How to Use Magical Mirror

The magic mirror is an important divination tool used in modern and ancient witchcraft. It is one of the most mysterious, darkest and at the same time one of the least explored areas of magic. This powerful tool allows the user to see the past, present, future and to invoke the protection of angels. Certain practices of mirror magic are a little like the pendulum magic, because it shows inexplicable results even to a beginner as long as they provide the necessary prerequisites.

Mirror magic is however dangerous because sometimes, it unintentionally attracts diverse beings. For this reason, users are expected to take the necessary safety precautions and be fully guarded to fight against uninvited spirits that appear in the course of the ritual.

Typically, magical mirrors are made of smooth, black glass materials and are very easy to set up. The following steps will help you in preparing your magical mirror:

  1. Buy a glass, porcelain or ceramic bowl that doesn’t have a flat surface. Also, choose a big one without any carvings on the inside. The bowl should be black in color but if it isn’t you will have to paint it into black.
  2. Magic mirrors operate through magnetic force. After you have obtained the object, the next thing to do would be to turn this object into your magical tool. You can purify and sanctify the mirror using some myrrh oil. Then keep it covered in a place where no one can touch it.
  3. To charge your mirror with your energy, uncover it in a dimly lit room then caress and kiss it while meditating on what you wish to use it for. After some minutes, cover it again. Repeat this procedure once daily between one to three weeks then your mirror would be ready for all your divination and ritual works.

How to Use your Magical Mirror:

There are many types of mirrors used in magic for different purposes. Generally, mirrors are used for divination, protection, casting hexes, and other spells. You can carry out a general mirror ritual through these steps:

Items Required:

  • Full moon
  • Magic black mirror
  • Cleaning materials (sage incense)
  • Magic circle


If you wish to perform divination with a mirror then a full moon night is the appropriate time to carry it out. When the moon is full, set up your altar and magical circle. Clean the magic mirror by passing it through sage incense. You can also apply on the mirror some magical herbs that enhance divination.

Place your candles so that they are not reflected on the magic mirror then concentrate on your goal while looking at the mirror. Try to look through the mirror, inhale, exhale and focus. After some time, you will see images that will provide answers to what you seek.

Note that sometimes, you might not get any response from the mirror but with steady practice and faith, results will show up. Your mirror becomes more powerful due to steady use. Also, you should always use it in dimly lit areas and keep it covered when not in use. Finally, whenever you are performing rituals with your magical mirror, always perform a protective exercise against overwhelming negative energy that might strike unexpectedly.

Finally, if you would like to see Savannah explain how she uses her mirror in magic, you may enjoy this video

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