or a woman. These are some suggestions for the candles you could purchase to work this candle magic with Saint Martha. Saint Martha’s candle is green or white.

1. St. Martha (green) candle, dressed with Jasmine oil.

2. Black Tobacco candle, dressed with Jasmine oil.

3. Come to Me candle, dressed with Compelling and Come to Me oil mixed.

Come To Me (ven A Mi) Aromatic Jar Candle

1oz Come To Me Oil


  1. Write your lover’s name and your name on the jar of the candle
  2. Say the following prayer: This is the Tobacco prayer, invoking St. Martha’s help.

The Tobacco prayer

I offer this prayer to the charitable spirits for the Guardian Angel of ______, for the Holy Day on which he was born, for the four winds, each of them and their places in which they find.

Have him cling to me, love me, and do not let him forget me.

Spirit of the forces, so you can give strength to ______ so he can love me and come to me wherever I am.

Spirit of the illusions, the illusion of ______ be passed on to me.

Spirit of despair so that the desperation of ______ be passed on to me.

Spirit of splendor and money so that the money he brings home will be put into my hands.

Charitable spirits, here I surrender body, soul, and will of ______.

Do not let him sleep, drink, walk, or work without thoughts of me put into ______’s mind, that my name is ______.


St. Martha, conquer ______, keep me in his mind.

St. Martha, conquer ______, keep me in his mind.

St. Martha, conquer ______, keep me in his mind.


Sweetening Jar:

Some people will put a picture of their beloved in a jar and cover the picture with hyssop and rose petals. Daily they shake the jar and they talk sweet, sweet, sweet to the beloved as they pray the St. Martha prayer.

Hyssop Cut 1oz (hyssopus Officinalis)

Hyssop Cut 2oz (hyssopus Officinalis)

Rose Petals Pink 2oz (rosa Gallica)


You could also pray to Saint Martha over a jar candle 

The most traditional way to pray a novena is to recite it at least once a day over the course of 9 days. Choose a time of day to recite your novena prayer. You should pray your novena during the same time each day. For example, if you pray at 9 am the first day, you should pray at 9 am the remaining days.

Prayer to Saint Martha

O glorious Saint Martha,
I have recourse to your protection and aid,
And as proof of my affection and faith
I promise faithfully to complete this novena.

Comfort me in my difficulties
And intercede for my family
With your intimate friend, our savior,
That we may always hold God in our hearts
And be provided for in our necessities.

I beg your supplications
Especially in behalf of the favor
I ask of you in this novena.

(mention your request).

I ask you, Saint Martha,
By your intercession to help me
In overcoming all my difficulties
And to teach me to become great
In the Kingdom of Heaven
By becoming as humble as you
In this world. Amen.


When will St. Martha answer your request?

Petitions do not have an exact time to be answered. They can be performed in a month, as can happen in a year, so I recommend that you be patient and trust the power of St. Martha to get everything you ask for, without any failure.


Advanced Candle Magick; By Raymond Buckland

Book Of Magical Words By Valerie Worth

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