Spells to Travel Safely

Do you love traveling? I love traveling too although I must confess that some journeys can be very hectic. We also have unsuccessful trips.  We are all aware of the dangers a person might likely encounter while on a trip. It could be an accident, robbery, experiencing harassment or disappointment. No one wants to have a bad trip that is why you might need the help of some spells for safety while traveling.

The spells are divided into separate parts, so you can select the one that matches with your intention.


Items Needed:

  • Four tealights
  • Few drops of protective oil such as sandalwood or vetivert


  • Prepare a bath and place the tea lights securely at each of the four corners of the bathtub.
  • Pour a few drops of the essential oil into the bathwater.
  • Enter into the bath and while washing your body, imagine that all your cares are being washed away.
  • Now concentrate on the journey to come. Think about your purpose of traveling and the success you wish to accomplish from this trip.
  • You can light a yellow candle at this point and ask the spirits to bring you great experiences.
  • Now blow the tea lights out when you are done with the bath.
  • You have to relight them when you return from the trip to show some gratitude for the protection granted.

Another item you will need for a safe trip is a CHARM BAG. Below are the items needed for preparing one.

  • 1 part of  basil                     
  • 1 part of fennel
  • 1 part of rosemary
  • 1 part of mustard seed
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1 clear quartz crystal
  • One coin or bean for luck
  • 1 square of indigo cloth
  • One white cord      

Optional Items

  • On a piece of paper, write down your destination.
  • Get a representation of a wheel.


  • Spread the cloth and pour the herbs into it.
  • Mix them together quickly.
  • Hold your hands over the herbs and make a request concerning your trip.
  • You can seek a blessing from Njord, the Norse god of travel.
  • Now gather the herbs ( with the representative object) into the cloth.
  • Tie the cloth into a bag.
  • Ensure that it is bound securely with the white cord.
  • Carry this bag of charm on you while traveling.

With the help of this spell, your journey will be stress less and successful.


Items needed:



  • Place the rosemary inside your luggage. 
  • Over each lock of the box, trace the sign of the pentagram.
  • Weave the ribbon securely around the handle.         
  • Say these lines three times:

Protected is this luggage of mine

Return now safely in good time.

This spell will protect your luggage from being stolen and even if it was misplaced, whoever that finds it will certainly return it to you.

Spell 3           

If you are planning to go on a trip any time soon, perform this spell before the time.


Get a picture of yourself and all those who might be traveling with you.

Place the pictures on your altar.  Salt has protective ability so use it to make a thick ring around the pictures.

Place four protective stones of your choice. You can use black tourmaline, obsidian, or smoky quartz.

Place them at the four cardinal points of the salt ring.

For three, seven or thirteen consecutive nights, go to this altar and visualize the outcome you desire. You can sing, dance, or pray aloud. Confess words of power and authority. Also, call upon the crystals to keep you safe during your journey.

On the final night, choose one of the protective stones and place it in a small purse. Take a small quantity of salt from the ring and sprinkle it on the pouch.

On a piece of paper, write down your intention. For example, you can write:

“As I (or we…..mention the names of the travelers) travel to……(write down the destination)

Guard me/us and bring us back safely”

Fold the paper and put it into the pouch.

Tie the pouch with a ribbon or yarn and place it on your altar.

On the day of the trip, before leaving ensure that your picture, the remaining stones, and the ring of salt are properly set on your altar. This will protect you while you are away.

Take the pouch along. You can carry it on your neck, stuff it into your pocket or tie it to a belt. This will protect you during the journey.

When you return, carefully dispose of the spell remnant. You can either burn or bury the salt. Some persons prefer to pour it into a water body.

Take the stones, cleanse them, and place them in a safe place so they can be used again.

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