Fast luck oil Spell

Fast luck oil is one of the most ubiquitous formulas produced in New Orleans. It is commonly used when you need good luck in a hurry. Be it good luck in love, money, to win a game, to pass an interview, Fast luck oil is the perfect formula to use.

Over the years, Hoodoo practitioners have formulated different recipes for preparing this oil.  Traditionally, the oil contains herbal essences that quicken up the spell. However, due to different body sensitivity, we usually give precautions on how some of the herbs should be used.


Items Needed:

  • A small bottle
  • 10 drops wintergreen oil
  • 10 drops vanilla oil
  • 10 drops cinnamon oil
  • Carrier such as almond oil

Cinnamon is considered a hot spice that works quickly when added to the formula. It is good for attracting money luck. Do not apply essential oil of Cinnamon directly on your skin.

Vanilla is good for attracting luck in love while Wintergreen is useful for attracting money luck especially through gambling. It is also good for sex luck. However, wintergreen should not be ingested internally as it is highly toxic.

For extra power, you can suspend a small piece of alkanet root (also known as Bloodroot) in the bottle. Also, for money spells you can add gold or silver glitter.

Preparatory Steps:

  • Combine the essential and carrier oils in the bottle.
  • Shake well and repeat for at least three times.

Say this

Fast Luck, Fast Luck Bring to me my desire.

  • Add other ingredients. Place the bottle in a cool dark place for at least twenty four hours for the oils to blend.



When the oil is ready, you can use it to dress your candles, money notes or other items. Don’t forget that if you are dressing a candle to draw luck towards you then you should start from the top down.

For money luck, use a green candle. Concentrate on money coming towards you and repeat the words above.

If your intention is to get a business deal then you can use a brown candle and add a few flakes of silver or gold glitter.

After dressing the candle, light it and let it burn out safely.  Within the next thirty six hours, you should have an indication that your spell is working but if there are none, then it is possible that there are obstacles which should be identified and handled before progressing with the spell.



Items Needed:

  • Black cohosh root
  • Cup of boiling water
  • Small bottle



  • Soak the root in the cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes.
  • Strain the water and throw away the root.
  • Put the liquid in the bottle for seven days and leave it alone.
  • On the eighth day, rub the liquid all over the bottom of your shoes. Be alert to your own intuition until money comes your way.


After performing this spell, you will either find money, win it a game or in some legal matter.


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