How to Perform Love Attraction Spells

Love is a beautiful feeling but it hurts to be in love with someone who doesn’t love you in return. Sometimes, it could be a loving partner who suddenly stops loving you. If you wish to attract love you can carry out the following rituals.

If you perform love rituals on a full moon, it tends to be very effective. Also, it is advisable to cast love spells on Fridays as that day has been dedicated to feelings and beauty.

Spirits for love. There are many to help you with love. The orisha most involved in human every-day matters are sometimes invoked as a group and known as the Seven African Powers:

  • 1. Elegba
  • 2. Ogun
  • 3. Obatala
  • 4. Oshun
  • 5. Either Oya or Orunmila, depending on individual tradition
  • 6. Chango
  • 7. Yemaya

TIP – By petitioning the orisha as a group, you may rest assured that all your bases are covered. The Seven African Powers provide all of Earth’s potential blessings and protections, however, why not ask the powers to help secure your heart!

Hoodoo Witch Style Love Spells

Ritual One:

You will need the following ingredients;

  • A white envelope,
  • A red ribbon,
  • A red candle,
  • 7 apple seeds,
  • A toothpick and
  • Matches.

Ritual Procedures

  • Sit down at the table and put the white envelope, a red ribbon, a red candle, 7 apple seeds, a toothpick and matches in front of you from left to right.
  • Meditate on the person you love.
  • Write the person’s name on one side of the candle using toothpick and on the other side write “Love”.
  • Light the candle and let it burn until the end.
  • Continuously think of the love one.
  • Place the remaining candle and 7 seeds in the envelope and seal.
  • Fold the envelope severally to look like a small bag.
  • Then recite:

“Be my love……..(mention the person’s name)…….. will love me. You are my love…. Where are you? Come home! You and I are one! “

  • Tie with a red ribbon and wear this bag for seven days or until your first meeting with the love one.
  • Each time you meet your love one, mentally recite the line above

Ritual Two:

This is a white magic ritual done at night time to attract love. It is very simple to perform and you will need the following materials.

  • Four red candles
  • A red pen
  • Rose quartz
  • A piece of paper
  • A cauldron


  • Draw a circle and place each of the red candles at the four cardinal points.
  • Light a fire in the cauldron.
  • Using the red pen draw a heart on the piece of paper and write the name of the person your heart loves.
  • Hold the rose quartz in your hand and focus on the paper.
  • Then imagine a beam of pink energy passing from the crystal to your heart and into the paper.
  • Pour your love into this energy.
  • Kiss the name of the person written on the paper three times.
  • Then burn the paper in the flames and recite:


“My heart is ablaze and shiny, my love I send to thee. That you find a place in your heart to love me, by the greatest good, so let it be.”

  • At this point, the spell is cast and you can close your circle.
  • Keep the rose quartz for at least 30 days.




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