A Spell to Get Rid of Warts

Did you know that three out of four individuals will likely develop wart some time in their lives? Warts are one of the most common dermatological issues experienced mostly by children and young adults. They just sprout without warning and it can be so disturbing to the individual.
According to an online source, warts are caused by Human papillomaviruses and they can be slightly contagious. Some warts disappear within a year even without treatment. This happens when the body’s immune system decides to kill off the virus.

If you have warts, then you can see a doctor for treatment. While performing the medical treatment, you can perform the following simple spells to make it heal faster. These are spells from ancient folklore. At that time, the people didn’t know about the existence of germs and viruses so they used different traditional methods to heal their ailments.

Spell 1
The best time to perform this spell is during a Waning Moon.

Items Needed:
·Sandalwood incense (you can use any other higher vibration incense)
·A coin for each wart ( Copper coins are mostly preferred)
·Spade or trowel (for digging)

·Light the incense
·Charge your coin by passing it through the incense smoke.
·Do that for more than half a minute.
·Now while meditating on your goal, rub the coin on the wart and say these words:

Blemish begone, do not return
Leave no scar nor mark nor burn.

·Do that for as long as you want.
·Imagine that the wart is transferring to the coin.
·When you are done, bury the coin in the earth and do that while no one is watching.
·Forget about the coin and the spell but have faith that within a month, the wart will be completely gone.

Spell 2
·Get a piece of fresh banana peel and tape in place.
·Envision that the virus is being washed away by running water.
·Meditate for five minutes and leave the taped banana peel in place.
·Replace the banana peel twice a day for five days and each time you change it, meditate on your intention.
·If the area appears blistery whenever you change the banana peel that means the spell is working.

Going further I want to mention other traditional/superstitious methods used by our ancient fathers to treat warts.

1.Rub a wart with a bean pod and bury the pod in secrecy. As the pod gets rotten in the ground, the wart will subside. Another belief holds that an elder wood should be used in place of a bean pod.

2.Chop off the head of an eel and pour the dripping blood on the wart. Bury the eel head. As this item decays, the wart will go away.

3.Another traditional practice is to let the afflicted individual wear around his neck a live toad in a bag. He must do this until the toad dies. If this is difficult then he can try the alternative which involves carrying a toad’s leg until the wart disappears.

Note that all of the above practices must be performed while reciting your intention. For example, you can say

“ May these warts go away.
May it rotten away and never return.”

This practice involves rubbing the wart with pebbles, grains of wheat, or chickpeas. Then the contaminated item is thrown in any direction but the individual must not look back to see where it landed. The idea here is that whoever picks up the contaminated item would have the wart transferred to him.

Each of these superstitions worked for those who performed them. Do you know why? They had FAITH in it. So if you decide to try any of them, just believe in the process then the results will come.

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