How to Use Money Drawing Powder

Money makes the world go round but not everyone is able to receive money easily. There are people who work hard but still can’t have a financial breakthrough.   In this blog, we shall look at how to use the money drawing powder to boost your finance.

The use of sprinkling and blowing powders, usually called sachet (pronounced “sashay”) has been a part of hoodoo practice for a very long time.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, there have been several different ways these powders are used, and they seem to derive from various strands of African diaspora and European-American folk magic.

Money Drawing sachet powder is a versatile magical product. Traditionally used to dress important paperwork or petitions, sprinkling on the ground where the target will walk over, however, it can be used across all areas of your magic such as;  container spells, mojo bags, candle dressing, dressing your money in your wallet, or simply sprinkle on your altar.

A common question from students is, “…. is it safe to use money powder with my bare hands?money powder

Basically, I’d say YES you can use your hands to use the powder in your magical rituals. Unless you have an allergy to that specific type of powder, as most money powders you buy commercially have a lot of talcum powder in the blend, money powder is considered safe to use on skin as a magical scented body powder, add to baths, etc.

Many people don’t believe in the very affordable ready-made powders. And I can understand this argument. If we believe that the herb contains magical properties and that by using the magical properties in our spellcasting we are benefiting from those magical properties, then how could a commercially made powder with a base of mainly talcum powder help you with your money magic? I will also say, that in sympathetic magic, it is your belief and intention, that transforms the mundane object of any type into something magical and transformational.

So by using the money magic powder in your money magic spells, you are adding an extra layer of personal magical conviction to your spell casting. Therefore your spell will be strong and powerful no matter which powder you use.

If buying a commercially prepared powder is not your style, I personally like to use Cinnamon powder (Cinnamomum cassia) to “dust” my money magic petitions, candles, and other items. I don’t add Cinnamon to a bath. I find it irritates my skin terribly.

In magic, cinnamon has other wonderful uses so get creative. I also use cinnamon powder for spells and rituals that include healing, protection, power, love, luck, money-drawing, psychic powers, and more.

So if you have a favourite herb which you like to use for your money magic rituals, you could very easily grind it down into a powder, and then use that powder to dust, sprinkle or blow the money magic energy into your life.

Ways of Using the Money Drawing Powder

The money drawing powder can be used with a matching oil to aid the magical work. You can use the powders and oils in mojo bags and magical pouches. It can also be used in anointing candles, cleansing altars, tools and homes and charging amulets.

  • Sprinkle this powder in your purse or wallet to attract money to you.
  • After the bath, apply 7 drops of money-drawing powder on your arms, chest, hands and feet.
  • You can scrub the powder on all your money notes, checkbook, bank statements and lottery tickets.
  • At home, sprinkle this powder near the front and back doors of the houses.
  • At your workplace, you can spray the powder at the four corners, windows and doors to attract customers.

EASY Money Drawing Ritual

Money Drawing is traditionally used to draw money and abundance. I could add witchcraft correspondences, for example, tell you that you should conduct this spell on a Thursday in the hour of Jupiter, but I would like to keep it a little bit more organic. This is the type of spell you should do at any time when you feel like you need to bring the blessing of money your way.

For this simple spell you will need:

  • 7 coins of your currency
  • 4 green candles (chime candles are best). If you decide to use large candles, you may wish to snuff out the candle, and come back to the spell on a daily basis or perhaps even a weekly basis.
  • Money drawing powder
  • A small petition, written on paper. The petition is to be prepared beforehand and it is a simple intention of your desire. I recommend writing one very clear sentence.

Start your money spell:

  • Arrange the seven coins in the shape of a cross.
  • Place four green candles at each of the 4 corners or ends of the cross.
  • Dust the petition paper with the money drawing powder. Visualise the intention from your petition, magically enhanced now that it is dusted in money drawing powder.
  • Light the candles, and hold the petition between your palms (in a prayer position)
    • OPTIONAL – You can also carry out this ritual while reciting Psalm 23.
  • Meditate on your desire
  • To finish, hold a pinch of Money drawing Ritual Powder in your hand while envisioning the outcome of your request.
  • Whenever the candles do you finish, you take the petition and you burn it in the flame of the candle.
  • Spread the ashes outside or send the ashes into the wind, releasing the energy of your work into the world ready for manifestation.

Once you “feel” your powder is filled with energy, you can release it to the winds, dust it on your coin or sprinkle it on the earth.

Ensure that your heart is focused on your desires and at the end of the ritual, your heart desires will be granted.


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