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As a mother, one of the challenges I had to deal with was the inability to concentrate when I’m reading or performing spells. My kids are young and sometimes they don’t seem to understand that mummy needs some time alone. I could have them locked up in their room, while I’m in my study room but guess what? They would fight each other and my attention would be required.

Then I felt I would be more productive when they are off to school. At least the environment would be quiet but that wasn’t working all the time. The environment might be quiet but my mind would keep roaming around thus preventing me from concentrating on the task at hand. At the end of the day, I was less focused and productive.

As witches, we are lucky to have spells that can solve any problem we might have. In fact, it is fun to combine magic with your mundane tasks. You will be amazed at the big difference it will bring to your life.

If you are among those battling with a lack of concentration when performing any task, below are some spells that you can perform to sort it out.

 Spell 1

This is a herbal and color formula spell that calls on the powers of goddess Bridget.

You will need:

  • 2 parts of Basil
  • 2 parts of Rosemary
  • 1 part of dried rind of citrus fruit
  • 1 part of Caraway seeds
  • Small bowl for mixing the herbs
  • A small purple cloth bag
  • Silver thread or cord


  • Mix the herbs thoroughly while chanting

Mother Bridget, a fashioner of words,

Help me now as I seek your aid

Let me bring you honor in what I have to say today

Fill me with the spirit of concentration

So that I might be productive in all that I do

  • Place the herbs into the cloth and tie it securely with the silver cord.
  • In your work area or study room, place the bag in a place where you can see it.
  • Whenever you feel like you are losing concentration, focus your attention on the bag and your mind will be free from all sorts of distractions.
  • Also, this bag will serve as a source of inspiration.

Spell 2

This spell will help you to banish stray thoughts and sharpen your focus.

Item needed:

A vacuum


  • Take a moment to clear off every clutter around your work area. It could be a distracting picture on your office desk, your phone or whatever. Just place them somewhere you won’t be able to see it while working.
  • Set your vacuum and state your intention. You can say:

I have a focused mind,

I have a clear mind

I must complete all my tasks for today

And I must do them quickly and thoroughly

  • Now turn on your vacuum and tip it to the side so it’s not all the way on the floor.
  • Envision all your unwanted and distracting thoughts being sucked up by the cleaner.
  • While doing that, allow your mind to drift to all those thoughts that often distract you whenever you want to work. Now imagine that those thoughts are disappearing into the vacuum.
  • Do this for a few minutes and when you are done, place the cleaner outside the room until you have finished all your tasks.

Spell 3

For retained memory and full concentration.


  • Begin on a Thursday and perform it for the next nine consecutive days.
  • Get a yellow candle, light it, and concentrate on its yellow appearance.
  • Then say something like:

Oh! Cheerful yellow, penetrate my mind, and improve my concentration.

Give me powers of great observation.

Help me to recall all that I seek

May my concentration be perfect in things big and small

Repeat the above lines five times then continue the spell the next day.Do this for nine days.

Spell 4

The final spell I want to share is called Earth & Water Jar Spell. It works very well when performed in the morning before you begin your work for the day.

Items Needed:

  • A glass jar
  • A piece of paper and writing ink
  • A cup of dirt from outside
  • A yellow ribbon
  • Something to stir your mixture ( you can use athame or spoon)
  • Water


  • Fill the glass jar with the dirt. It should be about a quarter filled.
  • Write your intention on a piece of paper. You can say something like:

“As earth and water separate,

I shall finish my work before the due date.”

  • Punch a hole on the paper and thread the yellow ribbon through it.
  • Tie the ribbon around the jar.
  • Now pour water into your jar. It should be about three-quarters of the way full.
  • Stir the dirt and water mixture until all the dirt appears to be absorbed by the water.
  • Place the jar on a flat surface where it would be undisturbed.
  • As the dirt begins to settle down in the water, it will give you the focus and strength to perform and complete your tasks.

At the end of the day when your spell is completed, pour out the water and dirt outside. Don’t forget to say thank you to the elements of water and earth for helping you to achieve your goal.


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    This is wonderful to help my 16 year old son concentrate on completing his schoolwork & staying engaged since he’s been home due to covid! Thank you!🤗😘

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