How to Win in Lotteries and Games

Have you noticed that there are some people who never lose a bet? These individuals get lucky in every bet, lottery and random games. Sometimes it could be a natural win while other times it could be as a result of a lucky charm they possess. Today I just threw together a whole bunch of links and resources for you to consider when planning your magic to win the lottery or whatever game you’re playing!

If you are a gambler who desires to win always then we like to share some secret amulets and talisman that can be used to win in games and lotteries. There are many beliefs and superstitions on how to win. Both witches and the everyday person have success using their own tricks for increasing their chances of winning at Casinos to Lottery Draws.

Curios are just objects until you infuse life into the object with your magical cosmic intention. There are so tips to share, however, these should give you a nice launch into gambling success!

 How to win in the casino:

If you wish to win at the casino then while going, place a handkerchief around your neck and beneath your shirt. The handkerchief should be the same color as your underwear.  That is, if for example, your underwear is red, the handkerchief should be the same color.

Now, before starting the game at the casino, rub your right hand three times on the handkerchief then meditate on your desire to win the game.

How to win a lottery:

While going to buy the lottery ticket, place a small magnet in your purse or bag. After you have purchased the ticket, place it next to the magnet inside the purse or bag. When you get home, rub the ticket to the magnet for 5 times and put it back together inside the bag or purse. One hour before the lottery draw is made, remove the magnet and luck would begin to flow quickly.

Enchantment spell of luck:

Get a brown parchment, a yellow candle for luck and another green candle for money. Carry out the following on the day before buying the lottery ticket or making any type of bet.

  • Write your bet numbers on the parchment.
  • Write the amount you wish to win.
  • Place the parchment on the floor, and on the left side, place the yellow candle.
  • On the right side place the green candle and light with a wooden match.
  • Kneel in front of the parchment and repeat the following sentence.

“This time luck will be on my side. This time the lady of fortune will smile at me, and this game will bring joy, money and happiness to my life”.

If you don’t win in the first game after performing this ritual, do not despair. Repeat the process and be hopeful that it would work for you and of course, it would certainly work.

Some Amulets Used for Gambling

Another magickal item that can be used to attract luck in games is a talisman. A talisman is a magical item that has been loaded with a special power and has a specific objective. Its power lies, fundamentally, in the symbols embedded on it. These words or magickal symbols are called “sigils”. You can prepare talismans and amulets with gems, metals, stones, wood, paper, etc.

The following items can be used as amulets to ward off bad luck in a game and bring success.

  • The four-leaf clover.
  • Horseshoes (charms).
  • The iron nails.
  • The magnet stones.
  • The pyrite stones.
  • The coral horn.
  • A leaky coin.
  • Three Chinese coins linked with a red thread.
  • A Chancha pendant.
  • Small pyramids
  • Garments of yellow color.
  • The Atlantean ring used on the middle finger of the left hand.
  • A dollar bill folded triangular so that the pyramid is visible.
  • The eye of Horus.

Candle magic for Luck in Gambling

Write your name nine times on your petition paper or if using a jar candle write your name nine times down the jar and state what you want in one word.

Other Tips:

  • If you like to say prayers over the candle here are the ones you should say – Psalms 4 (three times), 76, and 65.
  • Take a spiritual bath made with seven holy herbs.
  • Wear Jockey Club cologne.

Candles Used For Gambling Candle Magic

Gambling oils

  • Gambling Oils 
  • Carnation
  •  Lucky Hand 
  • Easy Life 
  • Lucky Slots 
  • Gambler’s Luck 
  • Lucky Win 
  • Has No Hanna, aka Has No Harra 
  • Narcisse or Narcissus 
  • Jockey Club 
  • 3 Jacks and a King, same as 3 Knaves and a King Lady
  • Luck Number 20 or Special #20
  •  Lucky Bingo 
  • 3 Jacks and a Queen Lucky Dog 
  • Winner’s Circle

Make your own gambling Mojo bag

Carry a Gambling mojo/gris-gris with you while you are gambling. To make this yourself, in a red flannel bag put a tonka bean, nutmeg, High John root, a piece of Dragon’s Blood reed wrapped in a dollar bill, a buckeye, and red clover.

When not gambling, keep it near the candles.

Alligators foot

You can take an Alligator foot dress with a Money Oil, place a dollar coin or mercury dime (you add this – dressed with the oil), along with a piece of pyrite or lodestone into claw of foot. Wrap foot in green mojo and carry to draw money and keep your money safe.

ALSO – You can write a petition and add it to your Mojo bag as well. Remember once you create the Mojo bag don’t open it again, and don’t get it wet.

