How to Use the Magical Pendulum

The pendulum is a very old tool of perception that is used to recognize and classify different types of energy. It is one of the most powerful tools of esotericism which can be easily used. It is formed by an object suspended from a point or a horizontal axis fixed by a thread, or a string of about 8 to 30 centimeters. The string is usually held between the thumb and index finger and its movements indicate negative or positive responses.

Pendulums are mostly used for spiritual healing and inner growth.  They can be made from crystals, wooden, or metallic materials. The wooden pendulum on a thread is commonly used within the healing community because other materials tend to absorb energies which would in turn influence the message that is being passed.

The Ancient Use of Pendulum:

A pendulum is a great divinatory and energy detection tool. Its use was recorded during the time of Vietnam war when soldiers used it to locate the positions of underground mines and tunnels. This tool also assisted in gaining scientific and practical knowledge. Doctors in France used it in diagnosing illnesses and for predicting the gender of their unborn babies.

It is also said that if you hold a ruler in your right hand and place a pendulum on top of it, while holding it with your left hand, then the blood pressure can be calculated from the point the ring starts to move to the point where it stops.

How does the pendulum work?

The universe is filled with energy called bio-energy or chi. This energy flows from the environment into our bodies. In the subconscious level, we are able to understand the energy around us and through the movement of the pendulum, a subconscious message is translated into the conscious and visible symbol.

How to Use a Pendulum

Amethyst Pendulum Used in Healing

Choose a pendulum: If you decide to buy a pendulum then there are different types that you can choose from. Alternatively, you can design a simple homemade pendulum to practice with.

When selecting a pendulum, you can touch and feel its vibration then pick anyone that feels right and aligns with your energy.

Cleansing the Pendulum:

After you have gotten a pendulum, you should cleanse it by soaking it in sea salt, holding it under running cold tap water or through any other cleansing method. After you have cleaned it, carry it around to see how it feels.

Set your Intention:

Before consulting the pendulum, map out your intentions and your expectations as such would guide you while using the pendulum. After you have figured out your intentions, meditate on them while using the pendulum.

Understanding the Directional Swings:

Pendulums swing in vertical straight lines, horizontal straight lines, and in circular movements. This can be done side-by-side, front and back, clockwise, counterclockwise, in an elliptical motion, or even in a bobbing movement up and down, which often indicates a strong affirmative action.

Define the Directional Swings:

You should ask your pendulum to show you what some certain responses signify. After that, assign each directional swing a “response”. You can ask questions like: “What does a NO look like?”, “What does a YES look like?” etc. The answers to those questions would help you in defining your directional swings.

For example; horizontal swing signifies YES, vertical swing signifies NO while Circular movement signifies NEUTRAL. Meanwhile, since every individual is different, it is expected that each person should establish his/her own directional swings before using a pendulum.

The pendulum is one tool that can literally work miracles especially if the user is very proficient at it. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be used flippantly. Always ask your pendulum questions that require a negative, positive or neutral response. If you wish to get enough information from your pendulum then you should ask it many questions that are related to your intention. Jot down the responses in a notebook for quick recollection.

Finally, during the process, make sure you clear off every lingering energy from a previous question before progressing to the other. After use, clean it up and store safely in a pouch.


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