How to Smudge Your House Properly

In North America India, a common way of cleaning the atmosphere is through smudging. The act of smudging your sacred space, office, home or body is like taking an energetic shower. This ritual act has a way of changing and shifting the air element and transform it into a mystical one. Do you know that the use of incense connects humans to the spirit world? This can be traced to the East part of Asia and Ancient Greece. You can easily create your smudge sticks using bundles of dried herbs. If you can’t create your own, then you can buy large ones from stores. In today’s article, we shall look a simple smudging spell you can perform. House Cleansing Smudging Spell You will need:
  • A smudge stick
  • A feather or shell to waft the smoke
  • Long-stemmed matches
  • Light the smudge stick.
  • Blow on it gently until it has caught well.
  • Allow it to smoke profusely and when that is done, move to the room and start cleansing it. Starting from the door, move clockwise around it three times and waft the smudge stick in front of you.
As you move around say :  

Go negativity.

Go all fears.

Go all problems.

Go all tears.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Repeat three times, and make sure the smoke covers each corner of the house. If it is the whole house that is being smudged then you should start from the hall and work clockwise around the house while repeating the ritual three times in each of the rooms.

Smudging Tips A popular herb used for smudging is Sage but you can also use other herbs such as; Cedar, Rosemary and burn Sweetgrass to please the spirits. The herbs to be used must be thoroughly dried to enable it to burn properly. Before performing a smudging ritual, you should ensure that you are in a positive state of mind. If you aren’t then you should purge your negative mindset first so it doesn’t work against your smudging spell. You can smudge your home or office but if you intend to smudge someone else’s space then you must get their permission first.  Always be safety cautious when carrying out this ritual. You can use a dish to catch the ash as it falls down. When choosing a smudging bowl, a soapstone smudging bowl is recommended since it is heat resistant and doesn’t break easily. Other Occasions when Smudging is recommended include:
  • When you begin a new business or job
  • When you are expecting a guest and after the guest leaves.
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session
  • After an argument or any illness
  • After you get married and move in with your partner,
  • After having a bad experience
  • When you welcome a new baby to the house.
During the smudging ritual, you shouldn’t wear any metal object on your body that doesn’t have any spiritual significance. You can just wear your Wiccan necklaces. Finally, if you have faith in this ritual, then it is bound to work for you. Recommendation: White Sage oil – 1oz 13 pack Sage stick incense Cinnamon cut 1oz (Cinnamomum cassia) References:
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