Also, don’t let other people play with it!

These are real preserved feet from Louisiana gators. They were not killed just for their feet. Every part of the gator is utilized and they’ve been a staple food and income for families on the bayous for centuries.

Gator feet are said to draw luck, increase gambling luck, and said to be a highly protective charm. It is said to protect money, and help one gain money.


  • It can be carried, worn as a charm, or on a key chain.
  • It can be added to a mojo or charm bag along with other lucky charms, amulets and herbs and carried for luck.
  • TIP – Other charms that are nice to combine with the Lucky Alligator foot are buckeye nut, lucky hand root, lodestones, pyrite, etc.
  • You can anoint a Lucky Alligator foot with fast luck, money drawing oil, or show me the money oil, to draw further luck and prosperity.

Other tip: You can also place by your bank book or on your money altar.

Hoyt’s Cologne

Developed in 1868 and is truly an old-fashioned fragrance reminiscent of early American colognes. Hoyt’s is widely believed to bring good luck and power.

Considered to be a spiritual cologne that has been used traditionally by those wishing to increase their ability to manifest luck.

  • 3/4 fluid ounces in a glass bottle with a decorative label.
  • The bottle is approximately 4 inches tall.


  • 3/4oz Hoyt’s cologne
    Hoyt’s cologne is said to be lucky to wear while gambling by rubbing on your hands right before. Clean, pleasant cologne scent keeps you smelling good and winning big.

    Hoyt’s Cologne is used heavily by gamblers to increase their odds and winning potential. Believed to be a lucky rub for gamblers, rub Hoyt’s Cologne on your hands right before you go gambling to draw good luck!

  • Spiritual colognes can be worn on the body like a standard cologne or perfume

This famous cologne has other uses as well……..

  • Can also be used to empower your magickal tools.
  • Another recommendation would be to use it to anoint a mojo bag to strengthen it’s powers
  • Place a splash of Hoyt’s Cologne in your bath or floor wash for cleansing.

Spirit Guides & Ancestors – We know they mostly give us answers in our dream state, so I recommend you take this advice first. Learn how to LISTEN to their messages as they may be giving you the winning numbers and you haven’t been listen. I recommend a book below to help you connect.

Lottery Number Dreambook 

This book can be a powerful and important tool to help you profit from the messages in your dreams. Inside you will find numerological interpretations for over 3000 dream symbols.

TIP: Keep a pad and pencil near your bed and write down the most outstanding feature of each dream you have during the night. In the morning, find the topic within these pages and use those numbers in your daily lottery picks.

Also, this has been a recommended book by some of our students

HOW to WIN the LOTTERY: Practical Method in Simple Steps 2019 (How to Play the Lottery Book 1)

Black Cat products

Black Cat products are very traditional in hoodoo and conjure for gambling. Traditionally, the products were made by boiling of a black cat at midnight, and creating all the byproducts from this ritual. You will be happy to know that modern black cat products are not made with the same methods – so you decide for yourself!

Other Ideas

  • Buckeye: Carry a buckeye in your pocket to bring you success in games of chanceAGVLUCHR
  • Lucky Hand Root – rare herb has a reputation within magical tradition for bringing good luck and protecting its own from harm.
  • Alligator Claws are also popular too – Kept in your pocket, purse, or mojo bag as a token of good luck, this Alligator claw is particularly useful if you are going to be gambling, or playing games of chance.
  • Bat Heart Root is traditionally used within a gris gris bag or mojo bag, this Bat Heart Root is said to attract good luck for games of chance. Not a real bat’s heart, no bats were harmed.



If making your own lucky talisman is too much work for you, buy a ready made talisman. When you receive it, just run it through some incense to bring life into it, and share with it your purpose!


Mojo’s & Voodoo’s




Herbs For Fortune and luck:

Don’t forget these old time homemade luck curios

The Wishbone Wishing Ritual

1. Carefully remove the wishbone from the turkey. The wishbone is very fragile so do your best to avoid breaking it. If the wishbone is broken before the ritual can be done then it is useless and you miss out on the wish for the year.

2. Two people will think of a wish. Do not speak the wish out loud but rather keep it to yourself.

3. Each person will grab one end of the wishbone and then close their eyes.

4. At a given signal, each person will pull their end of the wishbone until the wishbone snaps in two pieces. The two can then open their eyes.

5. The person holding the longer portion of the wishbone will have his/her wish granted. Again, keep the wish a secret and do not speak it out loud or tell anyone else what the wish is.



Luck in Gambling

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