10 Rules to Follow When Using the Ouija Board

The Ouija board, which is also referred to as a Spirit Board, is a board with letters, numbers and the yes/no words. This board has been in existence since ancient years. For example, in China, the use of the Ouija board for automatic writing can be dated to about 1000 years ago.

The Ouija board has a pointer that is used to slide to the letters which are used to form words and sentences. Also, this board can be used to connect with spirits.

The Ouija board is a very powerful tool which should be handled with great precaution. In this article, we would like to share some important rules that should be followed while using this board.

Rule # 1: Never ask when you’re going to die

Yes! You heard that right. The reason why you shouldn’t ask when you would die is that some spirits can lie about this date. Especially if the spirit or demon is unable to see the future. Besides, what if you were actually told the exact date when you would die, you might not be happy to hear it.

Other questions you should never ask the Ouija board include; never ask about God, and never ask where the gold is buried.

Rule # 2: Never play Ouija in a cemetery

When playing in a cemetery, there may be hundreds of souls interested in communicating with the players. While some of them might be harmless spirits, others might be angry spirits that might give you a wonderful experience.

Rule # 3: Never leave without saying goodbye

Sometimes, while playing this game, you might get tired or get to a point where you feel scared to continue. In such a situation, don’t make the mistake of leaving the game without saying goodbye. If you do so, the unclosed portal allows the spirit to move around without restriction. And if he is a bad spirit, he could go about causing destruction.

Always end the game by dismissing the spirit and if the spirit says he doesn’t want to leave, you must insist firmly.

 Rule # 4: Never play Ouija in your home

Your home is one location where you should never play an Ouija. This is because the energy of the malevolent spirits contacted during the game might become resident in the home. For this game, choose an ideal dark location free from background noise. You can light up a candle to see what the planchette may be spelling.

Rule # 5: Have a protection kit

Although most Ouija sessions end up in fun, you never know when the game could get ugly. For this reason, you would need a protection kit to guard you during the sessions. You can use any protection charm and always be on alert. As soon as you perceive danger, quickly end the use of the Ouija board.

Rule # 6: Never play Ouija alone

When there are more people using this board, there would be more energy to connect with the spirit. Besides, it is more fun when played in groups. Never play the game alone because sometimes an evil spirit might try to possess the player.

Rule # 7: Be Respectful of the Dead

Do not be disrespectful to the spirits. Do not challenge them too. These spirits have taken time to connect with you so treat them with respect otherwise there could be disastrous consequences.

Rule # 8: Don’t leave the planchette on the board.

When you are done using the Ouija board, always remove the planchette from the board. It is considered bad luck to leave the planchette on the board so even if you are leaving the room for a bit, ensure that you remove the planchette first.

Rule # 9: There should be a leader

While playing in a group, one person should be assigned as a leader. This individual should be the one to talk and ask questions. The leader must avoid any joking behavior. Other members should focus on the planchette and remain silent. Unnecessary questions, comments, noise making and laughter should be avoided as such would interfere with the game process.

Rule # 10: Never burn an Ouija board

Burning this board can cause more damage so it is better to leave it untouched and locked up in a closet. Whenever you are experiencing problems with the Ouija board, you should store the planchette and board separately. The common recommendation for disposing of an Ouija board is to break it into seven pieces, then pour holy water on it before burying it.


Are you still feeling confused on how to use a Spirit Board? Click here for more information. 

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