To buy a crystal is very good, but one must also learn how to use it. You might be aware of the magical properties contained in crystals but do you know that when crystals are combined, they provide a higher and stronger energy? Crystal grids are an incredible energy tool that can help you in achieving your goals. When you perform a ritual using a combination of stones and geometric patterns, then the results are much more effective than when a single crystal is used.

The power of a crystalline network comes from the union of the energies created between the healing stones, the sacred geometry and your intention. This power greatly strengthens your intentions and enables you to achieve a faster result.

Crystal grids are also used to create positive vibes when kept in a study space, workplace or a baby’s nursery. Most people use crystal grids for spiritual or physical healing and wellness. Whether your intention is focused on attracting wealth, luck, finding peace, protection or finding love, just know that there is a perfect crystal grid that can grant your intentions.

How To Make A Crystal Grid

If you have decided to check out the magical power in a crystal grid, then there are few guidelines you must keep in mind. These guidelines would enable you in maximizing the crystals potentials.

What is your intention?

This is the first thing that must be considered while preparing to make a crystal grid. Your intentions will determine the kind of crystals to select. When you have identified your intention, write it down on a piece of paper then set it in the center of your grid. If you don’t want to write them down, then you must ensure that your thoughts are focused on your intention during the process.

What crystals would be needed?

Every crystal has a unique frequency that can imbue any space or person with its energy, Find out the crystals that align with your intention. Although for some people, they prefer to use any crystal that comes to their mind. For example, if your intentions are related to wealth and abundance then Citrine, Green Aventurine, Amber, Jade, etc.. would be good for use.

You can use at least four crystals or more.  Also, you may decide to use multiple crystals of the same type or a combination of different kinds. Most times, a bigger crystal is kept at the center while the smaller ones form the outer part of the grid.


After you have selected your crystals, you must cleanse and charge them before use. There are many ways of cleansing crystals, just choose one of the most effective methods. To charge your crystals, hold them in your hands, close your eyes and focus your intention on them.  You can visualize that your crystal is being charged and filled with energy.

Choose a Sacred Geometry:

There are many sacred geometry grids with different meanings. Choose the shape that suits you. It could be a spiral, a medicinal wheel, the seed of life, a labyrinth or even a circle. Also, you can print out your shape and draw it out neatly. For some other people, they could buy a cloth and imprint their grid on it.

Start Creating Your Grid:

The first thing to do before creating your grid is to cleanse and purify your working space. You can cleanse the space by smudging, sprinkling of sea salt or any other means.

After selecting the most suitable pattern, the next thing to do would be to start placing your crystals to form the grid. Keeping your intention in mind, place the crystals one by one until you have placed the last one which is usually the master crystal. This crystal is usually very big in size and should be placed at the center of the grid.

According to some other metaphysical schools of thoughts, the largest crystal is placed first on the center then the smaller ones are placed around it. You can use any method that is convenient for you.  Using an even number of crystals on each side would help to maintain the symmetry of the design.

To connect the dots, you will need a clear crystal. Place them starting from the outside to inside. To ensure that your crystals stay intact, you can either use a frame or draw your shape onto a board then use a wire to wrap through it.

After making your grid, add candles and other elements that would enhance the energy. Keep your crystal grid in a place for as long as you wish.  A common recommendation is forty days. Visit the spot in three days interval to retrace your lines and refocus your intentions.



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