How to Summon Your Household Gods

According to Wikipedia, a household god is a spirit or deity that protects the home. This spirit looks after key members or the entire household. This belief is common in paganism and it is widespread across many parts of the world.

A household god could be the gods of your ancestors. They are usually worshipped in temples. Worshippers create idols to represent them. These gods are treated as family members and often invited to join in every activity performed in the home.

For example, In Roman mythology, Lares and Penates were groups of gods, who protected the family and the Roman state. They were worshipped in household shrines. Lares were spirits of the dead that had attained divinity so they guarded homes and the city. Every morning, the Romans prayed to images of this god in a family shrine.  Initially, the Penates were honored as gods of the pantry before they became guardians of the entire home. Their main function was to protect the family and bring prosperity to the home.


Below is a simple spell that can be used to summon your household gods. This technique involves offering food to the gods and your ancestors. This is a way of blending your Pagan and Western thoughts together.

Items Needed:

  • A representation of your household gods ( it could be a statue, a picture or anything that is significant to you)
  • Representation of your ancestors ( you can use a gift from a grandparent, photograph or an heirloom)
  • A bowl of uncooked rice
  • A bowl of water
  • Fresh flowers or taper candles
  • Incense sticks of your choice


  • Set up a simple temporary altar for your household gods. You can do this close to your kitchen door as this place is often considered the heart of the home.
  • On the altar, place objects that represent the gods.
  • Light the incense and place the bowls in the front position.
  • Light the candles.
  • If you don’t want to use candles, place flowers instead.
  • Now, spend some time communing with your household gods.
  • If you know their names, call out to them to guard your home.
  • Welcome them into your home and when you feel their presence, show some gratitude by making an offering.
  • Remember to acknowledge their presence daily otherwise they might feel unwanted and leave.
  • Every week, replace the water and rice.


When you honor your household gods and ancestors, they will not only protect your home, they will also bring favor and opportunities to the home.


The best time to perform this ritual is during a Waxing Moon.

Items Needed:

  • An incense that reminds you of herbs, forests and green growing things,
  • Small statues of deer or other forest animals,
  • Green candle in a holder,
  • Your wand     
  • Pine cones, ivy, holly, or something similar
  • Symbols that represent your guardian.


Choose a comfortable area and decorate it with symbols of your household god. If the symbols are dusty, clean it. Also, decorate this area with  greenery.

Light the candle and incense then stand before your altar and say:

Household spirits, I invite you to join me at this altar. You are my friends and I wish to thank you.

Take the incense and circle the household god’s symbol three times.

Do that while moving clockwise and say:

Thank you for the help you give to keep this home clean and pleasant.

Move the candle clockwise around the symbol three times and say:

Thank you for the light you send to purify this space and dispel the darkness.

With the wand in the hand you consider most powerful, encircle the symbol again three times clockwise and say:

I now ask for your help and protection for me, my family, and all who live herein.

I ask that you remove trouble makers of all sorts, incarnate and discarnate. Thank you for your love and understanding.

Stand with your arms upraised. Call upon your own deity and say:

[Name of deity] I now invoke the guardian of this household whom I have invited into my home.

I honor it in this symbol of its being.

I ask for a blessing and I add my thanks for its protection and friendship.

Spend a few moments lovingly caressing the household god symbol. This would show that he/she is important to you. When you are done, thank all the unseen participants and end the ritual.

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