10 Spiritual Bath Recipes that Solve All Problems

In Hoodoo tradition, Spiritual Bathing is one of the common practices. Most times, a spiritual bath is recommended prior to performing other magickal operations. This is because the witch is expected to be both physically and spiritually clean. There are other times when your thoughts seem not to be clear to you and you constantly feel overwhelmed with problems. In Santeria, the first step to take in such a situation is to cool your head by having a spiritual bath. You can perform a spiritual bath for any reason. Some common examples include:

  • For cleansing and purification,
  • To clear blocks, negativities, release emotions that block your aura,
  • To bring money, success and new opportunities,
  • For fertility,
  • For love attraction,
  • For protection and uncrossing hexes,
  • For relaxation and many more.

The following are some spiritual bath recipes that you might want to try.

Purification Bath

Take this bath after you have performed a crossing or other bad work. It must be done in conjunction with the 51st Psalm.

You will need:

  • Handful of hyssop
  • Handful of rue
  • Sea salt
  • 2 white candles

Stand between the two white candles and light them. Recite the 51st Psalm and pour the water over your head.

White Bath for Purification

This is good whenever you feel spiritually dirty, feel the need to cleanse your aura, need spiritual revitalization, or for cold and flu symptoms.

  • 2 to 4 cups of evaporated milk or powdered milk
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons of anise
  • Wash with sea salt
  • White or blue candle
  • Coconut or Blessings incense

Yellow Bath for Attraction

This is good for correcting relationships, attracting a lover, or for skin conditions.

  • Yellow food coloring
  • Parsley and yarrow flowers
  • Wash with honey
  • Yellow or orange candle
  • Patchouli or cinnamon incense

Blue Bath for Protection

This bath is recommended whenever you are feeling nervous, stressed out, highly anxious, or paranoid. It will help you feel protected and calm.

  • Blue food coloring or Indigo laundry bluing balls
  • Lavender and rosemary herbs
  • Wash with seashells
  • Blue or white candle
  • Peace or watermelon incense

Green Bath for Health and Wealth

This is good for maintaining optimal health.

  • Green food coloring
  • Heal-all or comfrey herbs
  • Wash with white sage leaves or flowers
  • Green or brown candle
  • Myrrh or bayberry incense

Red Bath for Courage

This bath is good for when you are feeling tired and lethargic. Do not take a red bath if you are angry as it will throw you way off balance.

  • Red food coloring
  • John the Conqueror or red peppers
  • Wash with stones (jasper is available)
  • Red or white candle
  • Helping Hand or John the Conqueror incense

Purple Bath for Power

Whenever you feel the need for empowerment, or the need to take control of your life and affairs, take the purple bath.

  • Blue and red food coloring
  • Five finger grass or mustard seed
  • Wash with 2 whole eggs (do not break)
  • Purple or red candle
  • Dragon’s Blood or Commanding incense

Spiritual Bath to Refresh your Head and Thoughts

Items Needed

1)Rain Water

2) Coconut Water

3) Rice Water (Leave the rice in water for a few hours and use the water)

4) Milk (just add a small amount)

5) One Egg White (Only the white part)

6) One White Candle


Get a bowl and mix all the ingredients together then wash your head with this mixture to clear off negative thoughts, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, etc. After pouring it over your head, do not rinse. Allow it to dry.

Light a white candle to head spirits then place it somewhere safe. Go to bed very early and by the next morning, you will feel renewed and refreshed.

White Flowers Bath for cleansing

Get 3 or 5 petals of white flowers (It should be an odd number) then place them in a bucket of water. Leave it outside overnight to receive the blessings of the moon.

On the following morning, squeeze the petals with your hands then take them off the water and dispose them. Add a small amount of perfume and cascarilla to the water before bathing with it. Allow the water to dry on your skin.


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